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Geomagnetism and senses. Part II. Brain modelling III. B


Gate-control ways in the biology.

A. The skin - nerve connection.
Nonthermal intensities are almost entirely absorbed within the skinregion (mm-waves), and the primary effects occur probably in the skin, that is about 20 %of the total body mass. Skin has protective, immune-, receptor- and heat-control functions with many celltypes. Skin is also embryologically ectodermal, as nerves and can be said to be an extension and a 'sense organ' for the nerve net. ANS-responses strongly change the skin resistance too. Disturbances of diseases too. Cancers are strong 'EM-disturbance-senders'.

Changes occur in all structural elements of the skin under influence of mm-radiation, as instance degradation of fat cells. Mechanoreceptors have an high sensitivity to mm-waves. mm-waves also stimulates to regeneration in nerve cells, an accelerated growth of nerve fibers in the myelinization process, and a change in the physiological characteristics of the nerve fiber have been observed.

B. The photon/phonon system.
The concept of communication channels within each living system, in organisms and between organisms, indicated by the PSI-phenomen and the observer effect. Does also function in non-living systems as Tiller has shown. The mitogenic signal (mitogenetic) from Gurwitch experiment is essentially the same, as is the DNA-phantom by Peter Gariaev.

Gurwitsch, 1944, on a new version of the field theory;
"The field acts on molecules. It creates and supports in living systems a specific molecular orderliness. This means, in our opinion, any spatial arrangement of the molecules which cannot be derived from their chemical structures. or from equilibrium states such as chemical bonds, van der Vaals forces, etc. Consequently, molecular orderliness generally is a non-equilibrium phenomenon...The field is anisotropic... The field is continuous and successive...During cell division the cell field divides as well ...
A cell creates a field around it, that is to say, the field extends outside the cell into intracellular space... Therefore, at any point of a group of cells there exists a single field being constituted of all of the individual cell fields... Hence, the properties of this aggregate field will depend, besides other factors, also on the configuration of the multicellular whole. Rather than postulating independently existing supracellular fields, we now attribute their function to a field representing the vectorial addition of the individual cell fields...
A field is somehow associated with the molecules of chromatin, but only while they are chemically active... A postulated field continuity may be understood molecularly in the following way: If in the vicinity of chromatin molecule A, which is at the given moment a field "carrier", an active chromatin molecule B is synthesized, the field of molecule A induces the field of molecule B losing at the same time its own field....
The field employs the energy released during exothermic chemical reactions in living systems to endow molecules (proteins, peptides, etc.) with ordered, directed movement... A point source of a cell field coincides with the center of the nucleus, hence, the field is, in general, a radial one... The direction of the field vectors is centrifugal (i.e. the vectors are directed from a field center to the periphery)

As a result of Lysenko's coming to power in 1948, Gurwitsch was expelled from the directorship of the large Institute of Experimental Biology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. At that time he began to write his last book, tentatively entitled: "Analytical Biology." In some sections of this large unfinished manuscript published in Russia only 40 years later (Gurwitsch, 1991), the author approached rather closely the much later established self.organization theory. He paid particular attention to interactions of processes at different levels and even formulated a concept of a closed-feedback loop between the morphogenetic field and its morphogenetic consequences. Attempting to solve essentially non-linear problems of biological organization he was much ahead of his time, stressing nonequilibrium orderliness and vectorization of molecular processes
essential in living organisms. Ilya Prigogine later got the Nobel for this kind of research. This mitogenic experiment is much critizized and accused to be a fraud. But he is far from alone in this aspect. Rupert Sheldrake is also as misundertood. Peter Gariaev has lost his fundings too.

Roffey: Evolution = high coherence, narrow spectral bandwidth channels for parallel data processing channels in living systems without risk of interference from the frequencies present in sunlight. Living systems may be able to optimize the degree of coherence they use for any given biocommunication channel choosing between: one broad-band high carrier frequency; a high data rate serial communication channel; or, the corresponding number of narrow band, low data rate communication channels capable of parallel data processing. Each of these are coherent enough to overcome the ambient noise but together they have the same overall capacity.

