fredag 13 augusti 2010


My grand-children was visiting. The daughter is so much like my own daughter, all red hair. I call her my daughters name, 'Nanna'. She looks at me, thinking, 'she is a nut'. Her hair is 'windy' like my own. I like it so.

She says - no, to everything, asks 'what is that'. She is two now. A miracle. She has too found her own nickname, 'Kina'. It suits her well. Sometimes the child has a name already before it is born. Like the child is coming to us from somewhere else. I know from where this child has come, and I wish her all luck.

Her brother is soon christened, Mattias Johan Einar. It feels very odd, peculiar to me, but also very good. Some mercy, blessings shine around this child. I cannot decide if this child has chosen this special name himself, or has my daughter chosen it, or fate. I also know from where this child has come, and he has seen much difficulties, but also joy. This child is the unification of past, something new can begin. The new era has come. Maybe his name is telling that. He looks at me like he wanted to tell me something. I know he has a message to me.

But I want to tell about Kina. She sings very well. Yesterday we sang about 'Per Olsson han hadde en bonnagård'. She sang like a star. Hold the 'microphone' and sang with me :) Also the maneers. very unusual for that age. But her father is a musician on free time, so I think it is not so special. I laghed a lot with her. She is so delightful.