söndag 26 december 2010

More Love...

I will continue on the same topic, love.

What is Love, asks Alva Noë, a perception expert and philosopher.

"Children do not love their parents. They are connected to them. And they need them."

Then I realize he might be right. Children learn to love their parents, and they love also bad parents. Parents that never should have been parents. Because parents need not to be perfect. Later the child learn also this. Trust and wellbeing is the clue to develope a free Self, that doesn't need perfect parents. Unconditioned Love, acceptance, with no terms.

"Love is an achievement, it doesn't come for free." About that I could have different opinion. Maybe love as an accommodation is. There are many kinds of love.
Scientists like to ask: How do we perceive so much, given the impoverished data actually available to the nervous system? But the better question would be: Why do we see so little, given all there is that shows itself to us? To bring the world into focus for consciousness, we need to do a lot of work. Think of the work a child needs to do to learn to read. But once the child reads, texts have powerful, inescapable meanings.
Well, here is several errors in the thinking. The first part is ok, but the consciousness, what is it? Can we actually bring the world into consciousness? Of course not. Instead we make a mirrorimage of the world, and that mirror are we aware of. Consciousness is a lot more, very much more. The unconsciousness world in the humans are about 90 % more. In the brain the working memory that make our awareness is only a few percent of the brain capacity. I cannot think he really believes himself in what he is saying.

To be capable of reading the brain must have a certain structure and age. The abstract thinking must be developed and this doesn't happen before the age of three. What really happens to the brain at three years age? A widening of consciousness? What do that mean?

TGD says a new level of hierarchy of Plancks constants (hbar) is happening, a phase transition. Biologists say the frontal lobe is becoming active. The same thing, only said in different ways. As is - "Learning to read is, in this way, achieving an openness to the world, or at least to a world of ideas and possibilities."

Love is like this kind of phase transition, a gate (heart) in the chakra world - an achieved openness to another person. We can percieve that person. Earlier I wrote about superpositions as love. A gate is a transformation of everything old. Drunvalo draw it as a perpendicular strength of fields, changing the further direction of developement.

Perpendicular magnetism adding the strength of both fields.

There are also other gates, in infinity.

"The purpose of education is to teach us how to see (take on some glasses). It is very hard to be able to see another person. To see someone you must know him or her." We call it interference, and in order to get a reaction there must be something similiar. In everyday language we call this communication. In the end, these are the topography you must traverse, to be able to perceive, and so maybe to find, love.

Without communication, no love, without perception, no love. "Love is an emotional condition. (So is seeing.)" Emotions can be blocked, perception can be blocked and communication may not work.

"Openness over time, adjustments, adapt, shift, accommodate. Mature love is an achievement of dedication." There is always a prise to pay. But you get joy, satisfaction, peace, a feeling of being at home.

From the comments: God is love. In my world God is more real than any material thing or human feeling. If you want to know love, know God. We choose our reality.

That is the quantum world. So we must accept the quantum world in us to get love, not to be too dependent on this world of perceptions and thought, eating and pleasure. In short - not to be too decoherenced, but allow some coherence :)

Is the Creator lonely? No, he is everywhere, part of everything. That's why he is said to be Love itself. We only need to percieve... Make measurements into decoherence. Weave God into the 'grid' of Life. Living matter is only temorarily decoherenced. As matter in general, but with a different time scale.

When I look at Drunvalo's site I become astonished. He writes:

Then there are the true stories of how one particular grid, often called THE UNITY CONSCONSCIOUSNESS GRID, and how it has finally come to birth since February 2008. The birth of this new living consciousness grid is for certain, I believe, the most important story since Atlantis, and yet hardly anyone on Earth is aware that it has happened or what it means for humanity.

One thing is clear; the outcome of this global consciousness transition is going to affect every single last person on this planet. If you know what has now become history, your heart can rest knowing that what is to follow in our lives is one of the greatest gifts that Source has given to mankind.

What happened in febr. 2008? I know. The magical new time was coming. I was there and saw it. But I won't tell you. This grid works now, faster and faster...


Drunvalo is remarkable! He talks to Toth. The ancient egyptian god of Life and Death, spirit and truth.

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