söndag 29 november 2009

Jesus was a crackpot

Today there was installation of our new bishop, Björn Wikström, in Borgå. It has been a quite interesting time, because some of the candidates was strongly against women as priests and against homosexuals. What would happen if such a person would be elected?

I liked what I heard. Björn Wikström talked about permitting change in church too. He continue his fathers work. One thing that must change is the still strong masculine attitude in our church. I would hope next bishop is a woman.

But the need for change is much more than that. And although Björn Wikström takes a quite radical new concept, it is perhaps not enough at all. A paradigm is coming very soon. Can our church handle it?

Björn Wikström talked about Jesus as Messiah, riding on an ase into Jerusalem. He was ridiculed. Who did he think he was? He was just a poor boy from the countryside, a 'bad' boy in companjon of criminals and bad women. Brothers and sisters and cousins to those men with knifes, those murderers. Everyone was afraid of them. They killed people in open places, where people had gathered (palestinians of today had good teachers). Should he be the Messiah the holy texts in Torah talked of? That can't be true? You are joking?

When the Torah is read the Messiah is described as a King, a mighty person that should fight against the romans. There had been many of them lately. Too many? They had all started to fight in Jerusalem, and had been killed. And they were though quite strong men. What could this little one do? He was mad, a 'crackpot' as he would be called today.

But this Jesus had too followed the protocol, been invitated by John, stayed 40 days and 40 nights in the desert, fighted against the devil. He had crossed the river, he was of the right family. Could he be right? It had evidently not been so successfully with all the different Messiah's so far, perhaps another way to do it would be more successful? And he has showed he owned 'magic' skills when he cured so many sick people. Magic skill was very important for a Messiah. Today we would call him a gerillasoldier. And we know that the strategy has been successful. Then they did not knew yet, although some of the ancestrors had done that. People remembered the glorious fights of The Great Maccabeus Brothers Kings and Priests clan. A very bloody affair, worthy of modern fights in Serbia. Massmurders of innocent people was a job for heroes then.

Enough many people believed in Jesus to arrange a spectacular procedure with capes on the ground, like they would do for a King. Also leaves of palms. He got a very good reception, but why on such a simple animal. It looked like he was a clown. What would the romans say? And the priests? It was to ridicule them. Herodes was though married to a high member of that glorious old clan. A sister of the King. He had built his palace on their territory. But there was serious inside-fights in the clan this time. But it could be dangerous.

When it was shown Jesus was killed too people went mad. He was no Messiah, after all. He was killed, and the romans were still there. Everyone that followed the new teachings did it with his life unsecure. Especially the conservatives, the farise'es, but also many other was furious. Still today they do not accept the thought that Jesus was right after all. New Messiah-Kings was seen after this event too, and so the catastrophy happened. Of Jerusalem was left not stone upon stone. A total disaster for the priests.

The church has still totally missed the point why Jesus let them kill him. He did it of free will. The killing had a message, but not the one our church claim. Nobody can take over our sins, not even Jesus. It is against the natural laws that is made by God himself. Why would God go against himself? Nonsense. No, there is another explanation.

Today we can get a glimpse of that explanation through our science. Ironically it is the science that show us the way:-) Not theology, not conservatives. It is blowing new winds everywhere in the church. The very basement of our church is scrambling. But it is the church's own fault. They would have done the renewings all the time. Now it is maybe too late. Perhaps it is not by accident it is said that no new Pope will be elected after this one. New time is coming. Has it something to do with year 2012?

Will LHC in Cern show us this secret? It is the secret that has been told by all religions, in all times. But on anecdotal levels, with symbols and analogs. Now we have a chance to show that the teachings really are true. But just as on Jesus' time those brave men and woman who use a new concept, is ridiculed and left without support and money for their job. It has to be done on another basis than ordinary science.

What do they think they are, says the fighters for 'the Standard Model'. They don't even have labs. What can they do? It is only rubbish! And they don't even want to see what 'the rebellions' think. 'Crackpots everyone!' But they had too forgotten to renew themselves. Suddenly they are very afraid what the results from LHC may be. If they are wrong they must start looking at these 'crackpot' ideas. Terrible!

But when you look at these 'crackpot' ideas you can see that 'everything' (not everything, some of it is simply rubbish) the religion tells us is true. It is about supersymmetry, about magnetic bodies, lightlike cones, zero energy ontology (vacuum energy) with its implications for time. Eternity and wisdom (consciousness) in a virtual body. Made of light? Unbelievable! Fascinating!

There are many, many TOE's and GUT's, but one that has come this teological truth most closely is TGD. I would suggest our new bishop would start looking at it.

I know the church has been very worried because the teachings of church and science have not matched. But now there is a good and nobel chance to correct this.

lördag 14 november 2009

Water on Moon for sure

NASA came with a news that may be of interest for biologists. Scientists have long speculated about the source of vast quantities of hydrogen that have been observed at the lunar poles. The LCROSS findings are shedding new light on the question of water, which could be more widespread and in greater quantity than previously suspected, says the article.

Water could only exist in areas of permanent shadow and those areas exist at the lunar poles. Some of these crater floors have not seen sunlight for possibly billions of years. Temperatures within these crates do not go above –280° F (-173° C) so they act as ‘cold traps’ where even light elements or compounds don’t have enough energy to evaporate.

. photo NASA.

"We are ecstatic," said Anthony Colaprete, LCROSS project scientist and principal investigator at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. "Multiple lines of evidence show water was present in both the high angle vapor plume and the ejecta curtain created by the LCROSS Centaur impact. The concentration and distribution of water and other substances requires further analysis, but it is safe to say Cabeus (moon crater) holds water."

Also on Mars are water. Phoenix Mars Lander have identified water in a soil sample.

Man is greedy as usual. Now we can live on the Moon!

Just like on Earth, water will be a crucial resource on the moon, says article search for water. Transporting water and other goods from Earth to the moon’s surface is expensive. Finding natural resources, such as water ice, on the moon could help expedite lunar exploration. With charts of hydrogen findings.

lördag 7 november 2009

Macroscopic quantum coherence, photosynthesis

Is living systems quantum systems? And is consciousness too? Quantum effects cannot be significant in length and time scales involved and there is absolutely no evidence for them, says classic QM? Is it really so?

Sension 2007; Biophysics: Quantum path to photosynthesis, says: Knowing how plants and bacteria harvest light for photosynthesis so efficiently could provide a clean solution to mankind's energy requirements. The secret, it seems, may be the coherent application of quantum principles.

"After all, living systems look very quantal and we experience directly what could be called free will. We should rely on what we directly experience and ability to think rationally rather than authorities and be ready to question also the existing view about quantum physics. If the standard quantum physics does not allow the needed macroscopic quantum phases, we must modify the quantum physics. Even quantum consciousness theorists have usually adopted the view that wave mechanics is enough for understanding of living matter. Penrose has been an exception since he proposes that quantum gravity could be important." This from Pitkänens blog.

