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Quantum.informational medicine from Belgrade.

I got a letter from Rakovic' with greetings for the New Year. It contained an interesting link. Abstracts in english.

Belgrade, 23-25 September 2011

EDITORS NOTE p.12-14, D. Raković, M. Mićović, S. Arandjelović


Contemporary medicine has put its emphasis on „alopatic-dosed non-economic“ highly pharmaceutic-oriented medicine technologies. On the contrary, in the past years more attention is payed to bioadequate „homeopatic-dosed economic“ bioresonant quantum-informational medicine technologies, related to usage of such values of the field energy, appearing in normal functioning of human organism [1–4]. On these lines, contemporary investigations of psychosomatic diseases imply the necessity of application of holistic methods, oriented to healing the person as a whole and not disease as a symptom of disorder of the whole, suggesting their macroscopic quantum origin [3,4].

In the focus of these quantum-holistic methods are body's acupuncture system and consciousness – which have quantum-informational structure of quantum-holographic Hopfield-like associative neural network, within the Feynman propagator version of Schrödinger equation [5] – with very significant quantum-holographic psychosomatic implications [3]. In this context, it should be noted that Resonant Recognition Model (RRM) of biomolecular recognition implies that on the biomolecular level information processing is going on in the inverse space of Fourier spectra of the primary sequences of biomolecules [6], similarly to (quantum) holographic ideas that cognitive information processing is going on in the inverse space of Fourier spectra of the perceptive stimuli [7], thus supporting idea on quantum-holographic fractal coupling of various hierarchical levels in biological species.

In the context of quantum-informational bioresonant therapies [3,4,8,9], their goal would be a resonant re-emitting of corresponding band of electromagnetic (EM) spectrum of microwave/ultralowfrequency-modulated radiation of the treated psychosomatically disordered (palpatory painful) state (as one of hundreds possible disordered states) thus enabling that its initial memory attractor is resonantly excited becoming more shallower and wider on the account of deepening of the (energy-dominating) attractor of healthy acupuncture (palpatory painless) state – which is then altogether quantum-holographically projected on the lower EM quantum-holographic cellular level, thus changing the expression of genes [3]. In this context, homeopathy might be also categorized into quantum-informational bioresonant therapies, as (non)disolved homeopathic initial substance [10-12] with characteristic EM memory-attractor states (like any other substance, as demonstrated by muscle test of the Applied kineziology [13]), can interact with macroscopic quantum-sensory EM level of the acupuncture system/consciousness and imprint inthere its program of homeopathic correction.

On the other hand, in the context of quantum-informational meridian (psycho)therapies [3,14], via simultaneous effects of visualization of the treated (psychologically traumatic) problem and tapping/touching upon the selected acupuncture points, new boundary conditions are imposed in the energy-state space of the acupuncture system/consciousness, and memory attractor of the initial psychosomatic disorder becomes shallower and wider, with greater overlap and followed associative integration into memory attractor of normal (energy-dominating) ego-state. In this context, techniques of energy healing of the acupuncture system/consciousness [15], positively-visualizing meditation healing [16], and various psychotherapeutic techniques for recognition/integration of psychological conflicts and personality growth [17]) might be also categorized into quantum-informational therapies, via introspective emotional/ traumatic excitation with imposed new (psychologically healing) boundary conditions in the energy-state space of the acupuncture system/consciousness.

In the same context it is important to make half-a-year diagnostics and balansing of the acupuncture system, whose disbalanse presumably originates from the restituted patient’s mental loads from his non-reprogrammed mental transpersonal environment of the quantum-holographic collective consciousness [3] (as supported by the Tibetan pulse diagnostics, enabling precise diagnosis of psychosomatic disorders not only of the patient himself but also of his family members and enemies [18]).

This implies that memory attractors of quantum-holographic network of collective consciousness might be treated as psychosomatic collective disorders which represent generalized field-related quantum-holistic records (including inter-personal finally-reprogramable nonlocal loads, via hesychastic prayer or circular psychotherapies from all relevant meta-positions included in the problem [3]) – which might represent basis of quantum-informational medicine of collective consciousness.

So, on the basis of this quantum-holographic context, it might be said that three front lines of integrative psychosomatic medicine do exist [3]: (1) Spirituality and circular (psycho)therapies from all relevant meta-positions, with possibility of permanent erasing of mutual memory attractors on the level of collective consciousness; (2) Eastern (quantum)holistic medicine and non-circular (psycho)therapies, whose efforts temporary erase memory attractors on the level of acupuncture system/individual consciousness, and prevent or alleviate their somatization, as a consequence of the indolence on the first level; (3) Western symptomatic medicine, whose activities on the somatic level via immunology, pharmacology, biomedical diagnostics and surgery hinder or soothe somatized consequences of the carelessness on the first two levels. It should be stressed, that necessary activities on the second and third levels, with neglect of the first level, have a consequence of further transfer of memory attractors on the level of individual and collective consciousness in this and further generations, thus accumulating quantum-holographic loads which afterwards cause not only illnesses, but also interpersonal fights, wars, and other troubles.

Symposium “Quantum-Informational Medicine QIM 2011: Acupuncture-Based & Consciousness-Based Holistic Approaches & Techniques” provides fundamental quantum-informational framework for better understanding of the nature of psychosomatic diseases as well as limitations of the healing methods, which might help in developing strategies for psychosomatic integrative medicine in the 21st century.

The Editors are indebted to their institutions and numerous sponsors, as well as to members of QIM 2011 Program Commitee, Organizing Commitee, and Secretariat, for logistic support to QIM 2011. We also kindly acknowledge QIM 2011 Symposium plenary and oral speakers and QIM 2011 Workshop teachers for their reports on pioneer research and enthusiastic work in the emerging field of acupuncture-based & consciousness-based holistic medicine and all QIM 2011 Round Table Knowledge Federation Dialog Belgrade 2011 invited participants for their related critical consideration of partial and holistic oriented approaches to physics and engineering, medicine and biology, psychology and transpersonal phenomena, art and philosophy, society and religion.

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Some interesting headings:
A. Ya. Grabovschiner (Russia), J-L.Garillon (France)

B. P. Grubnik (Ukraine) Abstract. Electromagnetic radiation of a millimeter range (ERHF) has versatile influence on a human body and, first of all, on processes of regulation and homeostasis maintenance. Realization of this influence is appreciably provided at the expense of subcellular, cellular mechanisms of regulation of functions and is caused by a number of features. One of the cores, its multilevel character, is: effects of influence are shown at all levels of the biological organization of an organism. In the mechanism of influence ERHF on a human body unique feature is possibility of its resonant interaction with endogenic ERHF. ERHF affects practically all known types of cages (nervous, muscular, reception, etc.) in modeling systems of any level of the organization of biological object. Mechanisms of this influence are defined by specificity of arising changes of functional parameters of a cage, its separate components caused by influence of the given kind of radiation at molecular and sub-molecular level of the organization of a cage. Possibility of updating under the influence of ERHF physics – chemical properties of a plasmatic membrane, activity of enzymes, ionic transport, permeability of cellular membranes, processes of aggregation of cages – are shown. The expressed influence of ERHF on electric activity of separate neuron is shown. Influence of Microwave Resonance Therapy (МRТ) on a sick organism promotes restoration of an aerobic way of recycling of glucose by cells. The extensive clinical and experimental material is testifying changes of the immune status of sick people and after influence of MRT the activity of immune cells is saved up. It is shown that the irradiation of blood of ulcer patients in vitro leads to restoration of the lowered metabolic activity of leukocytes, fagocytic activity of neutrofills, and monocytes. MRT normalizing impact on coagulation system is observed at diseases of cardiovascular system, in particular stenocardias. Usage of MRT at sick of hypertensive illness of I stage restores compensatory possibilities of cardiovascular system, with favorable normalizing impact on hemodynamics. MRT is effective at treatment of gastro duodenal ulcers, at neurologic patients, in complex treatment of patients with hyperplastic processes in a uterus, treatment of gynecologic diseases, in treatment orthopedic, diseases of an urological profile, at treatment of a chronic obstructive bronchitis, in treatment of oncological patients of SH-1Y stage, at sick of a cerebral atherosclerosis, in preventive maintenance and treatment of paresis, a gastro enteric path after operations, treatment of a children's cerebral paralysis. Primary effects concern the general for cages of an organism of the processes underlying ability to live – fabric breath, mechanisms of electronic carrying over. Secondary effects of display of influence of MRT on biological object are defined by hierarchy of levels of the organization peculiar for given biological object. At higher levels of the organization of metaphytes (organic system, level of a complete organism), effects of influence MRT cover the increasing range of displays. At these levels of the biological organization, the increasing role is played by normalization of broken regulation mechanisms – hormonal, nervous, immune, and restoration of the broken functions of separate tissue, bodies, systems of bodies, adaptation-compensatory organism systems. The analysis of results of the usage of MRT in clinical practice allows to conclude that efficiency of microwave resonance therapy is defined not only specifically on the concrete form of diseases, but also in depth of infringement adaptive-compensatory organism systems, convertibility of organic changes in bodies and fabrics. The extensive actual material testified to the various parties of the ERHF influence on biological objects is the basis for the further expansion of a range of searches of applied use of methods of MRT in medicine.

