måndag 20 december 2010

Over 8000 views.

I am astonished, perplexed. Today the 8000 visitor to this blog. When I began I did not really know what to write about, only about my fascination for the surprising things science can give you. Today I have no time to write every tread down. So much is happening. And we all keep the breath and wait for results from Cern. There will be no SuSy? Instead TGD will get support?

One of the reasons for this blog was also to discuss TGD. I believe Matti is on the right track, because he really has theories for how the biology works, and those theories are coherent. I think the new physics has to seriously consider the Life as a physical phenomen, and today common physicists are very far from that. My admiration for Matti is big. I thought to say tremendous, but remembered his aversion against that kind of words :)

Of course he cannot be right in every aspect, but that doesn't hinder me. Nobody is perfect, and none is always right. Kea once pointed this out.

But Matti refuse to discuss here. For some reason he only consider physic blogs, so the small discussion is on his blog. You must ask him for the reasons, perhaps I am a stupid and ridiculous woman that think I can say or do something to push him forward. To my great sorrow I am no physicist, but he is no biologist, so we should be even? At least I hope so.

I am very ignorant, some say even naive, in many things, and this blog is a way to get some grasp on many complex questions. Behind the CHI or QI is 'life forces' and quantum biology. I wish I can get a coherent glimpse of what that mean. Already I have a coarse picture, but it take so much time to write it down, which I regret. In the meantime I have to earn my living, take care of the household etc. I should have been younger, but this is how it is now. I am pleased that you, visitors, read my posts. Thank you.

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  1. Ulla,

    The water drop is a most excellent illustration for the general trend of your blog.

    The geometric view we skirt around in many ways can act as if broken super symmetries and hidden higher dimensions.

    Matti has always replied and posted my meager questions. I wonder if all of us hope for a new era of theory after all? (Evidently even Lubos)

    I wish we all were younger. I am impressed that perhaps the future of Physics is in Finland after all :-)

    Let us not regret living in interesting times- not that long ago DNA and photosynthesis I recall were mysteries.

    Quantum is just a term really, eternity in an instant, none of us needs to throw out the Cheshire quantum cat with the Dark waters.

    We are what we are, something like a superconductive, supercomputer, supercollider at room temparature with some sense of life measured in barns and barney- I am sure those who come after us will wonder and admire our brains- in these matters our children's futures are very bright.

    Thanks for the blog.

    The PeSla

  2. I did not mean to complain. Matti has talked to me very much, and answered, but lately not. And never on the blog, as I see it, by principle. He has no time, he says, but that cannot be the reason. Not so many blogs write about TGD. I suppose the reason is in my person. I make a fool of myself :) I'm too eager, too manic, too sad, too happy, too much of everything. Sadly so. I must suppress my Ego, he thinks. But this is not the Ego at all. He has read too much of Krishnamurti :)

    Matti is the most kind person, but I can be so frustrated... And as I said I admire him very much, so this was no critique at all.