So wavelengths and quantum gravity is the answer. That is locality and non-locality. The problem is gravity is so difficult to explore, because we are all swimming in it. Gravity is dark energy/matter. Fröhlich talked of a quantum superfluid.

Pitkänens interpretion is with new physics. "There is a lot of indirect experimental evidence for the quantum view (the strange findings about the functioning of cell membrane, the effects of ELF em fields on vertebrate brain,...) This involves the identification of dark energy and dark matter in terms of macroscopic quantum phases with non-standard large value of Planck constant, the new view about space-time and about the relationship between experienced time and time of physicists, new view about quantum states based on zero energy ontology, etc.. Also p-adic physics is essential in the proposed view about correlates of cognition and intention." Zero energy ontology and vacuum energy is the same thing.

Photosynthesis in bacterias
To what extent do photosynthetic organisms use quantum mechanics to optimize the capture and distribution of light, asks Fleming 2004. The first law of photosynthetic economics is: "A photon saved is a photon earned."

...tuned to capture solar light efficiently, and then transmit the excitation energy to reaction centres, where long term energy storage is initiated. The energy transfer mechanism is often described by semiclassical models that invoke 'hopping' of excited-state populations along discrete energy levels, say Fleming. And he continues. ...obtain direct evidence for remarkably long-lived electronic quantum coherence playing an important part in energy transfer processes within this system. The quantum coherence manifests itself in characteristic, directly observable quantum beating signals among the excitons within the Chlorobium tepidum (sulfurbact.) FMO complex at 77 K. This wavelike characteristic of the energy transfer within the photosynthetic complex can explain its extreme efficiency, in that it allows the complexes to sample vast areas of phase space to find the most efficient path."

And in an earlier article of the same team:...the fundamental cause of electronic and vibrational dynamics—the coupling between the different energy levels involved—is usually inferred only indirectly. Two-dimensional femtosecond infrared spectroscopy based on the heterodyne detection of three-pulse photon echoes has recently allowed the direct mapping of vibrational couplings, yielding transient structural information...we extend the approach to the visible range and directly measure electronic couplings in a molecular complex, the photosynthetic light-harvesting protein...the conversion of light into chemical energy is driven by electronic couplings that ensure the efficient transport of energy from light-capturing antenna pigments to the reaction centre. We monitor this process as a function of time and frequency and show that excitation energy does not simply cascade stepwise down the energy ladder. We find instead distinct energy transport pathways that depend sensitively on the detailed spatial properties of the delocalized excited-state wavefunctions of the whole pigment–protein complex.

Remarkably long lived electronic quantum coherence is claimed to be present. Authors propose that quantum computation like process - quantum random walk -could be in question. Quantum collapse is a non-deterministic process and if it selects the path in this particular case it can select any path with some probability, not always the shortest one, is Pitkänens wiev.

Convergence curve of the 'blind' optimization (target: to maximize IC/ET) with free phase and amplitude shaping. The inset shows the optimal pulse autocorrelation (I(t)) with its wavelength resolution, that is, the second harmonic generation (SHG) frequency resolved optical gating (FROG) trace, from Herek et al 2002.

Light-harvesting complexes 2 (LH2) are the accessory antenna proteins in the bacterial photosynthetic apparatus.

Herek et al., 2002: Coherent light sources have been widely used in control schemes that exploit quantum interference effects to direct the outcome of photochemical processes. The adaptive shaping of laser pulses is a particularly powerful tool in this context: experimental output as feedback in an iterative learning loop refines the applied laser field to render it best suited to constraints set by the experimenter. This approach has been experimentally implemented to control a variety of processes but the extent to which coherent excitation can also be used to direct the dynamics of complex molecular systems in a condensed-phase environment remains unclear. Here we report feedback-optimized coherent control over the energy-flow pathways in the light-harvesting antenna complex LH2 from Rhodopseudomonas acidophila, a photosynthetic purple bacterium. We show that phases imprinted by the light field mediate the branching ratio of energy transfer between intra- and intermolecular channels in the complex's donor–acceptor system. This result illustrates that molecular complexity need not prevent coherent control, which can thus be extended to probe and affect biological functions.

This year Read et al. (Flemings group) says, Despite their common function, the pigment-protein complexes that make up antenna systems in different types of photosynthetic organisms exhibit a wide variety of structural forms. Some individual organisms express different types of complexes depending on growth conditions. For example, purple photosynthetic bacteria Rp. palustris preferentially synthesize light-harvesting complex 4 (LH4), a structural variant of the more common and widely studied LH2, when grown under low-light conditions. Here, we investigate the ultrafast dynamics and energy level structure of LH4 using two-dimensional (2D) electronic spectroscopy in combination with theoretical simulations. The experimental data reveal dynamics on two distinct time scales, consistent with coherent dephasing within approximately the first 100 fs, followed by relaxation of population into lower-energy states on a picosecond time scale. We observe excited state absorption (ESA) features marking the existence of high-energy dark states, which suggest that the strongest dipole-dipole coupling in the complex occurs between bacteriochlorophyll transition dipole moments in an in-line geometry.

New tools
Photon echo studies of photosynthetic light harvesting, by Read & Fleming this year. I glue from the article.

The broad linewidths in absorption spectra obscure information related to their structure and function. Photon echo techniques scans interactions normally hidden under broad linewidths with sufficient time resolution to follow the fastest energy transfer events in light harvesting. Approach and applications of two types of photon echo experiments: the photon echo peak shift and two-dimensional (2D) Fourier transform photon echo spectroscopy. Photon echo peak shift spectroscopy can be used to determine the strength of coupling between a pigment and its surrounding environment including neighboring pigments and to quantify timescales of energy transfer. Two-dimensional spectroscopy yields a frequency-resolved map of absorption and emission processes, allowing coupling interactions and energy transfer pathways to be viewed directly. Both classes of experiments can be used to probe the quantum mechanical nature of photosynthetic light-harvesting: peak shift experiments allow quantification of correlated energetic fluctuations between pigments, while 2D techniques measure quantum beating directly, both of which indicate the extent of quantum coherence over multiple pigment sites in the protein complex.