S. P. Sitko, I. Chervony (Ukraine) Abstract. Quantum Physics of the Alive is based on the definition of the Alive (in its distinction from the Dead-inanimate) as a fourth level of quantum organization of Nature (after nuclear, atomic and molecular levels). Self-consistent potential of each living object is formed in accordance with genome as a laser of mm-range wavelength. Such a notion concerning the Alive, grounded on theoretical considerations, clinical material and the direct experiments, allows us to cast a fresh glance on the fundamental problems of biology and not only on them…

Y. P. Potekhina, Y. A. Tkachenko (Russia)

A. V. Ivanovskaya (Ukraine)

Z. Jovanović-Ignjatić (Serbia)

B. Milovanović, V. Radivojević, S. Mutavdžin, B. Milovanović, T. Krajnović (Serbia) Abstract. It is very known fact that according to some new studies hypertension and resting heart rate are genetically determined. According to some studies heart rate variability is the constant related to type of autonomic pattern. Owing to this fact that function of autonomic nervous system is constant, the treatment of diseases could be evaluated using different groups related to type of dysfunction. This is the first but very important step in the development of general principles of personalised medicine. In order to reveal right type of autonomic disorder we used short and long term of HRV analysis with special Ansa Scan Software. A comprehensive study protocol was done including finger blood pressure variability (BPV) and heart rate variability (HRV) beat-to-beat analysis and nonlinear analysis, 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring with QT and HRV analysis, 24-hour blood pressure (BP) monitoring with systolic and diastolic BPV analysis, cardiovascular autonomic reflex tests, cold pressure test, and mental stress test. The patients were also divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic groups, depending on predominance in short term and long term spectral analysis. In the second level of treatment of patients, we used drugs which are in complementary relationship to the type of autonomic pattern.

L. Trifunović (Serbia) Abstract. Homeopathy is a medical system founded by the German doctor and chemist Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) who had profound insight into life, the human body, health and disease. Only recently modern scientific disciplines, such as quantum physics, have started to explain the discoveries to which Hahnemann came intuitively. Homeopathy, contrary to conventional western medicine, is based on the belief that humans are much more than their material physical body. Homeopathy recognizes levels of existence that are not perceivable by our five senses. The core of our being is made of energy, our vital force. It abides at the energy level, but manifests itself on three different levels. The most subtle level of its manifestation is the mental level where it manifests as thoughts, the next level is our emotional level where it manifests as emotions, and on the physical level its manifestation is material body. When the vital force is in its natural state of balance, its ideal state, it is manifested as mental, emotional and physical health. However, if our vital force is out of balance it is considered in homeopathy as disease. This disease will be expressed by our vital force as pathological symptoms on the mental, emotional and physical levels, extending the concept of disease that classical medicine upholds. For homeopathy disease is possible only at the energy level. Symptoms on the mental, emotional and physical level are only the external, visible manifestation of the disease. In homeopathy influences on the vital force that throw it out of balance are called miasms. Miasm is a word of Greek origin which means pollution, impurity, or stain. Hippocrates was the first to use word miasm to explain how diseases are spread by air, water, or other ways. If we treat a single case of pneumonia we can heal it as an acute illness without understanding of miasms. However, if it reoccurs with other illnesses of the respiratory tract, this means there is a tendency towards these diseases. Our aim is to address the tendency and we cannot heal it without the understanding of miasms. Miasms are pathological energy fields that influence the vital force and keep it out of balance. This causes a predisposition towards different kinds of diseases that occur repeatedly, or towards a chronic disease with various complications and the onset of low immunity. As miasms are energetic influences, they could be treated only by other energetic influences, which can be homeopathic remedies. The therapeutic effects of homeopathic remedies are not based on biochemical reactions as in classical medicine, but on the interaction of energies.

N. Mišić (Serbia) .... Therefore, we first tried to unify these concepts and then to bring them in connection with certain mathematical, physical and biological systems and models, with particular reference to the meridian system. This analysis enabled the comprehension of Five Phases as a hierarchical 3D model through the self-similarity symmetry, which is consistent with the observed fractal organization in living systems and with a holistic view of the human body, providing the support for Integrative Medicine.

R. Prelević (United Kingdom)

A. S. Tomić, G. Marjanović, R. Vojnić-Tunić, Dj. Koruga (Serbia) Abstract. The opto-magnetic method [1] is successful applicable to skin properties determination and description. We applied method on “bio-resonant massager”, device produced and applied to bio-medical purposes by Rudolf Vojnić-Tunić, specially adapted Tesla’s coil, working with 4 W power and impetus on frequency in range kHz. How works special camera and software of opto-magnetic device, we demonstrated on example of young man with skin problems, before and after application of Tesla’s coil massager. In these circumstances positive influence of harmonized electro-magnetic radiation in frequent band 880 Hz-125 MHz appears as source of longitudinal low energy mechanical waves in bio-molecules with under 2m, or wave length equal and shorter than human body length. Belong to holistic concept in medicine, it assume fact that human body works as system which presumption for function are harmonization of all subsystem into human body system. According to our previous theoretical investigation [2] we concluded that mechanism of influence to bio-molecules presents non-linear process known as maser effect.

D. Mandić, D. Đorđević, D. Cvetković, S. Kažić, J. Popović (Serbia)
and its therapies, in bone fractures, osteoneogenesis, rheumatoid artritis, angiogenesis, and neuroneogenesis.
Abstract. The Earth magnetism belongs to one of four natural central forces that have made significant contribution to survival and health preservation of all the life. The substitutional therapy of MADU new medical technology is based on application of two inventions acclaimed as patents and registered as medical devices. The MADU therapy is aknowledged as new health technology in 2007 by Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia (No. 022-04-19/2006-07), and it includes the application of Trap for shell fragments (first patent) for displacement and evacuation of foreign ferrous remaining fragments, as well as MADU strip (second patent) with wide application field. The confirmed indications, based on experience in medical practice up to now, are: (i) Faster and more complete development of callus in bone fracture; (ii) Delivery of medicaments with ferromagnetic and paramagnetic properties; (iii) Non-invasive displacement and evacuation of ferrous foreign bodies; (iv) Preventive and curative with vein deformations; (v) Immobilization of thrombus for its faster rechanellization; (vi) More lavish oxygen delivery by blood into the areas of reduced micro-circulation; (vii) Reduced swelling in the area under the influence of directed deep magnetic field; (viii) Improved viscosity in the arterial and vein blood vessels; and (ix) Faster and improved regeneration of various tissues, especially cartilage. The subtle influence of permanent magnetic field increases and improves metabolic processes and thus stimulates regenerative processes. The processes of cartilage regeneration, angioneogenesis and neuroneogenesis are of great significance for the mankind. The ancient knowledge (as reflexology, acupuncture...) is very effectively used as the basis of opening gap junction channels - prainformative centers in the organisms. The knowledge accumulated throught centuries of human history is explained and scientificaly approved in 1980s. It was more thoroughly studied and presented in the PhD study about magnetic fields, including MADU (D. Djordjević, MD PhD, 2007/2008). The positive results are obtained in treating disorders of osteoarticular system (ISCD-10, M 00-M 99), as well as in treating disorders of peripheral vasscular system (ISCD-10, I 70-I 99). Both of these groups of common diseases, the most sucessfully treated, have huge social-economic and medical relevancy. The MADU therapy could be applied as additional therapy together with contemporary medical procedures. Having in mind the experience gathered through application of MADU and its effects on local and global level, indicational field is getting more and more wider while contraindications and precautions are narrowing down. Thus, this type of magnetotherapy belongs to the future.
bone fractures: Abstract. The human organism does not function solely on the basis of biological and biochemical cellular reactions, but humans are also electromagnetic beings. In cases of very slow healing, the complicated fractures were treated by MADU magnetotherapy with aim to improve the healing of the bone, as MADU field promotes and stimulate calcium ion impact in bone tissue, with very rich vascularization. The gap junction channels (GJCs) are special informational system in bones, which connect not only osteocytes but also all smooth muscle cells in blood vessels of lavishly vascularized bone tissue. The molecular mechanism of electromagnetic field (EMF) and magnetic field (MF) affect metabolism of bone cells in the course of fields’ interference with signal transduction processes, included in hormonal and transmitter, particularly, cytokine regulation of osteoblast function, especially their proliferation and differentiation. The MADU inhibition of IL-1 and TNF-α production disable multiplication of fibroblasts activated by them from a surrounding area, and thereby the replenishment of a defect. More rapid maturation of connective tissue is achieved by MADU, so that increase in osteoblasts activity and Ca2+ metabolism result in increase of minerals deposited into a bone matrix, not only at the surface, but also within a bone depth.

bone regeneration: The possibilities of regeneration of bone tissue through the use of static magnetic field (SMF) are great, especially when the SMF is oriented to North (N) magnetic pole face turned towards the skin. .... The research of the effects of SMF at various inductions of exposition of osteoblast calvary cells in culture have shown dose-dependent proliferation and growth of cells during the activation from static G1 phase to S phase, which increases synthesis of DNA and accelerates cell proliferation.

