söndag 12 september 2010

A shining cage.

This is from a comment of mine on the viXra blog.

I have worked hard against the plans for building of new nuclear plants in Finland. In my mind it is pure madness. This question is also about energy, but of a completely different kind, manmade energy. Can manmade energy be linked to the Universal energy balance? Maybe? If we can get energy from our magnetic field around Earth. Or from Sun. This energy is always only a loan.

Tonight was a documentar on TV about ‘the final solution’, a ‘shining cage’ underground, named Onkalo. The documentar really put this question into frames of such an caliber that it make you freeze.

Why is this nuclear power used? To get energy. If say Chinese and India want the same living standard as us say after 20 years there need to be built three new nukes EVERY DAY. This will guarantee energy for these states in another 20 year. Why not longer? Because then the uranium is depleted, only sources with too low levels to use are left. I know the nuclear industry claims otherwise, but there is no facts today supporting them.

Nuclear power is claimed to diminish the greenhouse climate, but in reality it is about the same bad waste as coal, say some experts, because uranium mining need so much energy. So this argument fails.

Put in a time-frame this little advantage seems very ridiculous. Nuclear waste is dangerous in 100000 years. If we look back this is when the humans went out of Africa. Neanderthals was extinct about 40000 y ago. The pyramids was built 4000 y ago. If we divide 100000 y in 10 we get 10 periods as long as the whole human civilization from when humans began to use simple tools.

There is no way to guarantee the waste safety for so long time. Best is to seal it underground and totally forget about it !!!!

But there must be built many life dangerous underground cities, many, many.

All this only because humans today want to live comfortable in a few years. For our comfort our children and their children etc. will live with life danger in eternal times. And we call this civilization.

Civilization is in my opinion something else, more long-lasting of a better kind. The only thing left from our civilization are those cages?


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