Upon irradiation by a laser pulse, the system begins to oscillate between quantum energy levels. An analogy can be drawn to a collection of springs, set into motion by the external perturbation (the pulse). Imagine that each of the springs oscillates with a slightly different frequency, analogous to inhomogeneous broadening wherein the electronic transition frequencies of a collection of chromophores vary. The result of this distribution of frequencies is that the “springs,” oscillating in phase immediately after interaction with the pulse, become gradually less synchronized over time. This is known as dephasing. Imagine then that at some later instant, the motion of the springs is simultaneously reversed by another perturbing pulse. As long as each of the springs maintains its original oscillation frequency and changes only its direction, the overall dephasing is reversed also. When this reverse dephasing or rephasing process occurs not with springs but with a collection of chromophores interacting with laser pulses, the effect is for the sample to emit a light pulse “echoing” the input pulse at the instant when the oscillators are once more in phase.
The appearance of a photon echo signal depends on each of the springs remembering its initial oscillation frequency and phase. If, on the other hand, the frequencies are individually modified or the phases shifted (as can occur through coupling to vibrational motions of the pigments or proteins), the collective motion of the springs devolves into random noise; the constructive interference—rephasing—is never realized, and a photon echo signal is not emitted. Thus, the signal is uniquely sensitive to the coupling between the electronic transitions on the pigments and the nuclear motions of the “bath” (motions of the pigments themselves and of the surrounding protein). The detailed pigment–protein interactions in photosynthesis play an important role in controlling energy flow through the complexes. Furthermore, photon echo signals track energy transfer between the electronic states of neighboring chromophores.

Pigments in photosynthetic pigment–protein complexes are often closely packed and form an excitonically coupled system, and the reaction center can have three distinct absorption bands. However, the excitonically coupled states contain the properties of electronic states from different molecules, and they are correlated to some extent. The more correlation between the states, the larger the peak shift signal generated with this new technique. Photon echo experiments afford control over multiple frequency and time “handles” (i.e., pulse color and duration of time periods T and τ). The frequency domain and the time domain are both used in the measurement of dynamics.

Spectra for FMO from Pelodictyon phaeum. The cross-peak specific spectrum reveals off-diagonal features obscured by the diagonal peaks in the conventional 2D spectrum. Both spectra are colored to emphasize smaller features, and the cross-peak specific coloration is inverted to facilitate direct visual comparison of the cross peaks to those in the conventional 2D spectrum. Diagonal peaks (DPi) are shown with squares while cross peaks (CPij) are denoted with circles. The shape of the edge of the cross peak regions agrees between the spectra, but significant additional structure is visible in the cross peak specific spectrum. Figure from Read et al. (2007)

Photon echo-based experiments may be designed to probe a number of aspects of photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes in detail, including coupling among pigments, coupling between pigments and the surrounding protein environment, contributions to spectral broadening, dynamical time scales, and mechanisms of energy transfer in light harvesting. Perhaps most exciting at this juncture is the recently realized capability of photon echo techniques to directly probe the quantum mechanical underpinnings of ultrafast energy transfer in photosynthesis, first discussed over 50 years ago but elusive of direct experimental observation until now. Coming years will likely see rapid expansion of experimental methods related to those described here.

The data in an earlier study of the group, revealed long-lasting coherence between two electronic states that are formed by mixing of the bacteriopheophytin and accessory bacteriochlorophyll excited states. This coherence can only be explained by strong correlation between the protein-induced fluctuations in the transition energy of neighboring chromophores. Our results suggest that correlated protein environments preserve electronic coherence in photosynthetic complexes and allow the excitation to move coherently in space, enabling highly efficient energy harvesting and trapping in photosynthesis. Quantum coherences between excitonic states play an important role in the dynamics of energy transfer in photosynthetic complexes—i.e., the energy transfer is described by wavelike coherent motion instead of incoherent hopping.

And new physics
From TGD: "The sole problem is to understand how macroscopic quantum coherence is possible in the length scales considered. In TGD framework the hierarchy of Planck constants suggests that both macroscopic quantum coherence and very low dissipation rate are due to the large value of hbar for electrons. Estimate is that dissipation rate should reduce by a factor 1/5 and coherence times and lengths should increase by a factor 5. The electron Compton length is scaled up by a factor 2 to so that it corresponds to the p-adic length scale L(149)=5 nm. This would scale up the fundamental bio-time scale of .1 seconds predicted by TGD to be the time scale assignable to causal diamond of electron."

The reduced Compton wavelength of the electron is one of a trio of related units of length, the other two being the Bohr radius and the classical electron radius. Any one of these three lengths can be written in terms of any other using the fine structure constant, says wikipedia. Studies on p-adic length scale by Carlos Castro 2005, Wikipedia, Andrew Baker 2009, and Hartmut Muller, etc..

Macroscopic quantum coherence and quantum metabolism as different sides of the same coin
"If Planck constant can have arbitrarily large values, the situation becomes possible since Compton lengths and other quantum scales are proportional to Plancks constant. Dark matter is excellent candidate for large Planck constant phases. Quantum classical correspondence suggests the identification of space-time sheets identifiable as quantum coherence regions. Since they can have arbitrarily large sizes, phases with arbitrarily large quantum coherence lengths and arbitrarily long decoherence times seem to be possible in TGD Universe.

Hierarchy of Plancks constants
The interaction is associated with some kind of interface between the systems, perhaps join along boundaries connecting the space-time sheets associated with systems possessing gravitational masses. Also a large space-time sheet carrying the mutual classical gravitational field could be in question.
" And from his blog: "Since bosons are bound states of positive and negative energy fermions at opposite wormhole throats it seems that vector super field must correspond to an operator slashed between positive and negative energy super-fields rather than ordinary vector super-field.

- Even ordinary condensed matter could be "partially dark" in many-sheeted space-time. The realization of hierarchy of Planck constants leads to a considerably weaker notion of darkness. The notion of darkness is relative. For instance, classical interactions and photon exchanges involving a phase transition changing the value of Plancks constant of photon are possible.
- The increase of Plancks constant would make the fine structure constant alpha in question small.
- States behaving in some respects like mini black holes (are maybe found) explained as color flux tubes forming a highly entangled state and identifiable as stringy black holes of strong gravitation and carry a quantum coherent color glass condensate, and would be characterized by a large value of Plancks constant naturally resulting in confinement phase with a large value of alpha's. This condensate would be present also in ordinary black-holes and the blackness of black-hole would be darkness.

Water as a coherence medium would perhaps act just like this. With a collapsing of the fine structure constant in a phase transition and breaking of a strong hydrogen bond giving protons and electrons.

"Besides hydrogen carbon dioxide serves as the basic raw material of these molecules. The covalent double bonds between carbon and oxygen are reduced in the process. The photons excite in the reaction center of photosystem I electron pairs transferred to NADP+ to give NADPH which transfers electrons and metabolic energy to where they are needed. Photosystem II draws electron pairs from water and feeds them to the photo-system I to compensate the electrons lost in the generation of NADPH. As water molecules lose two electrons, oxidation happens which means the generation of O2 molecules. Photonic energy is storde temporally by transforming ADP molecules to ATP molecules."

