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Magic, religion and quantum physics

From the Many-Worlds Quantum Theory viewpoint, an interaction is a measurement of the quantity (charge, polarization, position, etc.) that is involved in the interaction. Therefore a graviton interaction can measure the structure of spacetime, including the selection of a time-like axis and space-like section that is used.

'Information is the underlying basis of the Quantum Consciousness of All Life in ALL SPACES', write Tony Smith on his homepage. It is quantum computing, but also different codes. Information is both classical and quantum. The pattern of treads in the cytoskeleton can pass light in a code, The cells appearance can give a message. Form is information.

'Physical Wavelets provide a connection between the World of Physics and the World of Information', is another cit. Then I see numerology, mystery schools, sacred geometry etc. comes out of this? And the physics of course, because physics is behind it. Quantum information processes can be described by particle-antiparticle diagrams much like particle physics diagrams.

The 4-fold code generates:
- hexagonal lattice
- quaternions
- I Ching, trigrams
- Torah
- Torus Knot
- Magic cube 3*3*3
- The dimensions 8-D
The 8 trigrams (or pairs of like trigrams) are the 8 D4 +half-spinors, the 8 D4 -half-spinors, and the 8 D4 vectors. + The 8-fold Periodicity Theorem for real Clifford Algebra.
Lie algebra come out too.

'Quantum Information Theory has the same structure as Quantum Field Theory'. That is pattern is information.

According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, after you have met your Fate in a given World among the Many-Worlds, and your Physical Life therein is over, your Spirit, or Consciousness, encounters the Dark, Clear, and Luminous Bardos. The white light-bar represents the Bardo of Clear Light, the simple clear transparent Realm that encompasses all of the Many Worlds of Many-Worlds Quantum Theory at the level of Simplex Physics above the Planck Energy. If you recognize it and merge with it, you are at one with the Realm of the Many Worlds. In Talmud you can read 'Ben Azzai glanced towards the Divine Presence and consequently died. ... His soul became so enraptured by the supernal realities it experienced in the Merkavah state that it formed an intense connection with them. Ben Azzai's soul gazed at the brilliantly clear light and it separated from its body, as well as from all bodily functions. It chose the serenity of Heaven over the vicissitudes of our earth and never returned again'. I never liked Ben Azzai anyway:)

The different lightbars represent different levels, I read. And I think of my chakras. I continue, The levels are similar to Chakra Colours ( see for example )

If you still do not recognize the Realm of the Many Worlds after passing through these levels, then you do not merge with the Realm of the Many Worlds.

If you are able to learn and improve yourself by being reborn in cycles of rebirth, then you might be reborn in cycles of rebirth until you learn enough to merge with the Realm of the Many Worlds;

If your soul is not harmonious enough to improve in cycles of rebirth, then your soul must be disintegrated and reassembled, together with parts of other disharmonious souls, in more harmonious forms, a process like purification by the fire of Gehinnom through which souls pass to enter Gan Eden.

Is this really Physics??? I like this. WAU, I love this.

- The Five Elements correspond to the 4 vectors and the scalar of Cl(4).
- The Three Realms correspond to the 3 vectors of Cl(3), leading to octonions.
- Yin and Yang correspond to the 2 vectors of Cl(2).
- Tai Ji corresponds to the 1 vector of Cl(1).
- The Tao corresponds to Cl(0).

These may be symbolized by the Faravahar of the monotheistic religion founded by Zarathustra some of whose ceremonies involve fire/light stimulation of the mind. I think of fire-walking, tummos, etc. I saw it was Schumann frequencies and geomagnetism. That Yang/Yin-code?

LAO ZI (the Old Child who was his own mother) founded TAOISM and wrote the 3x3x3x3 = 81 passages of the Dao De Jing, wrote: Life and death are not in opposition but merely two aspects of the same reality, part of the universal transformations of everything into everything. At death, humans go back into the great weaving machine: thus all beings issue from the Loom and return into the Loom.

