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Russian scientist photographs souls.

30 Jul 2010, Weird News. A quote:
The activity of Konstantin Korotkov, deputy director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture and world-renowned authority on Kirlian photography, was recently highlighted by Korotkov is the developer of the gas-discharge visualization (GDV) technique in Kirlian photography.

Russian camera can see human soul 22 September, 2010

A publication of the popular Russian tabloid gives a dramatic account of the experiments of an inventor from St Petersburg, who has created a device able to see human aura.
Accompanied by pictures suspiciously reminiscent of a series of thermal images of a woman at different temperatures, the report claims they are made with a special “gas discharge camera” built by Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at the Research Institute of Physical Culture and State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.
The paper goes on to say that the device can register the circumstances of death, differentiating between a victim of a violent crime and a person who died quietly in bed. It also registers the changes in aura presumably made by a strong psychic working on somebody.
Disregarding the glib comparison of the religious term “soul” with the new age “aura”, the claims – they can hardly even be expected to get support in peer-reviewed scientific papers in our opinion – prompted RT to take a little investigation into the wonder device.

Kirlian photography takes its name from Soviet electrician Semyon Kirlian, who discovered the process in 1939. It was the subject of extensive research in the 1970s in the Soviet Union and the West. It is commonly described as photographing an object’s aura. According to a website associated with Korotkov, he “confirmed earlier observations… that the stimulated electro-photonic glow around human fingertips contained astonishingly coherent and comprehensive information about the human state – both physiological and psychological.”
In other words, the GDV technique, which was developed in the late 1990s, can be used for diagnostic and assessment purposes. It is already used to measure stress and monitor the progress of medical treatments. In its most sophisticated form, the GDV technique is incorporated with computer imaging.
Now scientists have taken GDV photographs of a person as he was dying. In the photos, it could be seen that the area of the belly lost its life force (the purported soul) first, followed by the head. The heart and groin were the last to lose their life force, in that order.
Scientists using the GDV technique say that the aura of those who die unexpectedly or violently differs from those who experience a calm death. The souls of the former remain in a state of confusion for several days and return frequently to their bodies, especially at night. Korotkov ascribes that phenomenon to unused energy retained by the soul. He suggests that the GDV technique will also have applications for distinguishing genuine psychics from frauds.

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Let me invite you to the world of mysterious and attractive "living" glows - world of Electrophotonics. Konstantin Korotkov's world.
Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture
Saint-Petersburg State Technical University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and optics

Books, a lot.
The influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on EPI/GDV images.Many years of experimentation have made it possible to identify bioelectrographic correlates of altered states of consciousness (ASC) [Bundzen et al, 2000; 2002]. These are particular states, which a person enters during meditation, mental training, religious ecstasy, or when under the influence of drugs, psychedelics or anesthesia.

Constant State Of Flux’s experience with the GDV is an interesting read.
This from Dr. Korotkov’s website:
“When we observe the play of light around human body, drop of water or crystal, we understand that everything in the world has interrelationship and any object – biological or inorganic – has its own inner energy. Understanding the fact that our life is not only material body and material existence but, first of all, it is energy, and therefore – Spirit, makes us have new attitude towards our everyday reality. When on real time we observe change of human biological field under influence of therapy, meditation, prayer, love, it makes us see the world round us with different eyes.”

Analysis of energy field.
Bioelectrography by means of a GDV camera according to Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov In case of blockades, illnesses and lack of psychic stability, the energy field appears to be interrupted, laced-up and irregular. This can be depicted on an overall scale or separately on the psychic, physical or mental scale.
We would like to point out that it is not a 'moral' evaluation, but a momentary state of energy that will give hints.