Photosynthesis in TGD
"p-Adic length scale hypothesis gives very strong quantitative guidelines in the attempt to understand photosynthesis in many-sheeted space-time, and one ends up to a general view about how Bose-Einstein condensates store metabolic energy as zero point kinetic energy and how this energy is utilized by remote metabolism (by generating negative energy MEs = 'a need'). After the light is transmitted to chlorophylls it excites electron pairs in turn transferred between pigments.

Model in TGD:
- The presence of electronic super-conductivity (cause of electronpairs driving the mechanism).
- Dropping k = 137 -> 139 of single proton in ATP synthesis (for ATPase).
- Electron Cooper pairs decay at k = 148 space-time sheet and then drop to k = 151 spacetime sheet (electron shell?).
- The BE-condensate residing at k = 151 cell membrane spacetime sheet is a fundamental electronic Cooper pair BE condensate. That ground state spacetime sheets correspond to different p-adic primes would guarantee that photosystems I and II are separate even when they have (apparent) spatial overlap.
- Antenna pigments could generate MEs transferring the photonic energy to the reaction center as Bose-Einstein condensed photons.
- Chlorofyll transition is certainly responsible for the absorption of quantum and the whole spectrum of visible light is involved. The excited chlorophyll system generates ME bridges?
- For water is suggested that collective effects are of importance, perhaps Bose-Einstein condensates of H, protonic and electronic Cooper pairs, H2, O, and O2 at larger space-time sheets might be partly involved. The model for sol-gel phase transition already led to the tentative idea that Bose-Einstein condensates of free hydrogen atoms could be present in the cellular water. Only a small fraction would reside at larger space-time sheets.
- Bose-Einstein condensates might perhaps make water some kind of liquid crystal structure.

The first thing to notice is that the upper bound .5 eV for IR energies corresponds to the nominal value of the metabolic energy quantum identified as the energy liberated as proton drops from the atomic space-time sheet with k=137 to a very large space-time sheet or the same process for electron Cooper at k=149 space-time sheet. If Cooper pairs are involved, the latter process would occur in the length scale defined by the thickness of the lipid layer of the cell membrane (5 nm). The lower bound corresponds to a metabolic energy quantum assignable to k= 139 for protons and k=151 transition for electrons (thickness of cell membrane).

Second point to notice is that TGD predicts a fractal hierarchy of spectra of metabolic energy quanta. The zero point kinetic energy .125 eV of H atoms in turn correspond to the energy needed to carry doubly charged ion such as Mg2+ or Ca2+ through the cell membrane. ionic pumps are based on remote metabolism, that is sending of negative energy MEs inducing the dropping of H, H2 and possibly 2p from k = 169 space-time sheet or dropping of electronic Cooper pair from k = 149 and electron from k = 151 space-time sheet.

A.H.J. Fleming 2004.
"Planck’s constant comes directly from electromagnetic self-field theory (EMSFT) and its application to the hydrogen atom. Empirically the value of Plancks constant is calculated from the solution of the Bohr radius and the resonant frequency of hydrogen atom. Obviously this raises an issue at the heart of quantum theory.

Where does the self-energy of the system come from? EMSFT theory suggests that photons supply the energy to the electron and the proton and vice-versa. That discrete quanta of Planck’s energy are involved in the particle-field interactions strongly implicate the photon as the energy provider/mediator for the atomic system. This suggests two interfacing systems of motion at differing scales each supplying the other’s energy; two interfacing inhomogeneous systems of equations. The stability of the field/particle system, may also be reflected in a similar equation as seen from the perspective of the photon, hence a state of balance between the motions and interactions of the proton, electron and photons may exist...the source terms of the E- and H-fields of the electron are indeed photons as is the case for quantum field theory... the motion of the electron (and proton) can be written as source terms for the photons if they were written as the particles. The ‘fields’ and ‘particles’ are thus interchangeable in the mathematics of EMSFT. EMSFT is not a classical field theory, but like quantum field theories.

More discussions about Plancks constant and different hierarchias later.

fredag 6 november 2009

Magic, religion and quantum physics

From the Many-Worlds Quantum Theory viewpoint, an interaction is a measurement of the quantity (charge, polarization, position, etc.) that is involved in the interaction. Therefore a graviton interaction can measure the structure of spacetime, including the selection of a time-like axis and space-like section that is used.

'Information is the underlying basis of the Quantum Consciousness of All Life in ALL SPACES', write Tony Smith on his homepage. It is quantum computing, but also different codes. Information is both classical and quantum. The pattern of treads in the cytoskeleton can pass light in a code, The cells appearance can give a message. Form is information.

'Physical Wavelets provide a connection between the World of Physics and the World of Information', is another cit. Then I see numerology, mystery schools, sacred geometry etc. comes out of this? And the physics of course, because physics is behind it. Quantum information processes can be described by particle-antiparticle diagrams much like particle physics diagrams.

The 4-fold code generates:
- hexagonal lattice
- quaternions
- I Ching, trigrams
- Torah
- Torus Knot
- Magic cube 3*3*3
- The dimensions 8-D
The 8 trigrams (or pairs of like trigrams) are the 8 D4 +half-spinors, the 8 D4 -half-spinors, and the 8 D4 vectors. + The 8-fold Periodicity Theorem for real Clifford Algebra.
Lie algebra come out too.

'Quantum Information Theory has the same structure as Quantum Field Theory'. That is pattern is information.

According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, after you have met your Fate in a given World among the Many-Worlds, and your Physical Life therein is over, your Spirit, or Consciousness, encounters the Dark, Clear, and Luminous Bardos. The white light-bar represents the Bardo of Clear Light, the simple clear transparent Realm that encompasses all of the Many Worlds of Many-Worlds Quantum Theory at the level of Simplex Physics above the Planck Energy. If you recognize it and merge with it, you are at one with the Realm of the Many Worlds. In Talmud you can read 'Ben Azzai glanced towards the Divine Presence and consequently died. ... His soul became so enraptured by the supernal realities it experienced in the Merkavah state that it formed an intense connection with them. Ben Azzai's soul gazed at the brilliantly clear light and it separated from its body, as well as from all bodily functions. It chose the serenity of Heaven over the vicissitudes of our earth and never returned again'. I never liked Ben Azzai anyway:)

The different lightbars represent different levels, I read. And I think of my chakras. I continue, The levels are similar to Chakra Colours ( see for example www.threeheartscompany.com/chakra.html )

If you still do not recognize the Realm of the Many Worlds after passing through these levels, then you do not merge with the Realm of the Many Worlds.