The involvement of highly coherent frequencies throughout the life-span of a living system carries with it the risk of sensitivity to and disruption by coherent EM fields in the environment. Similarly, there is a risk of chemical disruption. Electrical and chemical signals are closely correlated manifestations of living systems. Oscillations may directly involve hydrogen bonds.

Enzymatically catalyzed processes, as amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, porphyrins such as chlorophyll and carotenoids are semiconductive and then changed by the interaction between photons, electrons, and phonons. Lightquanta entering a semiconductive protein structure results in photoexcitation causing charge transfer or excitation "hopping", and sometimes, emission of photons, as in photoluminescence in plants. Photon emission can happen through several methods: fluorescence, electron acceleration in an electrical field, temporary emergence of paramagentic centers and emission as a result of spin relaxation. Biological systems, according to Sedlak, may work on the principles of a quantum photon amplifier with biolasing effects

Chemical processes can either stimulate or attenuate photon production. Popp, et al., outlines the nature of biophotonic coherence in biosystems, and particularly examines coherent radiations emanating from DNA, and examines interactions between photons and phonons. Phonons can be solids. In the new nerve pulse by Heimburg & Jackson are solids, but not yet sure if they are phonons or photons, or maybe both.

Wave motion, in order to be effectively distributed throughout the body, must also be "directed". A surface level electron concentration appears at various levels of plant and animal organization, forming a directing "layer". Surface potentials exist not only in microorganisms but also in individual cells of tissue systems. Seldak referred to this phenomenon as "electrostasis", parallel to "homeostasis". The electrostasis "layer" between a living system and its environment results from semiconductor properties of living tissues and the surface layer in the EM field.

Gurwitch observed a similar phenomenon in dividing cells. Presman ascribes the generation of EM waves to nucleic acids, such as RNA and DNA. In the bioelectronic model, these types of radiation are referred to as "biological fields". The electrostasis layer plays the role of a spherical waveguide reflecting the biological field back into the living system. The losses of the organism through radiation are minimized. Simultaneously this layer is set into rhythmical vibrations by the biological emitted field. It protects the organism from harmful EM radiation, and permits beneficial radiation to enter the organism. This was found to be the case for acupuncture meridians too. They gave more access to Schumann fields than other fields. Cosic et al say 2006: "The fundamental Schumann resonance frequency is claimed to be extremely benificial to existence of the biological cycle phenomena of plants, animals and humans. However, the results from our acupuncture meridian and EEG studies have shown that frequencies between 8.8 and 13.2 Hz, which fall between peaks of the Schumann resonance, mainly correlate with analysed human electrophysiological signals, while one study proves a correlation between transfer function of Schumann resonance and electro-acupunture meridian. The results from our acupuncture meridians and EEG activity studies confirm that the human body absorbs, detects and responds to ELF environmental EMF signals." Thanks to Gabor Fisher for the link.

Lazoura et al. indicated that "acupuncture meridians act as filters and hence allow only certain frequencies to pass through and attenuate all other frequencies. The fact that this pass band was set to low frequencies corresponds with the characteristics of acupuncture points, and with the spectral components measured traditionally in ECG and EEG signals. The distinct spectral components of 4, 7.8 and 13 Hz closely correlate with the Nature’s own resonant frequencies. The correlation may indicate relationship between one’s existence and functioning as an integral part of nature and the Universe. It could also help explain the sensitivity of our bodies and mind to changes in the environment and even the universe, which has been used by our ancestors throughout time as a form of spiritual guidance and a form of healing."

The human body is able, due to electrostasis, to separate each component of this radiation according to the bodys anatomic makeup and need, and absorb the bands in the spectrum specific to that wavelength or frequency. In the practice of physical therapy and electrotherapy, various bands of energy are artifically applied to patients.

