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Order in living systems

Where come the order in living systems from? And you think I must answer that when nobody else can? Well, I'll try. This is very simple and a result of many years of collections and reflections.

Living systems are extraordinary just in their capacity to collect order from outside their body, but they have also a self-organizing capacity, that is to keep that order.

We collect order through our senses and perception, and one of the most important and also oldest sense is olfaction. We have six senses incl. ESP = extra sensory perception. I tried to explain that collection in the perception of odor, and thought it was a good example because it was so complicated that the nerves alone can't explain it. We must explain it through quantum biology and the notion of a 'magnetic body'.

Perception and 'I'
But if we take ESP, that is without any known sense, how can we sample that order then? It must have a perception, that is, go to brain. Or can we have a perception without brain? Of course we can. Unicellular oganisms have a perception, and an 'I' too. The notion of perception and 'I' is very close.
Can we have a perception without 'I'? If we think of an unicellular life it is perhaps difficult. Then everything is reflexes, without free will. But if we think of a schizophrenic? He has a free will, but that will is overruled by something else. That 'else' is stronger than the free will. But of course he has perceptions, that is collecting of order, but it is without meaning to him. The order is not 'his' order. And so his self-organization is disturbed. His 'I' is too weak, and the sorting out of 'noise' is then also too weak.

The same can be said of many deseases. Something unwanted is sampled and so follow a breakdown of self-organization, often only temorarily. After that disturbance the 'I' is stronger. The goal is to have a strong 'I'. In that way all deseases can be seen as an allostatic reaction. As we become older that self-organizing capacity is weakened, more for active parts of our body, because the telomeres are shortened faster there. Kinases and telomeres have a close relation of some kind.

Patients in coma is said to be without perceptions, but it is not true. They react and they can even remember sometimes. It is only their consciousness or rather awareness that is gone. The pain too, and many of the reactions that belong to the 'I'. I think it is important to keep the awareness and consciousness apart, because it is two entirely different things.

Homeostasis and allostasis
That self-organization can also be disturbed from inside the body. In fact it is often the case. Psychic conditions, as panic disorders, are often behind that too. But not schizophrenia. It is a disturbed collection from outside because the 'I' is too weak, panic is a disturbed reaction of the 'I'. Too much selfprotection? Some have said that all diseases are psychosomatic, but it is perhaps too strongly said, but at least 80% of all.

Or take some hydrocephalics. The brain is very damaged, but they percept. The inner parts of the brain is there. So what do we need our brains to? This is a question that has long bothered me. An answer came in the notion of a rigid map in our brains. Of course it must be rigid, because our brain is a structural mirror of our body, but a fractal, hierarchial and topological one, very compressed. The rigid map of our scent is like a piano, and the music comes from the odor perceptions at the different receptors. Like a light flickering at different tangents.

What is the brain good for?
Rigid maps are also shown for a hand in the motor area. When a finger is lost, also the finger in the brain is gradually lost. Brain change a little all the time. And for sight too there is a rigid grid. The brain is simply a reference frame for the 'I'.

Do we need the brain for something else? Yes, for inhibition and diminishing of all the various samled orders that come from outside. For the brace-effect, not to become overloaded of the orders. To choose the order that has a meaning for the free will of 'I'.

And of course for thinking. 'I think, therefore I am', is a famous cit. Our thoughts is flickering at those tangents too, just as the perceptions from our body. But our thoughts (in as...if loops acc. to Damasio) is much more compressed than our brain, if we think at the working memory. Also our awareness is compressed from our consciousness.

The 'I' use the brain as a reference frame and those perceptions and memories as a tool for its thinking. It is 'I' that think, not the brain, because it is rigid. Who is 'I' then? It is holistic. It is a mirror projection from our chromosomes where the genes are only about 5%. It is a mirror from all those fractal pictures of 'I'. But 'I' is not in our body. We can easily loose an arm or a leg, and we are still the same 'I'. In fact we can loose our whole body and still be almost the same. Paralysis from the neck downwards has been shown to compress our self a little, but not much. But then we have still our gut stomach left, our 'second brain'. It percieves and feels. In fact Damasio has shown that if nerves are cut in the brainstem we still have our consciousness if the lesion is done under the site where trigeminus nerve encounter. We need input from our body, if then only as the bodymirror of our topological and fractal face-image. The consciousness comes from our body?

Who is the 'I' in our brain? It is not in our structure, but that flickering light, so the light comes from our body and our thoughts. But it can come from the outside too, shown as PSI in ESP. PSI, Chi and subtle energy is the same thing.

Chi circles in our meridians. It consists of three parts acc. to the TCM, of which one can be called 'soul'. Meridians is a misnomer, it should be called channels, because it is a channel system in the same way as blood, lympha and nerves. In fact it is in touch with those other channel systems, because an acupuncture is where a nerv, a bloodchannel and a chi-channel meet. Chi-channels is loose connective tissue and builds a sheet in one piece for communication, and it use gap junctions probably. See this. The connective sheat has pockets for organs and muscles etc. If only the connective tissue is left the whole body structure would still be seen. This connective tissue is in contact with the cytoskeleton and the microtubuli network. The chi-channels are very old, from the time when life encountered land. From the same time as the olfactory sense and the eikosanoid-cascades. Also the serotonin-cycles. And it is also probably so, that chi-channels and the gliacells are the same thing, so then the chi-channels lies behind the nerve systems and also the nerve pulse. Is that Chi coming from outside our 'I'? Our soul?