If you are able to learn and improve yourself by being reborn in cycles of rebirth, then you might be reborn in cycles of rebirth until you learn enough to merge with the Realm of the Many Worlds;

If your soul is not harmonious enough to improve in cycles of rebirth, then your soul must be disintegrated and reassembled, together with parts of other disharmonious souls, in more harmonious forms, a process like purification by the fire of Gehinnom through which souls pass to enter Gan Eden.

Is this really Physics??? I like this. WAU, I love this.

- The Five Elements correspond to the 4 vectors and the scalar of Cl(4).
- The Three Realms correspond to the 3 vectors of Cl(3), leading to octonions.
- Yin and Yang correspond to the 2 vectors of Cl(2).
- Tai Ji corresponds to the 1 vector of Cl(1).
- The Tao corresponds to Cl(0).

These may be symbolized by the Faravahar of the monotheistic religion founded by Zarathustra some of whose ceremonies involve fire/light stimulation of the mind. I think of fire-walking, tummos, etc. I saw it was Schumann frequencies and geomagnetism. That Yang/Yin-code?

LAO ZI (the Old Child who was his own mother) founded TAOISM and wrote the 3x3x3x3 = 81 passages of the Dao De Jing, wrote: Life and death are not in opposition but merely two aspects of the same reality, part of the universal transformations of everything into everything. At death, humans go back into the great weaving machine: thus all beings issue from the Loom and return into the Loom.

Particles that we observe, such as Electrons, Neutrinos, Protons, and Pions, have Compton Radius Vortex structures related to a hydrodynamic interpretation of Bohm Quantm Theory.

The action of the vacuum (Qi) is in accord with the science of pattern-principles (Li). At all levels, the interactions follow the principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren.

At the level of human physical science, the laws are manifested as the laws of physics. The probability of any event of interaction is a transaction between an amplitude from the past, looking like one helix, corresonding to Yang, and an amplitude from the future, a mirror-image helix, corresponding to Yin. Look like Double Helix structures, the same structure we material beings use to transmit genetic information. Genetic codes are related to the I CHING.

To describe Universal Transformations, use Many-Worlds Quantum Theory. In it. the vacuum (Qi) is active, so that there is no such thing as nothingness. Vacuum, nothing, zero, The Universe came into being from nothing, ecchoes thrugh my brain. I will take up this tread later.

I really LOVE this. I never knew physics was so fantastic! I have always wondered how the ancient cultures could get such an accurate picture of the reality - with introspection and meditation alone. I must say I admire them very much.

Then we end up with another holy number, 7. It is derived from 28 (4*7). It is 'all', the completeness.
...the 7 imaginary octonions generate the 28-dimensional Lie algebra (ex.a+b=ab, forms a 4-fold network) Spin(8), whose three 8-dimensional representations are related by triality in such a way as to produce the Freudenthal-Tits Magic Square. The holy trinity again. it is in every religion, and in TGD too.

A being made of massless light-cone particles
That is the magnetic body I talked of before, or almost. A light-being. ...lives on the boundary of the light-cone. It exists in all times and sees alternative Worlds branching at all times. The quantum phase, taking values in the helical covering space of U(1), is the means by which a light-cone being determines the order of events and how amplitudes interfere. In other words, the quantum phase is the means by which a light-cone being "tells time". Therefore, a light-cone being always knows when/where it is by its phase, in a maximally efficient way.

"In a world of light there are neither points nor moments of time; beings woven from light would live 'nowhere' and 'nowhen'; ... One point of CP3 [the 'Penrose paradise'] is the whole life history of a free photon...
Light-cone beings in our low-energy regime could be made up of any massless (not SU(2) weak bosons or scalar Higgs) and unconfined (not SU(3) gluons) gauge bosons, i.e., photons and gravitons, and of massless neutrino fermions.

For Light-cone beings to be STABLE, they must be made of stable photons, gravitons, or neutrinos. Dark ones:-)

Advanced Waves from the Future
'HOW MIGHT A QUANTUM MIND BE ABLE TO SELECT which of the Many-Worlds it will experience in the future?' If some types of quantum systems are observed constantly, their states do not change. This is exactly what R. Sheldrake talked about, when he wondered what was the driving force behind choise, habit, said he. But then I read it could also go the opposite...near threshold decay processes may be accelerated by repeated measurements. The same strategy that bacterias have, increasing change. That is allostasis as opposite to homeostasis, or that order through disorder again.

...include near threshold photodetachment of an electron from a negative ion, and spontaneous emission in a cavity close to the cutoff frequency, or in a photon band gap material... That border-effect. In biology it is achieved when two systems fall onto each other. In the border is a higher diversity. Things happen at the border.

the universe looks like a lot of indistinguishable points, say N points, all connected to each other like an (N-1)-dim simplex. This is non-locality. Then I think of those changing or dynamic Planck constants, that changes with the phase transitions. The new physics.

Physically, that means to break some of the links so that everything is no longer connected to everything else.
How to decide which links to break?
Since all the links are equivalent in distance, BREAK ALL THE LINKS
. This is our ordinary world where everything is solid and clear.

Well, I thought I would look at the Golden rule, but it must be an other time.
And so they say physics is boring? It is fabulous. It is magick. It is religion.

Was it not for all those names that say me nothing...

måndag 2 november 2009

What is quantum biology

Quantum biology must give a better understanding of how things are and how they function. It is about synchronization, organization and coherence. Quantum biology also gives an understanding of form as a 'necessity' factor, discussed by Schjelderup (1). In short, quantum biology is a theory of life.

The new science of quantum biology is teaching us about how the actual behavior of evolution is governed. Will quantum computation be realized in organic systems? Evolution is the new (old) computation.. The premise is simple. Life is a molecular process; molecular processes operate according to the quantum playbook; therefore, life is a quantum process.

The figure presents the scheme of the integral membrane proteins forming the photosynthetic unit.

Now, a new kind of science, called “quantum biology,” is beginning to emerge –- and it could change everything we know.

And yet, it wasn’t until the nineties (2) that it was suggested biology could be better understood by looking at it through the lens of quantum theory. Not long after that, the idea caught on – particularly in the neurosciences, where the idea of the brain as a quantum computer quickly became a topic of fierce debate.

Investigations of dynamic molecular structure and energy transfer at the quantum level have credibility if they explain macroscopic biological observables that otherwise are inexplicable, says Wikipedia article. Why so? It must also explain normal biology. After all everything is made up from quantum particles. The atom is no definitive border. All living materia is only illusionary stable. In fact atoms is transported in and out all the time. Also the chromosomes are changed a little, but they are still quite conserved, actively. The germ-line is also protected (also from the quantum biology), as is the brain (by tight junctions). The self-organization is the process that maintain the illusory picture of an iniert body. We all know we are not the same individual when we are born and when we die.