RA: MADU magnetic strips, which create magnetic deep unipolar field (shortened MADU) with penetration of 55 cm into human body. It was approved by the Ministry of Health of Serbia in 2007. The therapeutic effects include antinflammatory and analgetic effects of magnetic field, activation of enzymes (particularly mettaloenzymes), activation of K/Na pump which promotes shifting of pH value of treated cartilage towards more basic levels which in turn promotes regeneration of chondrocytes and osteocytes. Considering characteristics of magnetic water, continuous stimulation by MADU achieved long-lasting effects in patients with degenerative disease like coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis. ..... No side effects of MADU therapy have been noted. In conclusion, MADU method provides the state of renewed joint space in respect of cartilage and bone and their maintenance in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The process of reparation of the joint space with all the following benefits regarding pain and function, recommends this new non-invasive method as supplementary, with full respect of all scientific and therapeutic methods.

Angiogenesis: The MADU strip is based on MAgnetic Deep Unipolar oriented static magnetic field (SMF), using possibilities of reflexogenic therapy on humans. ... After 2.5 years the clinical examination showed that leg was vital, with normal skin temperature and the outpatient could walk. The leg was saved due to developed microcirculation, oxygenation through new-formed small blood vessels successfully providing vitality of the leg. In conclusion, the applied MADU strips with the guaranteed optimal magnetic field intensity lasting for 10 years, is providing long lasting protective activity in the area of the diseased blood vessels and poor tissue nutrition. The initiation of regenerative processes is performed due to known pathophysiology mechanisms changing acid reaction into alkaline, providing regenerative processes. This medical device is environment-friendly, the method is non-invasive, complement to modern medical procedures. No side effects are noticed.

Neuroregeneration: One or more magnets, in the form of a strip, are placed on the surface of the body on reflexogenic zones (RZ) and focused like a magnetophore on reflexogenic points (RP), with the north face turned towards the skin [North (N) pole or Negative pole (-)]. The first observations of regenerative processes in sensitive and motoric function of injured nerves were detected from 1992 to 1998 while we treated wounded people by Trap for shell fragments. It was scientifically proven that medium SMF of 1-1000 mT has influence on the various biological systems, including morphology, differentiation and/or proliferation of many types of cells. The experimental research has shown that cell migration, measured by the cell’s diffusion constant, depends on the exposition time and the kind of cells and does not depend on vertical or horizontal direction of applied SMF of 30-120 mT. In neural progenitor cells, cultivated under the SMF of 100 mT, exsist significant increase of expression of mRNA for a few types of proneural gen activators, such as Mash1, Math1 and Math3, together with decreased expression of mRNA for repressor type Hes5. The transitional increase of binding DNA nuclear transcription activation factor protein 1, formed from the members of Fos and Jun family in cultivated hyppocampal neurons of the rats, was found. The rats were under the SMF influence of 100 mT during15 min. The significant potenciation of Ca2+ influx mediated by N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors was shown, with decrease of expression microtubule-associated protein (MAP-2) neuronal marker throught the expression Ntan1 gen, which includes ubiquitin-proteasome proteolysis process, as so called N-end rule pathway in hyppocampal neurons cultivated under SMF's influence of 100 mT but without cell death. It was detected that influence of SMF causes neuro reactions, confirmed at the maturation of non-matured cells in a culture of neurons of rat's hyppocampus and achieved throught the modulation of expression specially NMDA receptor's subunits. It was proven that neurit sprouting of chicken's embrional ganglia is significantely increased in SMF of 22,5-90 mT. These discoveries give us a hope for the more efficient healing of many neurogical and psychiatric disorders and diseases.

V. Jerotić (Serbia) In 21st century, there are numerous worth, less worth and worthless psychotherapeutic methods, at disposal of disordered psychical life of people. But, basically, both prayer and psychotherapy (as ways of self-knowing) are necessary for (both healthy and sick) people.

Ž. Trišić (Serbia) Abstract. The identification of the unified field by modern physics is only the first glimpse of a new area of investigation that underlies all disciplines of knowledge, and which can be explored not only through objective science but through a new technology of consciousness (Transcendental Meditation, TM), based on capability of human mind to settle into a state of deep silence while remaining awake, and therein to experience a completely unified, simple, and unbounded state of awareness, called pure consciousness, which is quite distinct from our ordinary waking, sleeping or dreaming state of consciousness. This experience is not on the level of thinking, theoretical conjecture, or imagination, but on the level of direct experience. So, even though is a common belief that the unified field of physics is an objective reality of nature while consciousness is a subjective experience, and that the two belong therefore to different categories of existence (one is material another is mental and the two cannot be equated) – we see them as two different modes to approach same reality, unified field or pure consciousness. Each individual nervous system, when refined through practice of TM technique is an instrument through which Unified field becomes accessible for inquiry and investigation through direct experience. Thus, modern physics through its objective method of inquiry has glimpsed a unified field as underlying all of nature, source of order in nature, while by direct experiencing it via TM technique we get influence onto our physiology, which starts working in a more balanced and ordered way. So, we see that TM technique has an important practical application in the area of health. According to Ayurveda (traditional science of life and health) all sickness comes from imbalance. In terms of physiological functioning this means perfect integration and balance from the biochemical and molecular levels to the macroscopic, organismic level.

I. Kononenko (Slovenija)

G. I. Brekhman (Israel, Russia) Abstract. The author considers the Man from a position of the theory of wave–particle duality of a matter. It has opened existence in a nature of ways of interaction and information interchange between genes, cells, persons, about which we did not suspect or knew a little. The concept of duality has allowed understanding the riches of the information contained in the man that has enabled to consider him as a psychosomatic system and to explain some features of thinking and behaviour of the people, sources of their talents and problems, and also feature of functioning in a society and relations with each other. In the certain measure the concept of duality gives an explanation of reasons of diseases, and gives interpretation to methods of treatment, which (despite of the efficiency) ascribe to alternative and do not admit by official medicine. Author describes the uterine myoma as a psychosomatic process, manifesting itself in ischemic uterus disease. He substantiated and used the holistic approach and nonstandard method of psychoelectroregulation in these patients which gave the long-term results.

Lj. Ristovski (Serbia) Abstract: There are a variety of doctrinal descriptions of the bioenergies and biofields in different AM systems, which are expressed in different terms and vocabularies, because their origins belong to the different culture traditions. This variety of doctrinal descriptions leads to the irreconcilable differences between the different AM systems, as well as between the majority of them and actual science. However, the supporters of some AM systems exert a trend to express the contents of theirs doctrines using the terms and vocabulary of actual science. In this way, they facilitates the beginning of a dialog with actual science, as well as the reaffirmation of many serious scientific investigations of the phenomena in alternative medicine, which are accomplished during last almost five decades on the periphery of the actual science. In the further, it will be considered the variations of AM doctrines which manifest an interest to establish a dialog with actual science by accepting the terms and vocabulary of actual science, independently on the manner by that the doctrine content is expressed. The main objective of this paper is to show that a small effort will help to achieve consensus on the terminology used in the AM doctrines with scientific terminology. This will help to terms with the same name means the same, although we cannot expect that it will obviously speed up the convergence of doctrine and scientific views about the AM phenomena. Nevertheless, this progress can be expected because the large difference is between felt and measured bioenergy, between seen and photographed. Therefore, the attention is devoted to experimental techniques that allow any type of detection or visualization of the subtle entities of alternative medicine (bienergy, biofield, aura). For reasons that will be later explained, particular attention will be devoted to the PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) imaging, which is the unique real time imaging technique. Certainly the most important result of the application of PIP imaging system is the visualization of the energy changes in the human aura, which may be due to bio-energetic, or any other AM therapeutic treatment. It should be noted that the PIP system provides information that enables qualitative analysis but not quantitative analysis of the bio-energetic phenomena. In addition, it is recommended as a diagnostic tool also. However this recommendation must be accepted very cautiously, as will be discussed later.