Particles that we observe, such as Electrons, Neutrinos, Protons, and Pions, have Compton Radius Vortex structures related to a hydrodynamic interpretation of Bohm Quantm Theory.

The action of the vacuum (Qi) is in accord with the science of pattern-principles (Li). At all levels, the interactions follow the principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren.

At the level of human physical science, the laws are manifested as the laws of physics. The probability of any event of interaction is a transaction between an amplitude from the past, looking like one helix, corresonding to Yang, and an amplitude from the future, a mirror-image helix, corresponding to Yin. Look like Double Helix structures, the same structure we material beings use to transmit genetic information. Genetic codes are related to the I CHING.

To describe Universal Transformations, use Many-Worlds Quantum Theory. In it. the vacuum (Qi) is active, so that there is no such thing as nothingness. Vacuum, nothing, zero, The Universe came into being from nothing, ecchoes thrugh my brain. I will take up this tread later.

I really LOVE this. I never knew physics was so fantastic! I have always wondered how the ancient cultures could get such an accurate picture of the reality - with introspection and meditation alone. I must say I admire them very much.

Then we end up with another holy number, 7. It is derived from 28 (4*7). It is 'all', the completeness.
...the 7 imaginary octonions generate the 28-dimensional Lie algebra (ex.a+b=ab, forms a 4-fold network) Spin(8), whose three 8-dimensional representations are related by triality in such a way as to produce the Freudenthal-Tits Magic Square. The holy trinity again. it is in every religion, and in TGD too.

A being made of massless light-cone particles
That is the magnetic body I talked of before, or almost. A light-being. ...lives on the boundary of the light-cone. It exists in all times and sees alternative Worlds branching at all times. The quantum phase, taking values in the helical covering space of U(1), is the means by which a light-cone being determines the order of events and how amplitudes interfere. In other words, the quantum phase is the means by which a light-cone being "tells time". Therefore, a light-cone being always knows when/where it is by its phase, in a maximally efficient way.

"In a world of light there are neither points nor moments of time; beings woven from light would live 'nowhere' and 'nowhen'; ... One point of CP3 [the 'Penrose paradise'] is the whole life history of a free photon...
Light-cone beings in our low-energy regime could be made up of any massless (not SU(2) weak bosons or scalar Higgs) and unconfined (not SU(3) gluons) gauge bosons, i.e., photons and gravitons, and of massless neutrino fermions.

For Light-cone beings to be STABLE, they must be made of stable photons, gravitons, or neutrinos. Dark ones:-)

Advanced Waves from the Future
'HOW MIGHT A QUANTUM MIND BE ABLE TO SELECT which of the Many-Worlds it will experience in the future?' If some types of quantum systems are observed constantly, their states do not change. This is exactly what R. Sheldrake talked about, when he wondered what was the driving force behind choise, habit, said he. But then I read it could also go the opposite...near threshold decay processes may be accelerated by repeated measurements. The same strategy that bacterias have, increasing change. That is allostasis as opposite to homeostasis, or that order through disorder again.

...include near threshold photodetachment of an electron from a negative ion, and spontaneous emission in a cavity close to the cutoff frequency, or in a photon band gap material... That border-effect. In biology it is achieved when two systems fall onto each other. In the border is a higher diversity. Things happen at the border.

the universe looks like a lot of indistinguishable points, say N points, all connected to each other like an (N-1)-dim simplex. This is non-locality. Then I think of those changing or dynamic Planck constants, that changes with the phase transitions. The new physics.

Physically, that means to break some of the links so that everything is no longer connected to everything else.
How to decide which links to break?
Since all the links are equivalent in distance, BREAK ALL THE LINKS
. This is our ordinary world where everything is solid and clear.

Well, I thought I would look at the Golden rule, but it must be an other time.
And so they say physics is boring? It is fabulous. It is magick. It is religion.

Was it not for all those names that say me nothing...

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