Frequence-specific absorption
Some of the biological phenomena that have been studied in terms of quantum processes are the absorbance of frequency-specific radiation (i.e., olfaction and here, hearing, taste, and vision) Also mecanosenses in the body; the conversion of chemical energy into motion; magnetoreception in animals and brownian motors in many cellular processes. Above all quantum biology unites these perceptions. Here a long list to study.

Chemical transformations
Biological processes that involve the conversion of energy into forms that are usable for chemical transformations are quantum mechanical in its nature. These processes involve chemical reactions themselves, light absorption, formation of excited electronic states, transfer of excitation energy, transfer of electrons and protons, etc.

Some other biological processes, e.g. orientation of birds in the magnetic field of Earth, and bee dance, have been also suggested to require quantum mechanics. Also analysis of magnetic fields, and may possibly shed light on Circadian rhythms etc.

Quantum biochemistry
Photosynthesis and oxidative respiration have produced significant, verifiable results. In particular the step-wise, quantum release of protons upon photon absorption linked to water `splitting' in photosynthesis requires a quantum theoretical explanation involving complex photosystem II.
Enzyme reactions involve quantum tunnelling mechanisms, highlighted by both experimental and theoretical studies in enzyme-catalysed hydrogen transfer. What is the physical basis of the phenomenal rate enhancements achieved by enzymes? Reorganization energy electron /proton tunnelling etc.
Chemical transformations that involve the conversion of energy with phase transitions for instance. These processes involve chemical reactions, light absorption, formation of excited electronic states, transfer of excitation energy, etc. Quantum biology uses mathematical computation in biological tissues to model biological interactions.
Membrane interactionsas with phospholipase A2 enzyme. The coupling between the quantum proton and the classical atoms is done as well as the time dependence of the potential energy function. The mechanism of surface activation is in focus. It is activated in some way when it interacts with aggregated forms of the substrate, such as in micelles or in bilayers. Electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions are suspected to be involved in the binding of the enzyme to the membrane. Very little is known of the enzyme-membrane complex structure and why the enzyme reacts much more efficiently once it binds its substrates in an aggregated form.
Free radicals already 1961. Signals having an absorption and emission character were observed in the 12-5 MHz–18 MHz frequency band in the direction parallel to the external magnetic field.
The function of membrane proteins often depends on the proteins interaction with their lipid environment, spectacularly so in the case of mechanosensitive channels, which are gated through tension mediated by the surrounding lipids.
Quantum genetics. An unresolved and still controversial issue in this field is that of non-trivial (i.e. not limited to properties of molecules) role of quantum effects in biological systems. However recent studies of transcription are consistent with quantum information processing of coherent duplex DNA states by the transcriptase.
Receptorfunction, as aquaporins, gap junctions and GPCR-receptors show quantum mechanical functions with phase transitions.
The nerve pulse according to soliton model is quantum mechanical.

Coherence and synergism
“God does not play dice”, is a famous Einsteinian lapsus. Quantum mechanics is magic.
Is the moon there when nobody looks? "During a walk Einstein suddenly stopped, turned and asked whether I really believed that the moon exists only when I look at it." Would we know if moon was never observed?

All the parts of an organism “are multidimensionally, dynamically, and almost instantly correlated with all other parts”. What happens to a cell or an organ will influence all the other cells and organs. We may here talk about an organic correlation which may correspond to the phenomenon of entanglement in quantum physics. The organism is also coherent with its surroundings, and the external environment is reflected in its interior. It is due to this coherence that the organism may develop in harmony with its environment.

Water as coherence mediator
The quantum coherence of organisms arises from the unique ability of living systems to store and mobilise energy with zero entropy in the ideal, and depends to a large extent on the liquid crystalline water matrix that enables each molecule to intercommunicate with every other, creating the most exquisite ‘quantum jazz’ of light and sound displays that span 70 octaves in all the colours of the rainbow, says Ho (4).

The quantum coherence of organisms profoundly revolutionises our concept of health and disease. The healthy quantum coherent state is reflected in the complex dynamics of biological rhythms that are correlated like an exquisite symphony. Consequently, loss of coherence (disease) can be diagnosed with appropriate mathematical tools. The organism coordinates its activities by coherent electro-dynamical inter-communications, in which the quantum coherence of water plays a central role. That is why the organism is hypersensitive to weak electromagnetic fields and other subtle energy interventions.
Liquid crystalline matrix permeates throughout the connective tissues and into the interior of every single cell by microtubulis and cytoskeleton, as a communicative network, just like the nervous systems. The water molecules are aligned in ordered layers along the extensive surfaces of macromolecules and are an integral part of the liquid crystalline continuum. It makes the living matrix highly responsive to changes in pressure, temperature, pH, and electrical polarization. The ordered layers of water in the matrix also support a special kind of piezoelectric ‘jump conduction' of protons that is much faster than nerve conduction and faster than ordinary electrical conduction through wires.
The dynamically ordered layers of water molecules are associated with the oriented collagen fibres in the connective tissue and correspond to the acupuncture meridians, which are a low dielectric communication network system that also react on lowfrequency EM-waves in environment.

The observer
“Observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it…. We compel [the electron] to assume a definite position…. We ourselves produce the results of measurements. ”Pascual Jordan.

With recent developments in physics, and phenomenon like ‘entanglement’ there is no longer reason not to include research of parapsychology into our scientific understanding of reality. Psi-effects must be understood as very weak effects similar to the observer-effects. But are Psi reality? Or are it an effect of the consciousness when we whish something or look at something. It is noticed that without a perceptional feedback there is no Psi either. Compare to biofeedback. "Is the moon there if nobody looks?"

The Computation
This strange behaviour of light can be perfectly described by considering probability amplitudes instead of probabilities, and probability amplitudes change when unobserved, indistinguishable alternatives become distinguishable. And this can lead to paradoxical situations such as quantum ‘seeing in the dark’, or getting information about something without light ever reaching it.

Probability amplitudes give probabilities when squared, and the rule for combining them was discovered by quantum physicist Richard Feynman. Feynman’s rule says that if an event can happen in two or more indistinguishable ways, the probability amplitude for that event is the ‘sum’ of the probability amplitudes for each way considered separately. The final probability of an event is then obtained by the sum of the squares of the two numbers describing the resultant probability amplitude. Feynman’s rule is Pythagora’s theorem: a2 + b2 = c2, which tells us how to obtain the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle from the lengths of the two sides. We learned that in elementary Euclidean geometry in school. It seems that Euclidean geometry enters fundamentally into quantum reality. But why should that be? "Nobody knows how it can be like that," said Feynman.