M. Milenković, M. Mićović (Serbia) Abstract. Reiki is an ancient spiritual-energetic method of healing, usually considered to be Japanese, and it is applied along with methods of modern medicine in health care institutions around the world. For many years now Reiki has been considered to be No 1 method of self-help in the world. Reiki primarily helps with reduction of stress, with relaxation, and is also used for mobilizing/activating all defense mechanisms in the human body. It improves the efficiency of all bodily functions, and allows us to reach a state of harmony between the physical, mental and emotional levels of our being. The highly developed, non-standard approach to Reiki allows everyone to acquire selected techniques and use them successfully for self-help, without having to attend traditional training classes, usually required for the Reiki method. Combining of Reiki techniques with acupressure, with breathing and stretching exercises, as well as with mechanisms of the human reflexes and mental orientation, can allow everyone to find their own ways to prevent further development of various health problems, caused primarily by stress. The use of self-help to reduce stress, to relax, improve concentration and memory capacity, to improve one’s mood in general and increase the energy potential of the body, is necessary and easily applied in everyday life. Association Reiki of Serbia is founded in 2001 and has several hundreds members, actively f Serbia is founded in 2001 and has several hundreds members, actively participating in coninuously organized educations and seminars. In participating in coninuously organized educations and seminars. In 2008 Reiki was formally acknowledged by Committee for Regulation of Traditional Medicine, in Serbian Ministry of Health, as a method of improving general health of people. By establishing these regulations it was officialy enabled to introduce Reiki therapy into medical institutions in Serbia.

S. Simonovska (Austria) Abstract. Quantum Transformation is a practical application of the Two Points Method in the field of healing and life issues solving. Two Points Methods has its roots in the ancient Hawaiian spiritual technique of Huna, rediscovered independently by Dr. Richard Bartlet (Matrix Energetics) and Dr. Frank Kinslow (Quantum Entrainment), with a great contribution of Andrew Blake (QCT-Quantum Consciousness Transformation). Not only because it is easy, simple to use, and at the same time very effective, but also because of the possibility of combining it with other therapeutic and healing techniques, Two Points Method is spreading through Europe very quickly. When two distinct points on the body or aura get connected, Quantum waves are produced, initiating huge changes on all levels and in all areas of life. Quantum Waves initiation makes changes on a deepest level, altering our Matrix. The Matrix contains our deepest beliefs, in other words, fixed attitudes originated from individual consciousness and different life stages (the childhood, the prenatal period, the birth process, conception or inheritance - karma) and fixed attitudes derived from group or collective consciousness. Those subconscious beliefs are often opposed to our conscious beliefs and they are the main cause of our psychological and physical suffering, as well as many diseases. Faster transformation of subconscious beliefs can be achieved using Quantum Waves, which leads toward change of our reality. The essence of Quantum Transformation is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is actually pure love. Quantum Transformation is a method that uses love energy for healing purposes. Quantum Transformation workshops, using quantum waves, meditation, music, movement and body work “teach us” through experience how to use the energy of love in healing and combining this method with other healing and energy based methods.

M. Tomšić Akengen (Slovenia) Abstract. The philosophy of Ifa with its origin in Africa, where it has been preserved to this very day by the people of Yoruba, contains the entire opus of understanding a human life, character, predestination, destiny and nature. One of the toughest challenges is how to treat (heal) someone, who is born with the energy of Abiku – born to die prematurely (born to experience premature death). Ifa considers the individual top priority, using all the knowledge and instruments it deals with making the individuals life good here and now, in this life. Everyone is born with some sort of predestination. It is not fate, because if something is fated, then the individual has no way of affecting that. But when something is predestinated, someone can realize that or not, because everyone is responsible for his own life. In life we have all that which we can call good luck: progress, longevity, health, luck… But good goes hand-in-hand with destructive energy, and if we wish to achieve the good, we have to neutralize the bad. We can classify destructive energy into four basic destructive elements: death, sickness, failure and confusion. When we consider a person who has the abiku syndrome, it means that these destructive energies are constantly stalking him and that he is under heavy influence in at least one area by some of these elements. When everything seems to go well, and suddenly it seems as if one of these energies got activated, and it gives out the impression of being out of the person’s control. Spiritually it is considered for people with this energy, that they have been heavily involved in a parallel spiritual world. It is considered that they have their own group in the parallel world, which constantly pulls the person back or make his life here unbearable, and make him wish to leave from here sooner.

Č. Hadži Nikolić (Serbia) Abstract. The most significant dimension of entheogenic shamanistic ritual, being an essence of therapeutic pracice in isolated groups of Amazonia, is that dimension which touches universal themes, from person’s identity to its place in cosmic scheme. This experience is described as transcending boarders of empirical reality, coming out the framework of profane existence and entering into realm of cosmic existence and meeting with most supreme principle. In psychology literature it is frequently called transpersonal experience, as being denoted a mystical experience in religious terminology. The question arises on characteristics of this experience (if it exists) in the framework of shamanistic concept, as according to many experts on shamanism it does not have this (mystical) component being exclusively oriented to practical purposes of healing. According to shamanistic practice in observed groups, these categories are not excluded mutually. On the contrary, they are complementary, with mystical or transpersonal experience in direct function of healing, if this healing is comprehended in the context of shamanistic concept of disease. As in this mystical experience a person is continuously returning back to his mystical trans-subjective roots and beginnings, a shamanistic return into myth past with myth scenes and symbols achieving significant relationship between a person and universe is completely reasonable. This transition from “here and now” into “there and then” means experience of transcending space and time limitations, i.e. coming out form narrow profane human framework and entering into realm of transpersonal experiences. In this context a shamanistic “road” which basically is searching for absolute, undoubtedly does have elements of mystical. Mystical, however, does not exclude practical goals of this road. On the contrary, mystical or let us call it transpersonal or integrative experience, is complementary in respect to these goals. In other words, this experience is in direct function of shamanistic action, in first place of healing.

D. Nešić (Serbia)

A. Frauenkron-Hoffmann (Luxemburg), D. Portić (Serbia) Abstract. Sometimes in past, it has been thought that physical and psychical changes or illness is a result of damnation, or evil faith which affects us from external illness causes. Today we have a rather different view on that particular problem. With latest scientific discoveries it has been proven that sickness is a direct response on stressful situations, which in that given moment can’t be processed on mental or emotional level. We do not become ill by coincidence, illness always has a direct link with things going on in our life. If it comes to resolving the problem, we do not get ill, if not, it becomes biological stress (stress of direct life endangerment) which can be an illness generator apropos symptom on physical level. Illness or dysfunction of organism is influenced by very precise biological laws. Two-phased progression of every illness can be traced (Dr. Hamer): symphathicotony and vagothony. This knowledge serves us in apprising direct course of illness (why this illness and not any other one), as it shows a logical flow on emotional, mental and physical level. Our behavioural patterns have crucial part in shaping our way of responding on stressful situation (just that and not any other way). When in stressful situation, our brain begins searching for every kind of data, information and programs which could bring to its solution. In that moment brain chooses the best possible reaction, and influenced by experience - best behavioural pattern, having only one aim and that is to empower further existence. Our brain memorises primarily three types of data which it uses in stressful situations (Useful Biological Program): (i) all experiences and circumstances since birth to this very moment, followed by emotions and perceptions; (ii) all that we have experienced before we were born, since the moment of conception, even our moment of birth are completely integrated in our system; (iii) everything that our ancestors have experienced is also available to our brain. Decoding can be established by endeavouring toward two directions. First course is establishing and explaining crucial cause of stressful situation, therefore it is of at most importance to take precautions against objective circumstances being the trigger for genesis of a disease, but emotional feeling of the individual itself, so as which behavioural pattern will occur in certain stressful situation (different person react differently on the same kind of stress). Second course is releasing old behavioural patterns and gaining new mental pictures which awake new emotions annulling the old ones at the same time. Images from the past are always the cause of our illness. If we could manage to transform our mental images and to them related emotions, we could live healthier in future. Often just the realisation that there is a choice is enough: Stay devoted to old pattern (which in some cases can represent death) or establish new ones. We are not able to become new people, but we can learn how to control old mechanisms which made are ill in the first place!

D. Nikolovski, Z. Stević (Serbia)

B. Bedričić, M. Stokić, Z. Milosavljević, D. Milovanović, D. Raković, M. Sovilj, S. Maksimović (Srbija)

N. Trifunović, D. Jevdić, A. Jevdić, K. Jevdić (Serbia) Abstract. The aim of this paper is to consider contribution of anomalous intensities of electromagnetic and magnetic fields in etiopatogenesis of mental disorders and diseases. This research has been applying in past 20 years, with objective geophysical evaluation by proton magnetometer produced in USA and geological compass "Brunton". In this period we have examined a couple of hundreds patients with different type of mental disorders (sy anx-depressivum, depression, schizophrenia) both sex and all ages. We applied BPRS scale for sy anx-depressivum, Hamilton scale for depression, and PANSS scale for schizophrenia. Hereby we present several case studies. Results are excellent after the patients spent time in spaces with natural values of EM-M fields. During examination patients were receiving regular medicine (pharmacotherapy). Finally, we will present theoretical model for influence of geomagnetic field and cosmic radiation on the biological evolution.

