söndag 29 november 2009

Jesus was a crackpot

Today there was installation of our new bishop, Björn Wikström, in Borgå. It has been a quite interesting time, because some of the candidates was strongly against women as priests and against homosexuals. What would happen if such a person would be elected?

I liked what I heard. Björn Wikström talked about permitting change in church too. He continue his fathers work. One thing that must change is the still strong masculine attitude in our church. I would hope next bishop is a woman.

But the need for change is much more than that. And although Björn Wikström takes a quite radical new concept, it is perhaps not enough at all. A paradigm is coming very soon. Can our church handle it?

Björn Wikström talked about Jesus as Messiah, riding on an ase into Jerusalem. He was ridiculed. Who did he think he was? He was just a poor boy from the countryside, a 'bad' boy in companjon of criminals and bad women. Brothers and sisters and cousins to those men with knifes, those murderers. Everyone was afraid of them. They killed people in open places, where people had gathered (palestinians of today had good teachers). Should he be the Messiah the holy texts in Torah talked of? That can't be true? You are joking?

When the Torah is read the Messiah is described as a King, a mighty person that should fight against the romans. There had been many of them lately. Too many? They had all started to fight in Jerusalem, and had been killed. And they were though quite strong men. What could this little one do? He was mad, a 'crackpot' as he would be called today.

But this Jesus had too followed the protocol, been invitated by John, stayed 40 days and 40 nights in the desert, fighted against the devil. He had crossed the river, he was of the right family. Could he be right? It had evidently not been so successfully with all the different Messiah's so far, perhaps another way to do it would be more successful? And he has showed he owned 'magic' skills when he cured so many sick people. Magic skill was very important for a Messiah. Today we would call him a gerillasoldier. And we know that the strategy has been successful. Then they did not knew yet, although some of the ancestrors had done that. People remembered the glorious fights of The Great Maccabeus Brothers Kings and Priests clan. A very bloody affair, worthy of modern fights in Serbia. Massmurders of innocent people was a job for heroes then.

Enough many people believed in Jesus to arrange a spectacular procedure with capes on the ground, like they would do for a King. Also leaves of palms. He got a very good reception, but why on such a simple animal. It looked like he was a clown. What would the romans say? And the priests? It was to ridicule them. Herodes was though married to a high member of that glorious old clan. A sister of the King. He had built his palace on their territory. But there was serious inside-fights in the clan this time. But it could be dangerous.

When it was shown Jesus was killed too people went mad. He was no Messiah, after all. He was killed, and the romans were still there. Everyone that followed the new teachings did it with his life unsecure. Especially the conservatives, the farise'es, but also many other was furious. Still today they do not accept the thought that Jesus was right after all. New Messiah-Kings was seen after this event too, and so the catastrophy happened. Of Jerusalem was left not stone upon stone. A total disaster for the priests.

The church has still totally missed the point why Jesus let them kill him. He did it of free will. The killing had a message, but not the one our church claim. Nobody can take over our sins, not even Jesus. It is against the natural laws that is made by God himself. Why would God go against himself? Nonsense. No, there is another explanation.

Today we can get a glimpse of that explanation through our science. Ironically it is the science that show us the way:-) Not theology, not conservatives. It is blowing new winds everywhere in the church. The very basement of our church is scrambling. But it is the church's own fault. They would have done the renewings all the time. Now it is maybe too late. Perhaps it is not by accident it is said that no new Pope will be elected after this one. New time is coming. Has it something to do with year 2012?

Will LHC in Cern show us this secret? It is the secret that has been told by all religions, in all times. But on anecdotal levels, with symbols and analogs. Now we have a chance to show that the teachings really are true. But just as on Jesus' time those brave men and woman who use a new concept, is ridiculed and left without support and money for their job. It has to be done on another basis than ordinary science.

What do they think they are, says the fighters for 'the Standard Model'. They don't even have labs. What can they do? It is only rubbish! And they don't even want to see what 'the rebellions' think. 'Crackpots everyone!' But they had too forgotten to renew themselves. Suddenly they are very afraid what the results from LHC may be. If they are wrong they must start looking at these 'crackpot' ideas. Terrible!

But when you look at these 'crackpot' ideas you can see that 'everything' (not everything, some of it is simply rubbish) the religion tells us is true. It is about supersymmetry, about magnetic bodies, lightlike cones, zero energy ontology (vacuum energy) with its implications for time. Eternity and wisdom (consciousness) in a virtual body. Made of light? Unbelievable! Fascinating!

There are many, many TOE's and GUT's, but one that has come this teological truth most closely is TGD. I would suggest our new bishop would start looking at it.

I know the church has been very worried because the teachings of church and science have not matched. But now there is a good and nobel chance to correct this.

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