CP-violation, chirality, spinors and twistors, the EPR-paradox, Bells theorem and Gauss probability, hidden variable theory, are behind such phenomens as consistency, coherence, entanglement, correlation, and also consciousness, phase transitions. Also the time conception is changing. Time is a part of correlation too. Maybe we can change our history, at least our own. Time travel is not completely ruled out.

Quantum computing depends above all, on the coherent entangled state over time, or pure state that contains the superposition of multiple, even mutually exclusive alternatives. The more alternatives are entangled, the faster the quantum computing (braiding). It is the ability to ask many questions all at once, rather than one question at a time.

Quantum coherence is the basis of living organisation. The coherence of organisms is actively maintained, and extends, in the ideal, over all space-time scales. Could the organism be the model of the quantum computer that quantum physicists are trying to build? Could it be that proteins in the body fold to perfection in split seconds because the process involves quantum computing via infinitely many entangled states that encompass the entire body (5)?

Will a quantum hyper-computer take over the world? Will it simulate a human being so exactly that it is a hyper-intelligent human being? Well, if it starts to laugh at jokes I’d be worried. And if it can really simulate perfectly a human being, we better start setting a good example. Otherwise it has every chance of turning out to be a power-hungry despot intent on enslaving the whole world (6).

Erwin Schröedinger (1944), in What Is Life? introduced the idea of an "aperiodic crystal" that contained genetic information in its configuration of covalent chemical bonds. At that time DNA was not yet accepted as the carrier of hereditary information, which only was the case after the Hershey-Chase experiment of 1952. "How can the events in space and time which take place within the spatial boundary of a living organism be accounted for by physics and chemistry?’ He continues, ‘the preliminary answer which this little book will endeavor to expound and establish can be summarized as follows: the obvious inability of present-day physics and chemistry to account for such events is no reason at all for doubting that they can be accounted for by those scientists.’

Consciousness is quantum biology
How to incorporate altered states of consciousness within a new paradigm? This is a key problem for consciousness and quantum biology, says Rakovic and Dugic (7). It is the famous body/mind problem, that in all times has engaged the philosophers. The electromagnetic (EM) component of ultralowfrequency (ULF or ELF) "brainwaves" appears to enable perfect fitting with narrowed down limits of conscious capacity in normal awake states, and those frequencies are used as stabilizating and organizating agents. An additional low-dielectric, weakly ionized neural network ('quantum holographic neural network-like acupuncture system') is necessary in these processes.

Fig.2. (6) Generalized psycho-physiological model of the Self. Extreme states of consciousness are mostly related to the modified functionality of Perception block. Its output is changed by overloading senses, sensory deprivation or by changing its functionality (drug admission for example). Having in mind that during these states Action block exhibits rather altered output than its cessation, we can draw a conclusion that our model must have either internal generator or set of inputs that is not dependent on senses.

A comprehensive theory of consciousness must explain, not only self-awareness, intention, sensation, perception, memory, cognition, learning, creativity, curiosity, and altered states, but life per se, quantum entanglement, telepathy, precognition, energy healing, the evolution of species, and the homing behavior of pigeons and other animals. A theory that describes this polymorphous set is founded on the concept that all of its elements are products of holistic systems (8). Holistic systems are quantum systems and through its non-locality they organize Nature.

It would not be beyond the pale to suggest that our ‘consciousness’- think of it as our coherent quantum field - could become entangled with that of water, thereby influencing the structure of the water. Some 99% of all the molecules in our body are water in any case (9).

That is, a theory of consciousness is a general theory of organization and holistic systems. Quantum biology can't be kept apart from consciousness because it is the essence of life.

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söndag 1 november 2009

Order in living systems

Where come the order in living systems from? And you think I must answer that when nobody else can? Well, I'll try. This is very simple and a result of many years of collections and reflections.

Living systems are extraordinary just in their capacity to collect order from outside their body, but they have also a self-organizing capacity, that is to keep that order.

We collect order through our senses and perception, and one of the most important and also oldest sense is olfaction. We have six senses incl. ESP = extra sensory perception. I tried to explain that collection in the perception of odor, and thought it was a good example because it was so complicated that the nerves alone can't explain it. We must explain it through quantum biology and the notion of a 'magnetic body'.

Perception and 'I'
But if we take ESP, that is without any known sense, how can we sample that order then? It must have a perception, that is, go to brain. Or can we have a perception without brain? Of course we can. Unicellular oganisms have a perception, and an 'I' too. The notion of perception and 'I' is very close.
Can we have a perception without 'I'? If we think of an unicellular life it is perhaps difficult. Then everything is reflexes, without free will. But if we think of a schizophrenic? He has a free will, but that will is overruled by something else. That 'else' is stronger than the free will. But of course he has perceptions, that is collecting of order, but it is without meaning to him. The order is not 'his' order. And so his self-organization is disturbed. His 'I' is too weak, and the sorting out of 'noise' is then also too weak.

The same can be said of many deseases. Something unwanted is sampled and so follow a breakdown of self-organization, often only temorarily. After that disturbance the 'I' is stronger. The goal is to have a strong 'I'. In that way all deseases can be seen as an allostatic reaction. As we become older that self-organizing capacity is weakened, more for active parts of our body, because the telomeres are shortened faster there. Kinases and telomeres have a close relation of some kind.

Patients in coma is said to be without perceptions, but it is not true. They react and they can even remember sometimes. It is only their consciousness or rather awareness that is gone. The pain too, and many of the reactions that belong to the 'I'. I think it is important to keep the awareness and consciousness apart, because it is two entirely different things.

Homeostasis and allostasis
That self-organization can also be disturbed from inside the body. In fact it is often the case. Psychic conditions, as panic disorders, are often behind that too. But not schizophrenia. It is a disturbed collection from outside because the 'I' is too weak, panic is a disturbed reaction of the 'I'. Too much selfprotection? Some have said that all diseases are psychosomatic, but it is perhaps too strongly said, but at least 80% of all.

Or take some hydrocephalics. The brain is very damaged, but they percept. The inner parts of the brain is there. So what do we need our brains to? This is a question that has long bothered me. An answer came in the notion of a rigid map in our brains. Of course it must be rigid, because our brain is a structural mirror of our body, but a fractal, hierarchial and topological one, very compressed. The rigid map of our scent is like a piano, and the music comes from the odor perceptions at the different receptors. Like a light flickering at different tangents.

What is the brain good for?
Rigid maps are also shown for a hand in the motor area. When a finger is lost, also the finger in the brain is gradually lost. Brain change a little all the time. And for sight too there is a rigid grid. The brain is simply a reference frame for the 'I'.

Do we need the brain for something else? Yes, for inhibition and diminishing of all the various samled orders that come from outside. For the brace-effect, not to become overloaded of the orders. To choose the order that has a meaning for the free will of 'I'.