N. Trifunović, D. Jevdić, A. Jevdić, K. Jevdić (Serbia)

N. Trifunović (Serbia)

Dj. Koruga (Serbia) Abstract. In this paper serendipity event is presented, which highlights Galileo’s number importance: numbers are letters by which the Universe is built. In our case the simulative effect of the number sixty importance comes from contemporary science: nanotechnology of carbon materials with sixty atoms and molecular structure of clathrin in our brain. However, we found out that roots of number sixty lie hidden in thought of ancient civilization. Moreover, in some way sixty is the part of light (c=lambda x v) as ratio of spatio-temporal unity through wavelength ( in nm) and frequency (v in THz). If we use model of light, of both classical and quantum properties, as model of an existence (life) – then embryogenesis (as the primary quantum process) presents information processing which makes set up of events (with different probabilities) for a life after birth. Which one of these events will happen depends on probability of events in classical information processing during life. Classical and quantum probabilities are complements and compatible to each other. In everyday life this complex manifestation is given as our behavior based on interaction of real-imaginary and rational-irrational pairs dynamics (logic square of our fingerprint).

M. M. Rakočević (Serbia)... possible asspects of a universal code attatched to human mind, the reality of holism...

Lj. M. Ristovski (Serbia),,G. S. Davidović-Ristovski (Serbia) Abstract. As it should be expected, the doctrinal theories of traditional medicine obviously belong to the domain of metascience (metaphysics). It means that they are based on revealed truths, which are necessarily expressed by an symbolic and metaphoric language. On the other hand, scientific theories are based on perceived truths, which are expressed by the language, which necessarily excludes the metaphors and symbols. Therefore, symbolic statements, as well as revealed truth, per definitionem cannot be expressed in a rational way, i.e. metascientific content can not be fully expressed in a scientific manner. The aim of this paper is not to translate the traditional (metaphysical) Chakras doctrine into the language of science, but to point out that in that teaching exist the contents which can be scientific interpretated. Namely, Chakras teaching, could survive for so long, only because the practice findings supports it. The traditional medicine practice can not be always explained in a scientific way, but it can not be completely ignored, if they have survived for centuries and millennia, as it is case with Chakras teaching. Specifically, as it will be pointed in this paper, the scientific knowledge about the human ontogenesis and psychhogenesis, can be unambiguously associated with the empirically established findings, which are implicitly included in the Chakras teaching. In addition, based on this correspondence, it is possible to come up to the concept of a psychogenetic explanation of (so called) opening and balancing of chakras. Finally, there are serious indications that the process of opening the chakras can be closely linked to psychiatric regression analysis.

D. Djordjević (Serbia), D. Mandić (Serbia) Abstract. Reflexology is a science dealing with mechanisms of origin, development and acting of every kind of reflexes on the all levels of ontophylogenesis. It is interdisciplinary branch of biology, which has its subject, branches, sub-branches, principles, conditions and mechanisms. The subject of reflexology is research on all levels of ontophylogenesis: principles of functioning, mechanisms of origin, development and acting, as well as influence of all kinds of reflexes from the simplest to the most complex. Basic fields of reflexology are: medical reflexology, dentristry (dental) reflexology, veterinary reflexology, animal (zoo) reflexology, and fitoreflexology. Basic branches of reflexology are: reflexodiagnostics, reflexotherapy, reflexoprophylaxis, and reflexoergonomics. Basic methods of reflexology are: physioreflexology, hemioreflexology, and bioreflexology. Basic principles of reflexology are: holographic or quantum-holographic [Tao (holistic) conception or conception of unique wholeness], circulation of energy [meridian’s (Jing-Luo) conception or conception of acupuncture channels (reflexogenic meridians)], ontophylogenic (Haeckel’s law), rhythmic functioning, self-regulation of the body systems, reverberation links (energetics and other influences), action-reaction, reflexogenic aferentation (conditional-unconditional reflex)... In Western medicine, reflexology is a treatment modality which employs only manual pressure to specific areas of the body, usually the feet and the hands, which are thought to correspond to internal organs, in order to generate positive health effects. However, in Eastern medicine and nowadays appearing Integrative medicine, reflexology is an application of any treatment modality on reflexogenic zones, reflexogenic points or reflexogenic meridians (e.g. digitopressure, acupressure, acupuncture, laseropuncture, magnetopuncture, magnetic hammer, moxibustion, cupping, etc.). In this holistic framework, each organism is considered as (quantum-holographic) unique wholeness whose health status is manifested by reflexogenic (acupuncture) zones and their (acupuncture) points, linked in pathes of reflexogenic (acupuncture) meridians. Reflexogenic zones are exteroceptive projections of internal organs on the skin (head, nose, ears, palms, foots), mucous membrane (endonasal, gums, tongue) and iris. Reflexogenic points are locations in which is occuring energy exchange (transformation) with external environment according to the principle of functioning of "body channels" or reflexogenic meridians. Through reflexogenic points as mirrors of the organ status or some individual function, one can regulate disturbed energetic equilibrium between some of organs and body parts, also between wholeness of organism as mikrocosmos and its environment, macrocosmos. Morphofunctional basis of reflexogenic zones, points and meridians is ontophylogenic linkeage of internal organs and all sistems in organisms with the most ancient energy-informational system, which is composed of the gap junction channels network.

B. Milovanović, V. Radivojević, S. Mutavdžin, B. Milovanović, T. Krajnović (Serbia)

G. Vitaliano (USA), F. Vitaliano (USA)

S. Milenković (Serbia) Abstract. Discussed here is creative challenge faced by the new profession of psychotherapy in a new millenium. Creation of consciousness-based holistic spiritual/transpersonal psychotherapy without ego is that challenge. It means basically the transformation of consciousness, of the inner feeling of one’s own existence, as well as the release of the individual form all kinds of conditioning imposed upon one’s by society. It’s characterised by transformation, self-transcendence, and expanded consciousness in which treatment is targeted primarily to the spiritual/transpersonal dimension.

Lj. Klisić (Serbia), A. Djordjević (Serbia) et al
Abstract. Body-Psychotherapy is a distinct branch of Psychotherapy, well within the main body of Psychotherapy, which has a holistic theoretical position. It involves a different and explicit theory of mind-body functioning which takes into account the complexity of the intersections and interactions between the body and the mind. The common underlying assumption is that the body is the whole person and there is a functional unity between mind and body. Directly or indirectly the body-psychotherapist works with the person as an essential embodiment of mental, emotional, social and spiritual life. He/she encourages both internal self-regulative processes and the accurate perception of external reality. Through his/her work, the body-psychotherapist makes it possible for alienated aspects of the person to become conscious, acknowledged and integrated parts of the self. In order to facilitate this transition from alienation to wholeness, the body-psychotherapist works with signs indicating vegetative flow in the organism, muscular hypertension and hypotension, energetic blockage, energetic integration, pulsation and stages of increasing and natural self regulative functioning. And the phenomena of psychodynamic processes of transference, counter- transference, projection, defensive regression, creative regression and various kinds of resistance. Almost one century ago Wilhelm Reich introduced work with self regulative processes and with cosmic superimposition. We are continuing his work here more than 3 decades, within TePsyntesis - Serbian Training School of Body Psychotherapy, founded by Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Klisic in 1976, in Belgrade, Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia. It has all characteristics of Body Psychotherapy schools, but TePsyntesis has also evolved from thirty years of research by Dr. Klisic into drives development and relationship between life force and consciousness, and it has trained more than 200 professionals. TePsyntesis offers also a new meta-theory of drives development: aggression and sexuality. In TePsyntesis we are studying and researching evolution of the basic human instinctual drives: (i) Instinct for self-preservation (aggression), (ii) Instinct for procreation of the species (sexuality). Only in unity of mind and body that opens up a suppressed spiritual dimension, we can approach the whole scope of evolution: (i) Evolution of primitive aggression and destruction towards mature power integrated with developed value system to non-dual power, (ii) Evolution of primitive sexuality towards Bliss and supreme Joy.

Grigori I. Brekhman. Abstract. The author considers the Man from a position of the theory of wave–particle duality of a matter. It has opened existence in a nature of ways of interaction and information interchange between genes, cells, persons, about which we did not suspect or knew a little. The concept of duality has allowed understanding the riches of the information contained in the man that has enabled to consider him as a psychosomatic system and to explain some features of thinking and behaviour of the people, sources of their talents and problems, and also feature of functioning in a society and relations with each other. In the certain measure the concept of duality gives an explanation of reasons of diseases, and gives interpretation to methods of treatment, which (despite of the efficiency) ascribe to alternative and do not admit by official medicine. Author describes the uterine myoma as a psychosomatic process, manifesting itself in ischemic uterus disease. He substantiated and used the holistic approach and nonstandard method of psychoelectroregulation in these patients which gave the long-term results.

söndag 4 december 2011

Kea's lost thread. My inquiry.