The nature of the biological oscillator is explained by the physics of dielectrics - they behave like crystal semiconductors modified to the specific nature of the biological system in question. Further, the properties of semiconductors decide the drift of charges, ions, radicals and crystalochemical groups. The semiconductor manifests its properties in the presence of external electromagnetic fields or temperature. The electrostasis layer is a special one - it makes the semiconductor able to receive EM information from its environment.

C. Biologically active spots.
Absorption of EMF in biologically active points is many times more effective than at different parts of the skin, and this energy influences the internal organs and the body as a whole through the system of Chinese meridians. Each needle must be inserted at a specific point, at a certain angle, to a measured depth in the tissue to effect optimum results. The "eye" of the acupuncture point is a point of low electrical resistance. Invariably the needle rests in a fascial plane or along a tendon, e.g., in connective tissue.The acupuncture meridians may make up such a network.

Specific molecular channels could exist within the structure of the matrix to conduct bioelectromagnetic signals. Such a bioelectronic communications network would function similar to a waveguide or fiber optic cable (see Karu) to transmit and receive information along specific channels within the body. Since this network is composed of ordinary molecules that have become organized in particular ways at a microscopic level, it would not necessarily be anatomically distinguishable from normal connective tissue. See this.

D. Induction in the body.
Induced internal processes control system sensitivities as they receive surrounding electromagnetic signals. Illness do the same thing, and reactions through mechanoreceptors. Are these allostatic reactions too? A stress that must be accommodated to.

CNS was one of the areas recieving most of the EM-fields. Also direct impact on cortical neurons have been found, imitating a sensory impulse. Effect on stimulation centers (epileptic center)(=trigger points, aschii-points, akupoints, foci points?) in cortex suppressed totally neural activity, that is anticonvulsive effect of mm-waves.

Sensitivity shown indirectly by sensitiveness of mm-waves on depression, normalization of functions in CNS, restoration of damaged interzonal distinctions. Microwaves affect the CNS in conditional reflexes, EEG and behavior too.

As early as 1968, Presman noted that in any living organism there exists a reliable protection against external natural and artificial electromagnetic noise disturbances (signals not coherent with any of the signals used by the system), and against other incommensurate external influences. Apparently, it is the action of this multi-stage (passive or active) protection in the organism that is connected with the experimentally detected biphasic dependency of the bioeffects of electromagnetic fields on their intensity, i.e., initiation of opposite physiological changes under the influence of EMF of low and high intensities. By way of illustration in experiments on dogs, the following results were obtained: 100-200 mW/cm2-suppression of conditioned reflexes; 5-10 mW/cm2-stimulation; 0.2-2 mW/cm2-suppression (this is about the ratio 1:10:100).

Neuronal stability.
The body needs to protect against the environment, but the shield is not allowed to grow too big, so it would disturb the information collection that we need to have.

Presman (1970) studied electromagnetic waves and magnetic and electric fields in biology and its linkage to nerve systems and it is one of the most elegant studies I have ever seen. He found that the perifer nerves and CNS must be held apart, as probably also ANS-responses, because they function differently. The biggest purpose of the CNS was to shield off information. To diminish the EM-fields that are collected there. Our nerve net is a mesh-net that chose information. Highest priority has the information that get the biggest attention, that is the most different one.

The components of the connective tissue matrix extend throughout the body. The mechanism that may link it with the brain electrical activity, as measured with the EEG and the emissions from the body, is the perineural direct current regulatory system as described by R. 0. Becker. He maintained that contrary to prevailing neuron doctrine, the glial substrate and other perineural structures of the central nervous system, through their sensitivity to extremely low levels of electric currents and magnetic fields, may directly control brain functions. The neuronal brain is not only supported by, but modulated by, the glial brain. Becker suggests that DC and low-frequency extraneuronal electric currents generated in, or transmitted by, the glial components of the brain may be a basis for perceptual awareness. This system may provide a link between the bioelectronic and biochemical models. The brain, in turn, regulates the biochemical activity in the body in accordance with bioelectronic signals. This process may work in both directions, involving in particular the endocrine system.

It is not the brain that controls the brain.

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