EPC/GDV in Reconnecting healing. article
GDV or Gas Discharge Visualisation

January 2010: Measuring Human Personality by Machine: Could it be true?Paul Dobson & Elena O’Keeffe, Cass Business School, City University London
The physics of gas discharge is well documented (see, for example, Nasser 1971). The Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique (Korotkov 2004) places an object in a high intensive electromagnetic field (EMF). The object is separated from the electrode by a dielectric – a substance that does not conduct electricity but permits an electromagnetic field. With this arrangement, if we apply a voltage between the object and the electrode current does not flow between them but a potential difference builds up until the breakdown voltage is reached. This is the point at which electrons around the object begin to move and a current begins to flow along the surface of the dielectric. As they move the electrons collide with heavier gas molecules wrenching out electrons and emitting quanta of light (photons). Each collision results in two electrons so branching tree like patterns of light result. When an alternating current is used avalanches of ionization moving away or towards the electrode core are overlaid upon each other. The GDV uses a camera to photograph the emitted photons and a computer programme to analyse the captured AVI files. The resulting image parameters are stable and sufficiently distinctive to reliably distinguish between different liquids, metals and gemstones and between electrolytes of different concentrations (see Korotkov 2001, 2004). The nature of the ionisation and photon emission is dependent upon a) the nature of the EMF which in this case is constant (10kV impulses of 10 microseconds duration at a repetition frequency of 1024Hz for 0.5 seconds) b) the ability of the object to hold an electric charge (its capacitance) and hence its breakdown voltage c) the nature of the surrounding gases. The relationship between GDV image area and the capacitance of a metal cylinder is shown below (Korotkov 2008, personal communication). Download

Update 6.9.2013. The article:
Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at death 
The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

According to Korotkov, navel and head are the parties who first lose their life force (which would be the soul) and the groin and the heart are the last areas where the spirit before surfing the phantasmagoria of the infinite.
In other cases according to Korotkov has noted that "the soul" of people who suffer a violent and unexpected death usually manifests a state of confusion in your power settings and return to the body in the days following death. This could be due to a surplus of unused energy.
Korotkov says his energy imaging technique could be used to watch all kinds of imbalances biophysical and diagnose in real time and also to show if a person does have psychic powers or is a fraud.
This technique, which measures real-time and stimulated radiation is amplified by the electromagnetic field is a more advanced version of the technology developed for measuring Semyon Kirlian aura.
Korotkov observations confirm, as proposed by Kirili, that "stimulated electro-photonic light around the tips of the fingers of the human being contains coherent and comprehensive statement of a person, both physically and psychologically."
In this video interview Korotkov speaks of the effect in the bioenergy field with food, water and even cosmetics. And emphasizes one umbrella drink water and organic food, particularly noting that the aura of the people in the Undies suffers the negative effects of nutrients as technologization distributed in this society.
An interview here
For more information about Dr. Korotkov, his work, and the GDV camera, please see,, and

Dr. Korotkov can be reached at PL 88 53101, Lapeenranta, Finland, phone: 7-812-112 5627; fax: 7-812-164 8369.  

This is interesting, but read it with awareness and care. "Modern science has only just begun to research consciousness", as is said on this page.

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  1. I must say that the aura is not the soul. This was the heading only.
    Nor is the magnetic body the soul. The magnetic body is more the same as aura. It has an onion-like structure, with memories incorporated.

    The soul is deeper than this. It is based on trinity? Also the world outside is engaged, as a collective mind, or 'God'.

  2. Ulla, I certainly agree with you that the soul, whatever we imagine it, is more complicated and deeper than these studies. At first I was scolded for discussing such things in 95 on public radio and at the university- later the issue was debated on that radio as a mainstream issue. The learned guests were kind and supportive of my positions.

    Here is the comment I meant to post earlier:

    Your aura posts and comments were most interesting. Occasionally I think about such things but take it all with a grain of salt as to what is science or not concerning it. I do not think the newscientist article recently showing the part of the brain stimulated that invariably causes OBE explains on a deep enough level that phenomenon. I am not sure that what may appear a storage in nothingness or the structures of memory are really a different description of things, ultimately If such photography can be tied to say the moisture on the leaf or hand (including the shadows of the missing parts) then are we not less sure of that explanation if we can have a DNA information teleportation imprint on water?

    But the question of where the memory goes as if the idea of a Jungian collective- it is also a great question to which the issue is open for me as science by explanation."

  3. The body-mind problem has been much discussed, but not the soul. What we see called soul here on these pictures is more a mind-thing? Mind has a material aspect, and so it can be showed by colors, but soul is completely immaterial.