Mitchell Porters blog 'The Lost Thread, Notes from the work of Marni Sheppeard' from a deleted thread at PhysicsForums.com, is discussing Sheppeard’s work. I have some years been following her blog and her difficulties. Sometimes I have felt sorry for her, sometimes frustrated, sometimes even angry. Those feelings are mutual, I think. She is a very 'unorthodox' person with an equally unorthodox theory or hypothesis. She claims everything must be done from scratch, everything must be created again, due to errors and misinterpretations in the past. Mitchell Porter asked me to write about my view of Keas science here, because I am an amateur. He said he would comment here, not at the thread. That is the reason for this post. First the background. This is only from recorded communications, not personal. Maybe I must point it out.

I have many times tried to have her speaking, in vain. Guess I am a bit lazy. Also that my interpretations as a layman cannot be so exact.

On Galaxyzoo she said oct.1.11:
Ulla's arrogance is mind boggling. This needs to be noted, because she is misleading people about the physics. She doesn't know the first thing about mathematics, let alone physics, and she thinks she can tell me about physics just because she reads Matti's blog. Ulla, you don't understand one paragraph of any of my papers, and you shouldn't believe everything the Dudes say about women in physics. I am always, always wrong, and behind the times, and stupid, and so on and so on and so on. You let your neurotypical groupie brain cloud your judgement. If you really cared about the science, you would spend more time studying elementary physics.

Dark Matter was first studied around 80 years ago. All theoretical physicists have been thinking about it since then. Mirror dark matter is one of the oldest ideas, and it is most certainly not Matti's own. In Physics, the details matter. Airy fairy tales don't mean shit.

Oops! Whom is she talking of? Me? It is pathetic, I am shy. The kindest person on Earth? Have I the right to talk to HER, sitting in the physics heaven? This only because I asked about dark matter, and said it could not be only from neutrinos. I think I made it clear I am no expert, so I would not mislead anybody. And Matti dislike mirror-talk (technicolor). My comment leading to this outburst:
I have thought of what kind of signal light is. It is entropy. This entropy seems to come from annihilation, and some say neutrino can act as a Dirac point. Light speed is a property of space in vacuum, not a function of something that travels through it.. Light creates negentropy (noise) in form of em-waves, and takes itself the same form (oscillate as quanta), because it is the surroundings. Only in this surroundings c=1?. This follows the uncertainty too?
This em-force is just one force, but it creates the entanglement and the macroscopic tensions; microscopic tensions are made of gluons, and those make up most of our gravity. Gravity is 'long-term memory' of Universe, and hence also entanglement ("sensors")? Kea has the non-locality there? The entanglement must be there in order to have reactions.

http://arxiv.org/abs/1101.3357 It has long been known that photon bremsstrahlung can lift helicity suppressions, also from W and Z-bosons. it has been proposed the excess electrons and positrons are not due to conventional astrophysics process, but arise instead from dark matter annihilation or decay
http://arxiv.org/abs/1002.2441,2010 flavor sensitivity

Nice to see that Kea finally has realized the dark matter scenario. But solely leptonic DM cannot be the whole truth. The whole DM-hierarchy nust be involved, because DM is also ordinary matter [over 95% of all matter is baryonic, quarks], but invisible to us. It also has 4D? And she has the prime field/world there. Why must she and Matti Pitkänen be so dam stubborn so they cannot even talk to each other. Sic!

I KNOW I am long from any "expert" on this, but still I can have questions and opinions. I have followed Keas blog in many years now, with bigger and lesser interest. She is one of few who knows what she talks about, but it is so hard to follow without math skills.

On a question I added: There are no facts in this story. This view follow the astrophysical view, and also TGD. Kea is coming to it? It is wrong to think DM would be some WIMPs or other exotic particle solely.

Graham Dungworth supported me. With many words as usual.
Ulla's conclusion is that the whole DM hierarchy is involved and Kiske valid response is whether that means that DM as ordinary matter is fact.

Many on the forum are aware of the total energy composition of the universe when expressed as approximately 4.5% normal matter, 20.5% dark matter(DM)and ~75%dark energy(DE). It matters little whether there is presently 73% DE from say WMAP. It is essentially a book keeping exercise. As we go into the future, forget reference frames, as the universe ages and remorseless expansion ensues by the time that the system doubles in size, the matter density drops as the cube of the expansion size. Thus a doubling of size leads to an eight fold reduction of matter density. The DE fraction is generated at constant density so when the universe is 8 fold greater in volume the matter fraction , normal matter and DM matter will represent ca. 3% and DE ~97% of the total energy composition. When the universe was young DE caused by the expansion of space was negligeable, as it ages the DE/matter ratio increases. After another doubling of size that is model dependent upon the Hubble flow the time factor varies; it could be ca. 40 billion years before the current universe has doubled in size. Again, because distant supernova were reported to be dimmer than predicted it would appear that the universe is now accelerating its expansion and that doubling time is decreasing.

All we know of physics concerns that 4.5% fraction of normal or ordinary matter. Stars and ourselves are constructed from it; as atoms, the elements we know of. Let's not quibble about ionised states and plasmas. All these atoms are made from more fundemental particles; protons , neutrons and electrons that include the latter's lepton cousin the neutrino. At a deeper description, the protons are built from quarks, the u and d types you are familiar with. There are a total of three copies of normal matter and these include higher energy forms of these basic building blocks. The second incorporates strange and charmed quarks and these are associated with different leptons the muon rather than the electron electron, the former is much more massive ca. 206 fold than the electron mass. Basically, you buy the whole package and the hierarchy of normal matter according to the particle physicists incorporates forty two 42 of these particles and the force particles by which they interact. This is no joke. When Doug Adams realised the significance of the numerosity of this package, you may haggle whether it's 36 or otherwise, but for him it was the forever immortalised secret of the universe; the secret of that 4.5% matter mass fraction although he never lived to know what the composition was.

The physicists have to satiate a large number of conservation laws within the SM. It is inconceivable to think of a universe constructed of say photons only; or of electrons only. At the most basic level, when a proton changes or transforms to a neutron, in standard nuclear fusion or in a supernova explosion, electric charge conservation necessitates that a positron is formed but this violates lepton conservation number so another particle must exist to conserve what a chemist would call stoichiometric balance, and that particle is the uncharged lepton or neutrino. You might quibble and say the neutrino is not a building blockand plays no role in atoms. You are taught that electrons have attributes or charges. First there is the mass charge. Electrons also have rest mass and electric charge and that they "spin", one of the two types of angular momentum. Additionally, conservation laws crop up that require they have what is called a further spin type or weak isospin. I've discussed these niceties before.
What Ulla alludes to is the whole hierarchy. Hierarchy has is a religious meaning. It is a priestly word. You have to accept the creed as a whole. One cannot pick and choose. Most physicists might object about this useage. However, they are left with one conservation law called parity that they cannot ignore. As a consequence they accept that if parity is conserveed in this universe, and it blatantly is not, then there must be areas where forms of antimatter exist- very doubtful-or that parity is conserved elsewhere in a multiverse. They would never like to admit that our universe just happens to be cack handed. It could have been left or right handed, pure chance decided the route that was taken. Whether you are religious or not swallowing the whole creed is difficult. It's impossible to avoid and yet we are discussing a 4.5% component. What about the rest? Unfortunately, this forum doesn't have the terabytes available to pursue an exhaustive discussion and neither would the whole planet were it restructured as a giant processor of information.

Ulla from a biology background hits us with a great truth. She accepts the creed. There must be other parity stuff around but where. All that other kind we know of is DM. There are many candidates for DM, the fashionable WIMPS for instance, but these don't address the parity problem but do admit different mass charges in supersymmetry extensions to the SM (Standard Model). In nature species carry around various attributes that are continually used. They don't carry useless spare baggage that would reduce their chances of survival. By the time molecular evolution evolved they all agreed to adopt the left handed chiral stuff, at least here on Earth. But that may not be the case elsewhere. Kiske then asks " Is the implication that DM is ordinary matter". The answer is yes but it may have differing mass charges and opposite parity or mirror chirality.
The preliminary Minos results was staggering news for physicists. It implied new matter of a type they never imagined and a problem that would hopefully go away.
If there are new neutrino types they would have to buy a more complicated hierarchy or creed, new baryons, new hadrons etc. After all supersymm or SUSY is long on doubling the hierarchy, many accept that and many don't; there's a reformation of creed going on. DM is nonbaryonic. That's burnt into the memory cells of most readers. If the new neutrino types exist that doesn't mean that DM is soley neutrinos, it means that there is a full hierarchy present of another or other or allo form of normal matter. An amazing coincidence of these predicted masses revels that such matter annihilations would give rise to a background radiationin the universe that is happening now and is not some relic radiation from a past that had a beginning, a creation event; the first line of the creed. All religions have a creed, several lines worth. Marni, Ulla and myself may have some differences but we agree on much as we rewrite the first lines of the beginning of a creation. We are not writing a new creed or hierarchy for matter of all types. We are addressing only that first single line where we conceive of a cold dark , stark and pallid place that never had an origin , that just existed timelessly as an ensemble of photons and neutrinos that was on the move, of a universe we know of yet to be created.