And of course for thinking. 'I think, therefore I am', is a famous cit. Our thoughts is flickering at those tangents too, just as the perceptions from our body. But our thoughts (in as...if loops acc. to Damasio) is much more compressed than our brain, if we think at the working memory. Also our awareness is compressed from our consciousness.

The 'I' use the brain as a reference frame and those perceptions and memories as a tool for its thinking. It is 'I' that think, not the brain, because it is rigid. Who is 'I' then? It is holistic. It is a mirror projection from our chromosomes where the genes are only about 5%. It is a mirror from all those fractal pictures of 'I'. But 'I' is not in our body. We can easily loose an arm or a leg, and we are still the same 'I'. In fact we can loose our whole body and still be almost the same. Paralysis from the neck downwards has been shown to compress our self a little, but not much. But then we have still our gut stomach left, our 'second brain'. It percieves and feels. In fact Damasio has shown that if nerves are cut in the brainstem we still have our consciousness if the lesion is done under the site where trigeminus nerve encounter. We need input from our body, if then only as the bodymirror of our topological and fractal face-image. The consciousness comes from our body?

Who is the 'I' in our brain? It is not in our structure, but that flickering light, so the light comes from our body and our thoughts. But it can come from the outside too, shown as PSI in ESP. PSI, Chi and subtle energy is the same thing.

Chi circles in our meridians. It consists of three parts acc. to the TCM, of which one can be called 'soul'. Meridians is a misnomer, it should be called channels, because it is a channel system in the same way as blood, lympha and nerves. In fact it is in touch with those other channel systems, because an acupuncture is where a nerv, a bloodchannel and a chi-channel meet. Chi-channels is loose connective tissue and builds a sheet in one piece for communication, and it use gap junctions probably. See this. The connective sheat has pockets for organs and muscles etc. If only the connective tissue is left the whole body structure would still be seen. This connective tissue is in contact with the cytoskeleton and the microtubuli network. The chi-channels are very old, from the time when life encountered land. From the same time as the olfactory sense and the eikosanoid-cascades. Also the serotonin-cycles. And it is also probably so, that chi-channels and the gliacells are the same thing, so then the chi-channels lies behind the nerve systems and also the nerve pulse. Is that Chi coming from outside our 'I'? Our soul?

Now it is shown that the chi-channels collect order from outside. It is done from the geomagnetic force field of Earth, in terms of Schumann frequencies. So suddenly the 'I' is the whole Earth, or nonlocal. That is dark energy or magnetism. In fact experiments with magnetism has some very profound effects pointing to the same conclusion. The 'I' can collect order from the whole Earth, and disorder too. Also that is shown in sun'storms'. Studies in parapsychology is very interesting in this context.

So, we can say we have a 'shadow'individual that can be very big. You know, that magnetic body. Or symbolically the aura fields in metaphysics. From symmetrial point this is a very satisfying solution too.

Memory and magnetic body
Then we have the memory. Nobody has shown it is in our brain, only short-term memories. In sleeping those short-term memories are translocated somewhere else?. They are found in our PFC area. But only some of them.
In sleeping the serotonin is also decayed and some of it is changed to methionin. Our stomach is producing a lot more methionin than our epiphyse. Why must serotonin be decayed? Because it is something that keep us alarmed. Its frequence is about 10 Hz, about the same as main Schumann and alpha brainwaves, but in sleeping the EEG is lowered much more. Methionin is also an antioxidant. Radicals and antioxidants are magnetic molecules.

People doing 'readings' can 'read' your aura. They can 'feel' your memories, emotions, everything almost. But only in a very small area, as if they looked at the aura through a small keyhole. How can they see your memories, if they are not outside the body? The memories are translocated out of body, drifting out, in the magnetic field around us? That field is also seen in the 'Kirlian' effect or the 'irisdiagnostics'. It can in fact be seen in the whole body as weak parts. It is that magnetic 'field' that acts as a reflex on our physical body, and our physical body acts as a reflex on our magnetic 'field', a two-way system.

That is called our magnetic body by Matti. Certainly he has objections against this picture:-) Magnetic body is not only a field, it is something wider, a body of dark matter. Nobody can tell us yet what dark matter is.

Where come that order from?
This is a big question, and I can only give some reflections.

We sample order from the whole Earth, also from Sun and the Cosmos. We can read that energy as impact from Moon, Sun and Cosmos in 'storms'. That is very much as disturbances. But it also give us information.

The more important part of the information is sampled from Earth in form of a stable pulse that regulate our biology and life as a whole. This pulse is non-local or magnetic. It is also immaterial. It can interfere with our emotions. It is very important for us to have a stable regulating pulse.

Now that order is negentropy. It is thought that order is a function of disorder, which is growing. But living systems collect order and work against the entropy laws. The living systems is too creating heat and in that way increasing the disorder in Universe. This heat increase is without importance, when there are whole galaxies that is very hot. Also our sun is very hot. The greenhouse effect is too quite small, but have still some minor effects. Most of the effect comes from our sun, I think. The growing electromagnetic pollution is also a problem, that can have impacts on our regulating earth-pulse.

Why do we collect negentropy? Negentropy is 'dark'. We need it for the self-organization, but also for our consciousness. The sum of consciousness worldwide is growing, and we need consciousness badly to meet up with all supercomputers and quantumcomputers soon invading us. We need a very strong ability to sort out the essential information, and it can't be done without increase in consciousness. The higher hbar, as Matti says:-) A widening of consciousness is use of more 'bits' of information in a holistic way. True wisdom or gnosis.

Where is most of the holistic information? In our bodies. We need to be conscious of our bodies, to read our different messages in form of emotions, feelings, senses etc.. But also in reading negentropy from the outer world. To sample information 'subconsciously'. To develope that ESP-sense. I think that's the future goal.

Forces behind the evolution is of course two, entropy and negentropy; Darwin and Wallace; war or piece; concurring or social working together. It could perhaps even be thought of as luminous matter and dark matter? In that way evolution would be an condensation maximation of dark matter. That is the same thing as Lamarck spoke of as a 'climbing up the ladder of complexity', or today as a differentation and specialization. Interestingly the 'necessity' principle was strong in alchemy. Something was done because there was a need for it. I think we have forgotten this fact today. In ecology it is 'empty nishes'. The 'necessity-principle' is born when the spacetime sheat widens?

The observer effect
Also some words about it. It is a very weak PSI-effect and a reflection of dark matter. It is too a two-way mirror-image between luminous and dark matter. It is one of the still unsolved laws and mysteries in life. Perhaps Nielsen at the danish Bohr-institute has come up with a probable solution. A law behind the second law of thermodynamics; a law of Karma.

References: The interested reader can ask for references. They are too many to be listed here. And to give only a few would give a wrong impression. Therefore I leave the field empty.