    I agree with you, as certainly most scientists do, that these things are far from settled yet. But it doesn't hinder us from discussing these topics. The moisture, or the autonomous nerve system is not a problem in this, more a prerequisite. It regulates the galvanic potential, behind many diseases.

    Artificial intelligence has shown us things we did not know of earlier. Memory can be done also of fields and polarizations. Different spins can have different colors? As different wavefrequencies (EEG) also have different colors.

    Popp showed us that bodies generates photones that are emitted as biogenic radiation.

    Kirlian emission has been investigated much earlier, but no clear picture has evolved. One problem is the shortlasting aura, changing all the time. Almost everything invoke on it.

    One specially intesesting field is diagnostics for illness seen in the microsystems, as instance in the fingertips, or in the iris. Microsystems elsewhere are found to reflect illness very well, so this should be a cheap and fast way to screen the population. To get a more exact diagnosis furter examination is still needed.

    Much is still not known in our world.

  4. ... everything has an electromagnet field. This is thanks to subatomic particles rattling around in all matter, constantly exchanging electrons and making bonds. This has absolutely nothing to do with a soul, or aura. Its simply what GDV stands for a visualization of Gaseous [Corona] Discharge. As for the reason animals produce more of an electromagnetic field? well think about it. we have millions of chemical reactions taking place all at once within our bodies, on top of that ever fiber of every muscle is controlled by a (who would have thought!!!) electric discharge. We are big chemical batteries. thats all. I dont see what kind of weak minded people buy into this shit. Unfortunately this shows that the average intelligence of the world isnt too great, and the average person doesnt know anything about anatomy, or real science.

    1. Yes, I agree. This just happen to be the heading on the article I read. I think my opinion must be clear from the text. Soul is something completely different, something we don't yet can explain.

      You say "Unfortunately this shows that the average intelligence of the world isnt too great, and the average person doesnt know anything about anatomy, or real science."

      That I think is too much, I don't want to use hard words.

  5. A video



    Scientists discover death can be SEEN spreading like a blue glowing wave through the body of a worm... and it could lead to longer lifespans for mankind

    In worms, the spread of death can be seen easily under a microscope as a wave of blue fluorescence travelling through its gut
    Researchers from Wellcome Trust likened spread of blue glow travelling through the worm's body to that of the Grim Reaper, stalking death
    The research could prove to be a useful model for understanding death in people and perhaps even lead to an increase in life expectancy

    British scientists have captured death spreading like a wave through the body of a worm, by studying the blue fluorescence that spreads cell-to-cell until the whole organism is dead. The worm is pictured on the right is glowing bright, signalling that it is closer to death than when it was photographed on the left

    When individual cells die, they trigger a chemical chain reaction that leads to the breakdown of cell components and a build-up of molecular debris.

    The molecular mechanisms of this are reasonably well understood at a cellular level but we know much less about how death spreads throughout an organism at the end of its life.

    The study, published in PLoS Biology, reveals that this fluorescence is caused by a cell death pathway called necrosis and its spread throughout the organism is dependent on calcium signalling.

    'We found that when we blocked this pathway, we could delay death induced by a stress such as infection, but we couldn’t slow death from old age.

    'This suggests that ageing causes death by a number of processes acting in parallel.'

    The source of the blue fluorescence was previously thought to be a substance called lipofuscin, which emits light of a similar colour and has been linked to ageing because it accumulates with increasing molecular damage.

    However, scientists now think another molecule called anthranilic acid is the source of the blue hue and the study shows that lipofuscin is not involved.

    Professor Gems said: 'Together the findings cast doubt on the theory that ageing is simply a consequence of an accumulation of molecular damage.

  8. I have learned earlier that death is a feed forward process.
    Calcium-channels are important for the direct cell:cell communication in gap junctions (and in the 'meridians' which is the same thing?).


    The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory Dr. Robert Jahn and collaborators experimenting to determine whether or not the mind has an affect on our physical world. Jahn and his assistant were able to determine that the human minds interactions with the machines demonstrated a relationship that was not physical in nature. The mind was able to affect and change outcomes of the machine in ways that were beyond explainable. In essence, consciousness was having an affect over the physical world.