I continued:
In that way the DM could basically be only leptonic, if quarks are made from leptons. Neutrons can interact, maybe also neutrinos, I don't know. Photons can, which maybe is an indication of the quark compositeness. This is maybe the color problem of the strong force? About this we know almost nothing yet. And what we know talk against this picture. Leptons and baryons are conserved separately? This make also the conservation laws questionable.

The neutrino problem is OUTSIDE GR and SR, so Einstein may rest in piece. We have only seen a glimpse of a bigger frame (of entanglement?) as Wilczek said. First we must see if the FTL result hold. There is physics of uncertainty that say it may hold. Remember, they have thought of this in many years now, and concluded it was most honest to publish it. Very few got afraid and withdrew their names.

Also On viXra blog and on her blog we have had disputes. I asked Matti about his view on his blog.

ThePeSla said... The algebra of the sub-manifolds is in the cracks of the limits of our total standard theories and in the low dimensions, as Kea points also also, there is a Pythagorean relation- for me the 6 inside that triality triangle thus 24 is the hidden subspaces tangled or not.

Only in planes we have of course enumeration in quadratic time so to speak. These of course are in the cracks also as such early simple ideas as 24 dimensional lattices. But the reverse compliments and need for so many zeros in the assumed one dimensionality of a p-adic number as if the decimal reversed (and for some reason the composites dismissed as if primes can casually be taken or added to or subtracted from some power of 2 the even one) is an essential idea that tends to shift the ground, that is becomes a wider universe and its forces.

Matti: To me this talk of Kea about 24-D lattices, magic matrices, and Koide mass formula does not give much. I am simply unable to comprehend what is the point and big picture. In politically incorrect mood I would call it numerology;-).

I have heard about the numerology also from others, comparing to Eddington. Is her work just numerology?

I said...Well, if you don't understand Kea, how would I then? I have the same feeling, that her cosmology fails. But she uses the same numbers, the same structure as everyone else, how can then her construction need another type of Universe? Also her claim that neutrinos, that are non-interactive, make up the interactive DM (which is invisible ordinary matter in the cosmology of today) seems odd. That would mean that leptons are building stones for fermions [should be baryons] (3-quarks), and that we think is wrong. Quarks have the triality seen in her figures, though, but when she use them for neutrinos????

And why cannot she explain this in a coarse manner? I really don't understand her. She spit out harsch text, but when she meets a simple question she gets silent. Her 24-figure inside the triangle is fascinating, but then she refers to Pythagoras!!!! Is she a nut? I am astonished. Kea, if you read this, start talking.

I would rather think that neutrinos are in the non-Euclidean space (= outside GR) with a very small interaction with matter (GR). How would that interaction be seen in space with all the cosmic rays? And how do they interact with light? Orwen raid they pull out light from vacuum, but how? Annihilation is the opposite process? Can neutrinos be made interactive through a change of spin?

Matrices tells nothing at all of these circumstances. Remember that Kea mostly talk of abstract (= virtual, DM) braidings, and there is reason to suspect she travels at deep water. There is the entanglement, some kind of pressure, or heat, as environment etc. Is there any real 'structure' at all to do all those matrices with? Or are there just a quantum field as a 'soup' of numbers. Environment? So in fact she plays God. I would want to know what she thinks about this. No fairy fields, but she works in the fairy field? I have asked her many times, but as long as I cannot answer these questions her figures are just curiosa. And she wonders why nobody uses her works?

ThePeSla said... Ulla, Ulla,
I do not understand what you have against Pythagoras (and for that matter Kea's take on things). No one uses Kea's advancing work because they simply do not get it.

I answered: I have absolutely nothing against Pythagoras. He was a genious. I reacted on Keas way to refer to him as some kind of great insight. As if she was not aware of what she was doing?

No one understand her work, so why doesn't she write about her wiev. I want her 'Higgs mechanism' even if she has no fairy fields she have something instead. I want her cosmology, when she says she will make everything new, just a drawing is enough. Her matrices are exactly what you say, but you forget she works on the negative side of reality, abstract geometry (I wonder how it looks like, because I doubt it can have any matrices). Antimatter is annihilated, so those matrices must be very otherwise. The only reasonable thing she can use the matrices for is DM, but she says it is not there. She claims leptons (neutrinos) make up the 3-quarks. I have not seen any model for how she makes the bridge between leptons and quarks (the triality is not enough). She talks of l-adic braids but cannot get the unification, although Matti has done it for p-adic hadrons. I suppose you can read what I wrote.

I have absolutely nothing against Keas as person, on the contrary I wanted to help her. She reacted negatively when I tried to have her make peace with Matti, after their controversy. She should have defended her ideas, that's how this world works. You cannot sit like a child and spit out ugly words when someone asks something, even if it is just a stupid biologist.

I have quarrelled at Matti too over this stupidity, so the situation is quit. It doesn't matter if Kea says she owns something. It is her statement and future will tell. If there are two controversial scientists so near each other as Kea and Matti, it is very idiotic they cannot talk to each other because of that small controversy.

Maybe I am impatient, but I have followed her so long, and I waited she would come up with something now when the superluminal neutrinos are actual, but instead she start everything all over again. More than anything I want to give her a kick :) to get further.

Zero positive or zero negative, what is that? What exactly is zero? What is a string in no dimension? Words, words...

Orwin: Kea swims in the New Wave of category theory, which is good at the analogies the Medievals loved. But that's proper to language/Logos, not Nous, and hence the Romance gender-typing.

The New Wave take on a kind of computational proceduralism, as if to upgrade MATLAB for AI. Matti's with the new graphene hardware, in physics. But dialogue remains possible on Ulla's question of signals.

Matti : Dear Ulla, it is difficult for a layperson to see what is (or what is not) behind scientific terms and formulas.

Kea and me could not be farther from each other. Really. The only thing in common that we both have the label of crackpot but that's all.

Just look our ways of writing. I always give sequences of arguments and do analysis. Represents counter arguments and objections.

Kea gives some standard math formulas found from some source and not a slightest hint how this numerology might relate to her theory or physics in general.

I said... Ye, Matti, This is not my business in any way. I just get so frustrated when I read her small texts, where she swims on the same place year after year. When I write something to her she gets silent, and delete my comments.

And this PeSla is very successful in that too, of some reason. I must think thoroughly on why. I mean, this is your blog, and I cannot come here and chritizise your commenters. You know, my harsch tongue...
Orwin: To me the best one can expect of New Wave math is to incorporate fuzzy logic, which is better than assuming classical probabilities when approaching quantum theory. Here the philosopher to watch is Florentin Samandarache - he's like the guru of viXra. But ethnocentric, like Derrida.

Higher dimensions were known in the ancient world - Otherworld of the Celts; the higher self as 5th dimension; animal magnetism. But to piece together the evidence is very hard.

The 1/r distribution: the smaller a particle, the more it scatters: the length-scale of a Feynman diagram. So the soft microwave background is the scatter-grain of reality.

The hard part is to realize that reality acts through such appearances: special relativity, dressed charges, scattered signals. The appearance/essence distinction is not causal! Take mathematical form as an essence and you miss that!

Then I compared to Mattis theory that also has been taken for numerology.

Dear Ulla,

you have managed to monumentally misunderstand me if you think that I am some kind of numerologist. God grief! I cannot imagine anything more disgusting than random numerical considerations. Numbers predicted by TGD are the outcome of a refined conceptual models not just combinations of some magic matrices taken from sleeve without absolutely any connections to physics.

Koide mass matrix stuff is excellent example of numerology which makes me sick. It begins from an observation that a sum for square roots of charged lepton masses is near to 1/2 in suitable units. There is of course always some rational number to which it would be very near to. Only if it were exactly 1/2, the mass formula might have possibility to make some deeper meaning.

Then one feeds in magic matrices and starts to play with their sums and products. Hopeless. Hopeless because there are no physical principles involves, just random numerology getting more and more complicated.

I have developed totally different model for CKM matrices starting from physical and mathematical principles of TGD. Same applies to p-adic mass calculations. That the model predicts numbers as an outcome, does not mean it is numerology!

If some-one thinks highly of numerology, I can accept it. That someone thinks that I belong to the cast of numerologists, I cannot accept.