Now it is shown that the chi-channels collect order from outside. It is done from the geomagnetic force field of Earth, in terms of Schumann frequencies. So suddenly the 'I' is the whole Earth, or nonlocal. That is dark energy or magnetism. In fact experiments with magnetism has some very profound effects pointing to the same conclusion. The 'I' can collect order from the whole Earth, and disorder too. Also that is shown in sun'storms'. Studies in parapsychology is very interesting in this context.

So, we can say we have a 'shadow'individual that can be very big. You know, that magnetic body. Or symbolically the aura fields in metaphysics. From symmetrial point this is a very satisfying solution too.

Memory and magnetic body
Then we have the memory. Nobody has shown it is in our brain, only short-term memories. In sleeping those short-term memories are translocated somewhere else?. They are found in our PFC area. But only some of them.
In sleeping the serotonin is also decayed and some of it is changed to methionin. Our stomach is producing a lot more methionin than our epiphyse. Why must serotonin be decayed? Because it is something that keep us alarmed. Its frequence is about 10 Hz, about the same as main Schumann and alpha brainwaves, but in sleeping the EEG is lowered much more. Methionin is also an antioxidant. Radicals and antioxidants are magnetic molecules.

People doing 'readings' can 'read' your aura. They can 'feel' your memories, emotions, everything almost. But only in a very small area, as if they looked at the aura through a small keyhole. How can they see your memories, if they are not outside the body? The memories are translocated out of body, drifting out, in the magnetic field around us? That field is also seen in the 'Kirlian' effect or the 'irisdiagnostics'. It can in fact be seen in the whole body as weak parts. It is that magnetic 'field' that acts as a reflex on our physical body, and our physical body acts as a reflex on our magnetic 'field', a two-way system.

That is called our magnetic body by Matti. Certainly he has objections against this picture:-) Magnetic body is not only a field, it is something wider, a body of dark matter. Nobody can tell us yet what dark matter is.

Where come that order from?
This is a big question, and I can only give some reflections.

We sample order from the whole Earth, also from Sun and the Cosmos. We can read that energy as impact from Moon, Sun and Cosmos in 'storms'. That is very much as disturbances. But it also give us information.

The more important part of the information is sampled from Earth in form of a stable pulse that regulate our biology and life as a whole. This pulse is non-local or magnetic. It is also immaterial. It can interfere with our emotions. It is very important for us to have a stable regulating pulse.

Now that order is negentropy. It is thought that order is a function of disorder, which is growing. But living systems collect order and work against the entropy laws. The living systems is too creating heat and in that way increasing the disorder in Universe. This heat increase is without importance, when there are whole galaxies that is very hot. Also our sun is very hot. The greenhouse effect is too quite small, but have still some minor effects. Most of the effect comes from our sun, I think. The growing electromagnetic pollution is also a problem, that can have impacts on our regulating earth-pulse.

Why do we collect negentropy? Negentropy is 'dark'. We need it for the self-organization, but also for our consciousness. The sum of consciousness worldwide is growing, and we need consciousness badly to meet up with all supercomputers and quantumcomputers soon invading us. We need a very strong ability to sort out the essential information, and it can't be done without increase in consciousness. The higher hbar, as Matti says:-) A widening of consciousness is use of more 'bits' of information in a holistic way. True wisdom or gnosis.

Where is most of the holistic information? In our bodies. We need to be conscious of our bodies, to read our different messages in form of emotions, feelings, senses etc.. But also in reading negentropy from the outer world. To sample information 'subconsciously'. To develope that ESP-sense. I think that's the future goal.

Forces behind the evolution is of course two, entropy and negentropy; Darwin and Wallace; war or piece; concurring or social working together. It could perhaps even be thought of as luminous matter and dark matter? In that way evolution would be an condensation maximation of dark matter. That is the same thing as Lamarck spoke of as a 'climbing up the ladder of complexity', or today as a differentation and specialization. Interestingly the 'necessity' principle was strong in alchemy. Something was done because there was a need for it. I think we have forgotten this fact today. In ecology it is 'empty nishes'. The 'necessity-principle' is born when the spacetime sheat widens?

The observer effect
Also some words about it. It is a very weak PSI-effect and a reflection of dark matter. It is too a two-way mirror-image between luminous and dark matter. It is one of the still unsolved laws and mysteries in life. Perhaps Nielsen at the danish Bohr-institute has come up with a probable solution. A law behind the second law of thermodynamics; a law of Karma.

References: The interested reader can ask for references. They are too many to be listed here. And to give only a few would give a wrong impression. Therefore I leave the field empty.

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