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The magnetic body.

This is a personal testimony, no science. When it is Easter now it suits well, and also in my postings, so I thought I could tell something about my own experiencies and thoughts.

Jesus is Messiah, the King, the answer of the prayings for Freedom. The judean religion was full of them, and they had always brought war and misery. Still they waited for the Messiah. When jesus lived and before, and after, there were many of them. But none as pathetic as Jesus. He was ridiculous. But he had an important message he felt he would want to deliver. And he must do it literally. He had to show where that Freedom in reality was. Where they should look for it. He had tried to talk about this so long, but the communication failed. They did not understand.

Today we do not understand. We talk of Jesus as our Savior, we sing 'Hallelujah' he was dead but he lives again, he died for us, and we don't understand. How stupid are humans. And most stupid of all are the Church. They do not want any real Freedom, they want power and a way to dominate peoples minds. They has been very successful. It is no wonder that the Emperor and the Church found each other. Today we have come to a point where the Emperor don't need the Church any more, because the Emperor can influence peoples minds alone. He uses frequencies, as Jesus used frequencies, as the Church used frequencies, as we all use frequencies.

I think that what Jesus did was to show us this. He is no Savior, because nobody can ever save another human being. Everyone must do it themselves. We can love another, we can die for another, but we cannot give him peace and happiness if he don't want to recieve. He has to open up his heart. Church know this perhaps, but a lie told many times become the truth as time goes on? No, a lie is a lie. It is only forgotten it's a lie.

What did Jesus show us? He showed us his magnetic body. He showed us where the real Freedom is. It is not 'in the world', it is not material. You will have to seek it alone, in your 'inner house', in the desert, up on atop of a mountain... He had shown us so many ways. The sacred ancients had showed us. The scripts has told us, and yet, nobody understood. He had do do the ultimate 'theatre', and die. Then, when they saw him alive again they would understand? No, he forgot our left brain that always want to seek rational solutions. They saw, and they saw not. As we do every year.

I have experienced this magnetic body many times. It can be called hallucinations too, you can choose. It depends on your choise if you take it for real or not.

I have seen two kinds of 'bodies'. Someone call it auras. I can't tell if there is any difference. One is more coarse, like a plasma body. It fleets like plasma, it looks like plasma. It feels very sweet and it talks to your plasma body. You can feel it in your own body. It is 'a magnetic moment'. Time stand still and you feel some kind of love. I could easily think this is the sensation that make people 'fall in love'. Some recognition.

This kind of body needs only a resonance to come forth. It is quite easy. Listen and feel with your body, and there it is. The other one I have experienced only a few times. It is glory, salvation, happiness, great love...

First time it happened was as kid, I was perhaps 14. This I have told only to one person so far, because it felt so silly, yet so wonderful. It is one of my 'pearls', and when I had experienced it I was transformed. I knew there was 'something else'. I had no explanation for it, only 'there was light and glory'. So I was quiet. Now I can say what it was. This was our magnetic body. The light in your head. In fact we are all light. This is what Jesus wanted to show us.

I sat in the rocking chair. The boy that I loved secretly, because I was so shy (now I can't understand why), stood behind me. I was happy. My brothers were sitting around me. Then the boy I loved moved my chair sweetly and softly, and Bang, the whole world was shining. The teacups was shining and shivering, the table, the floor, everything. And I felt that boy so sweet around me. All was one. My old aunt, my brothers, the house, the boy, all was one. The feeling was tremendous.

Murphy has told of this. The mescaline trip described by that old fellow in the beginning of our century was this. Surely an LSD trip is this. I can understand they are addicted of one trip alone, because it felt so good.

Some other time I have experienced this too. But when I went to the university this ability was kept hidden, because all the thinking inhibited it. You must open up your heart to experience it, not your head. That's one reason the soul lives in the heart (and learned people are really stupid sometimes). The other is that the heart has the biggest EMG in the whole body, the field goes all over your body. Brain and feets too, sometimes.

Now I met a 'soul' that made me experience it again, many times, all the time. It is also called the Kundalini flow. It is tremendous when it reach your head, and the head 'blows up'. You can actually experience all your chakras, they have all very different messages. But the head-experience is so strong. Some get a psychosis from this. It was close for me too. It doesn't succeed before you get rid of your thoughts, open up, and allow it to come. It can come as a rush too, and you have no chance to stop it. Your head is the 'gate', as your heart is a 'gate' that must open up. All this Jesus told us of.

The real difficulty was then when your head is shining, and you don't know what you should do of yourself. You have to expand or you will blow up, explode. You can feel the light in your head, and it hurts you, you have to let it go. But how could I have it to turn down again? I just could not learn the lesson, I could not control it.

Then one night I felt it, as balls of light went downwards in your spine. They burned inside you. You felt it happen, but still you could not control it. Some wise woman said you will have to learn to go on the water, as Jesus did. That lesson was difficult. I can't say I can do it yet. That love, very intense love, I was so addicted, it was like heaven. Glory light, and that feeling in your body, you was light. You wondered if not someone would see it. You are light. Villoldo has described this. It can be seen as ahalo around the head.

You can feel the magnetic waves fleet over your face, so soft and sweet. You can feel them in our stomach, in your fingers, in your knees. No love making in the whole world can makeup to it. A very orgasmic feeling.

Murphy told about this, that sexuality in fact is kind of this experience. If you have this magnetic sense very strongly you need no sex. If you have it lost you need enormous mounts of sex. Sex is a way to experience this world, a way to experience His glory. It can't be wrong to do that, if your purpose is clean. Sex has brought so much sufferings because the purpose is not alwys clean.

This feeling is Freedom, it is Love, it is Light. And you get it through the windows of 'eternity'. Anyone can reach it through their magnetic bodies. This will change the world. This Jesus wanted to show us. A new world will come.

Where is this God? Up there? Where? On the Moon, the Venus, Mars, the Sun? In our galaxy? He governs the whole Universe, it is said. What about the other Universes then? Have they own Gods? How many Gods are there? One, says the scripture. Shall we believe in that? Yes, we shall. How?

We shall not seek outside us, but inside us. We are in a way all a small part of God. Gods world is all around, and we see it not. Because we look outside ourselves. We must feel it without perception. We are it. It is our magnetic body. We are one. That lesson I learned when I was 14. I knew it was true, at once. I am not religious. Not in common sense.

The reason we look for God outside us is because we do not recognize ourselves. We are not our material body alone. It is our temple. We live in it, but it is not us, it is our tool to experience. I don't know if there is any God at all. We are all The One, the God. What about the Devil then? If there is no God there is no Devil either. It is a construction we have made to get a reason. Like we constructed a Savior. We must open up our eyes. God is all, everywhere, everything. He is no reason to fight. Nothing can exist without him. He is the ultimate reason. The real theory of everything.

Where is he? everywhere. In the Big Bang, before Big Bang. He is the real Ouroborous, the real Big Diamond.

Once I saw this wheel of eternity, full of diamonds, triangulars. I was one diamond, my friend was another, there was so many diamonds, forming the Ouroborous. And our Mother Earth was the center force. There was the other planets too. The number seven came out of them. The Stargates? Everything has come to an end. The new time can come.

Think of this when you sing 'Hallelujah'.

This became very odd. But good. Bon Appetite :)

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