Orwin: To call TGD numerology is unfair: temperature has no dimension, it is a number, and rheology or fluid dynamics has several 'dimensionless ratios' as parameters (Reynolds number, etc). To make particles components of temperature is consistent thermodynamics.

Matti: Dear Ulla,

one thing I can tell that colleagues lie unashamedly when they talk about TGD, especially so if they are talking to a layman with no ability control the truth of what they are saying.

Homeopathy in many-sheeted space-time, crop circles, water memory, cold fusion, expanding earth: these are the favorite topics with which to debunk TGD. If you are a little bit analytic you indeed soon find that they *never* say anything about *contents of TGD*. What are the basic assumptions of TGD, how they criticize these. Never a single word. They use only simple emotional key words to induce negative emotions. This is how propaganda works in all dictatorships. By just looking any "criticism" of TGD you find that there is not a single word about what I am really saying: isn't this strange?

In analytic mood you might also notice they *never* mention that I just always emphasize that I am not believer or non-believer but am just asing: What if these phenomena are real, what TGD can say in this case? They just the claim that I am a fanatic believer. Again an enormous lie but represented with clear purpose.

These fellows might call themselves astro-physicists, physicists or whatever but they call themselves, but they are not scientists in the sense as I understand scientist. They are opportunistic career builders and ready to lie without hesitation if this helps them to develop their career or defend their position.

The hegemony, in particular the hegemony of finnish science, has excellent motivations for giving me a label of crackpot- a blind believer on all possible "bad science" and this what they have tried to do for all these years. Now the experimental results from LHC are flowing and it is becoming more and more obvious that I have been right all the time. Neutrino superluminality might turn out to be single experimental discovery demonstrating that TGD is the theory. No one in his right mind can anymore deny that am a top physicists and have been 34 years without human rights in a country in which most people can read. This is an incredible scandal and solely due to the enormous stupidity and arrogance of the academic power hegemony. Einstein in the patent office is nothing as compared to what these idiots have managed to do.

It is understandable that these fellows are fighting desperately to get rid of me before the bubble bursts. Revenge is also a deep motivation. They might quite well be able to prevent me from seeing the breakthrough, my health is not good. This does not however help them: the bubble will burst and the collective shame will be even deeper and these fellows will be regarded as criminals. And for full reason.

To Ulla:

this claim that TGD is numerology is probably the silliest claim that any scientists have made after the birth of Newton.

There is entire book -about 1000 pages- devoted to Physics as generalized number theory and second book to particle physics applications of p-adic physics. And then some empty head comes and claims that TGD is numerology!! God grief.

It is incredible what kind of idiots can receive monthly salary as physicists and astrophysicists.

Ye, that should be clear now . TGD is not numerology, what about Kea's M-theory?

What is numerology? Wikipedia says:

Numerology is any study of the purported mystical relationship between a count or measurement and life. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. Numerology and numerological divination by systems such as isopsephy were popular among early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudomathematics by modern scientists.

Today, numerology is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.

The term can also be used for those who place excess faith in numerical patterns, even if those people don't practice traditional numerology. For example, in his 1997 book Numerology: Or What Pythagoras Wrought, mathematician Underwood Dudley uses the term to discuss practitioners of the Elliott wave principle of stock market analysis.

Pythagoras and other philosophers of the time believed that because mathematical concepts were more "practical" (easier to regulate and classify) than physical ones, they had greater actuality.

Numerology is prominent throughout Sir Thomas Browne's 1658 literary Discourse The Garden of Cyrus. Throughout its pages the author attempts to demonstrate that the number five and the related Quincunx pattern can be found throughout the arts, in design, and in nature - particularly botany.

Modern numerology has various antecedents. Ruth A. Drayer's book, Numerology, The Power in Numbers (Square One Publishers) says that around the turn of the century (from 1800 to 1900 A.D.) Mrs. L. Dow Balliett combined Pythagoras' work with Biblical reference. Then on Oct 23, 1972, Balliett's student, Dr. Juno Jordan, changed Numerology further and helped it to become the system known today under the title "Pythagorean", although Pythagoras himself had nothing to do with the system.

Many alchemical theories were closely related to numerology. arabian alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan, inventor of many chemical processes still used today, framed his experiments in an elaborate numerology based on the names of substances in the Arabic language.

Scientific theories are sometimes labeled "numerology" if their primary inspiration appears to be a set of patterns rather than scientific observations. This colloquial use of the term is quite common within the scientific community and it is mostly used to dismiss a theory as questionable science.

The best known example of "numerology" in science involves the coincidental resemblance of certain large numbers that intrigued such eminent men as mathematical physicist Paul Dirac, mathematician Hermann Weyl and astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington. These numerical co-incidences refer to such quantities as the ratio of the age of the universe to the atomic unit of time, the number of electrons in the universe, and the difference in strengths between gravity and the electric force for the electron and proton. ("Is the Universe Fine Tuned for Us?", Stenger, V.J., page 3).

More about Stenger below.

The discovery of atomic triads (dealing with elements primarily in the same group or column of the periodic table) was considered a form of numerology, and yet ultimately led to the construction of the periodic table. Here the atomic weight of the lightest element and the heaviest are summed, and averaged, and the average is found to be very close to that of the intermediate weight element. This didn't work with every triplet in the same group, but worked often enough to allow later workers to create generalizations. See Döbereiner's Triads

Large number co-incidences continue to fascinate many mathematical physicists. For instance, James G. Gilson has constructed a "Quantum Theory of Gravity" based loosely on Dirac's large number hypothesis.

Wolfgang Pauli was also fascinated by the appearance of certain numbers, including 137, in physics.

Stenger's research career involved work that determined properties of gluons, quarks, strange particles, and neutrinos. Stenger was a pioneer in the emerging research focused on neutrino astronomy and very high-energy gamma rays. His final research project prior to retirement as an experimental physicist was participating in the Japan-based Super-Kamiokande underground experiment. This work demonstrated that the neutrino was massive. Masatoshi Koshiba, the leader of the project, won a share of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics for his efforts.

Not bad for a numerologist! But look what they say. He is an skeptic:

Stenger is now mainly known as an advocate of philosophical naturalism, skepticism, and atheism. He is a prominent critic of intelligent design and the aggressive use of the anthropic principle. He maintains that consciousness and free will, assuming that they in fact do exist, will eventually be explained in a scientific manner that invokes neither the mystical nor the supernatural. He has repeatedly criticized those who invoke the perplexities of quantum mechanics in support of the paranormal, mysticism, or supernatural phenomena, and has written several books and articles aiming to debunk contemporary pseudoscience.

Stenger is also a public speaker, including taking part in the 2008 "Origins Conference" hosted by the Skeptics Society at the California Institute of Technology alongside Nancey Murphy and Leonard Susskind.

In 1992, Uri Geller sued Stenger and Prometheus Books for $4 million, claiming defamation for questioning his "psychic powers." The suit was dismissed.

In recent years, Stenger's books and articles have been mostly written for the wider educated public. These writings explore the interfaces between physics and cosmology, and philosophy, religion, and pseudoscience.

What really is this? Numerology that gives an Nobel and the Periodic Table (octonions behind it?). Is the truth in this statement?

Scientific theories are sometimes labeled "numerology" if their primary inspiration appears to be a set of patterns rather than scientific observations. This colloquial use of the term is quite common within the scientific community and it is mostly used to dismiss a theory as questionable science.

Dimensionless ratios? What is that? Alpha, fine tuning and hbar? That is anything must be numerology? Or...

What I asked Mitchell Porter?

Thanks Mitchell.

I have tried to understand her work in many years too, despite my outsider position. It is interesting, but the cosmology? She ought to spend more time to look on the frame, when she declares that her cosmology begans from scratch. Who can even think of citing her in that situation?

I would also want to see clearer the relations leptons – fermions [baryons again]. Now they seem intermixed. Baryonygenesis?

Her fairy fields as quantum information and abstract fields are nothing else than the virtual fields behind the Higgs mechanism. Why does she deny that? Also the eventual supersymmetry would need some light?

There should maybe be more thinking from this bottom-up view, as an effort to understand the microstates, but the endless possibilities in string-theory talk against it. How is the criticality, the finiteness, solved in her theory? Exactly what form of strings does she use? F-theory? She talks of a tripartistic world, and that should be seen in her strings (interactions)? The fact that she use many triangular forms does not explain her strings? In that case they are hadrons?

The situation now is very frustrating, and I understand also for her. I have tried to have her talk about these things, but she gets silent. Also her quarrel with Matti Pitkänen (his refusal to cite her, in spite of her being helping him with the categories) ended with her silence, instead of declaring her standpoints. That makes me suspicious. He talk of her science being numerology. That I think is going too far, but explains maybe her bad success.

I will post my 'explanations' in next post. I think she deserves all support she needs to carry on. At least the same value as Witten's has her research?

If I understand anything of it.