onsdag 24 november 2010


I must send some wonderful pictures of me and my grandchildren, Cina and Mathias, 2 year resp. 5 months. Also the little boy understand important things, like what he would wish for christmas from Father Christmas :) The knee full of warm children, wonderful. I remember my own motherhood with four children. I also remembered it when I was babywatch on saturday evening and the little one said I did not cook his soup as his mother did, nor the milk as mom. He was really angry at me :) Puh, at last he slept, and so mom and dad came home, and Cina and I had just sat down on the floor with LEGO constructioning of fantastic castles. NO, no, she said, go away....

It is not so easy to be a mom or dad. Or big sister. They came home so fast... They thought that little Mathias was not so pleased...

He is a very intelligent boy for 5 months. He smiles as he wants to say some comment when we talk, and his eyes look so intelligent.

And he laughs at his sisters troublesome behaviour, then he tries the same, but his body doesn't do like he wants it to do. He is so frustrated. And the speech don't succeed either, aich.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great Photos!

    This holiday I had a break from blogging and found out I will be a grandpa around July for the first time too.

    (some pics on my spheresend blogspot com) Thank you for the peek into our more natural selves under our esoteric physics. In the end family is everything.

    He certainly does look like he could solve our problems in science in a few years- my time does fly. :-)

  2. Congrat to you :)

    One never knows what the kids will do. Maybe something great, maybe not. Both as appreciated.