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The Selling of the Female Orgasm.

Big Pharma has got a big prey in sight; all unsatisfyed women. Of course men has nothing to do with this? Men are always willing, always capable? So it must be something wrong with women? Maybe a pill would help? A quick fix.

After all Viagra has been a big success. That the same pill has become a nightmare for many women the 'pill industry' doesn't bother about. They sell dreams and fantasies, not reality.

The fact that there is a Viagra pill contradict the statement of 'men always capable'. Also that they ignore.

Everything must have a reason, and a pill is the answer to everything? So thinks Big Pharma. A pill is so easy to swallow. The cure is easy, and brings money to Big Pharma. What if it also brings happiness? What would be better?

The Selling of the Female Orgasm.
70 percent of women don’t reach orgasm during coitus. It is quite normal.
A provocative new documentary targets Big Pharma’s quest for a female Viagra. They didn't tell that in this video? The video has been taken away. How greedy can they be?
The film is a desperately needed antidote to all the hype generated by pharmaceutical companies pursuing their holy grail: a female Viagra — something called “female sexual dysfunction”. “They were telling me that 43 percent of women had this disorder, which I found amazing, how could that be true if I had never heard of it before?” Women often suffered profoundly because their sex lives didn’t live up to the glowing imagery displayed in popular culture. She found that the often-cited 43 percent figure actually refers to a 1994 study of all kinds of sexual problems, including a lack of sexual desire, anxiety about performance, and pain during intercourse. Canner ultimately concluded that the catch-all female sexual dysfunction is essentially a phony disease made up by pharmaceutical companies.“A lot of this is about marketing,” she says. “They are trying to sell disorders.”

No single drug could possibly cure all of women’s sexual problems because there are so many potential causes for a woman’s inability to enjoy sex. Male impotence is essentially a mechanical problem that can be cured by a medication that enables erection. But women may turn away from sex for many reasons: physical, emotional, psychological. I think there is a great danger that many healthy women could end up taking drugs that could harm them to fix a disease they don’t have.” What does make a woman more receptive to sex? That’s still something of a mystery.

There may be cheaper and faster ways to reduce inhibition—like a glass of wine and a more attentive partner. And the European women didn’t experience the same benefit from creams and pills as their North American sisters, perhaps because they already are less inhibited.

Neuroscience about how the brain works to influence sexual desire is still primitive, Tiefer says. “The idea that you have to rebalance your brain? That’s just ludicrous.”

Pay more attention! This consider both men and women, but especially men should not think that sex is just an act in the bedroom. Sex is something much more. It is the openness to each other. No pill can fix that. Humans are more than animals. Humans need 'souls'.

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  1. :-)

    Well, we are in the age of both the Vagina Monologues and the Viagra Dialogs.

    I recall an issue of Nature in 1979 pointing out an Israeli study that orgasm was a short range FM frequency.

    I suppose since Aristotle and Freud no one really has understood the nature of women in this respect. I do know that on rare occasions one can feel half again as strong the synchronized orgasm of the partner.

    Half of the viagra given to Iranian soldiers who had this dysfunction did not work so something psychological is happening. Maybe something called Love.

    If technology could solve everything then based on that Israeli study we could make a ray gun like in the movie Orgasmo.

    Oddly enough, while men with low sperm count meeting a new object of interest it shoots way up.

    I have heard these debates all my life, even before I understood what it was about. My own position is simply that it will take me several lifetimes to understand women. Or if we live to 800- and grant you they have tied orgasm to happiness overcoming depression even if woman cannot quite hold the booze as well- that is a lot of years to pay child support.

    But heck, I could go to school by the time I was three hundred.

    Maybe it is all cultural in the natural selection of it where intelligence is not seen as a sexy thing it is. I had the thought that the real state of the worlds economy which appeals to mere animal behavior dumbs us down- I mean that might explain why there are so many more cases of autism.

    Sometimes I think the whole issue is ridiculous and quite a joke played on us by the gods- but looking back we certainly need some sort of reward or compensation in order to put up with each other- we are do distant and it takes so much work just to meet.

    Then again what of the chemicals and female orgasm in breast feeding- certainly our society looks down on that most natural of things.

    The Blushing PeSla

  2. Aristotle?
    And FREUD????

    Freud has done so much harm to women.

    This makes me angry. How ridiculous to think that a pill could fix nonchalance or stress or bad priority/timing.

    Why must women eat oestrogen until age of 90, then our drinking water contains too much female hormones and boys get invoked on/harmed.

    Why are women sterilized and not men? It is much easier for men.

    Why is not condoms enough? Mens pleasure?

    The answer is maybe not so comfortable to hear? Pay attention, be present and listen.

    MEN ARE LAZY BEASTS. Why on Earth are mens desires more important than womens? Why cannot men take responsibility for this too?

    One number that effectively kills the desire - 80 % of the housecleaning is done by wifes. Not to talk about other unpleasant things. It is so easy and lazy of men to say that they don't understand women. And use a quick-fix. Women want to accommodate as usual.

    But of course, this is no easy question. Half of marriages end in divorce. Big pharma understand that here are Big Money waiting.

  3. Real Drugs for Imaginary Diseases.p 18

    Selling Sickness (2005) by Ray Moynihan, a health journalist for the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet, and Alan Cassels, a Canadian science writer, describes and documents example after example where the misdeeds are in plain view, including to the regulators who are supposed to prevent or punish them, while the corruption and the exploitation not only continue, they actually grow worse. Thus a pharmaceutical marketing specialist puts in writing that Lilly’s renaming of Prozac as Sarafem and producing it in lavender and pink is a fine example of “fostering the creation of a condition [premenstrual dysphoric disorder] and aligning it with a product.” Perhaps even worse are the cited examples of drug companies fudging and misreporting the results of clinical trials, for example about
    the increase in potentially suicidal behavior by adolescents administered Paxil, a drug that has the additional disadvantage of serious withdrawal symptoms.

    The basic story is how drug companies have generated business by inventing new diseases. They employ public relations (PR) firms to convince the public that the new sicknesses
    exist. They distort data, and they use many devices to corrupt regulators, researchers, and practicing physicians.

    The anger is in no way lessened by the fact that this is not a matter of conspiracy, just the actions of ordinary people embedded in an economic system of free marketing without the benefit of any hand, invisible or visible, to declare some things out of order.

    Inventing diseases? More precisely, designating as diseases conditions or circumstances that are perfectly natural
    and normal accompaniments of life. As human beings age, a number of things happen quite naturally and inevitably: blood pressure tends to increase as arteries become less flexible; levels of cholesterol increase (for the excellent reason that it is beneficial — on average, higher cholesterol levels correspond with longer lifespans); libido
    decreases and levels of sex hormones change
    in a similar direction; women (and men) experience menopause, with accompanying
    physiological changes; bones become weaker and more brittle as they lose density.

    Correlation never proves causation.

  4. Plato said -"Women must have done something really bad in their past lives when they were born as women. So it is their own fault".
    This idea of reincarnation and Karma is not accepted by the Church. But it is still influencing us. Fate? It is not really so different from our attitudes of accepting "this is how it is".

    Freud maybe meant good, but he was interpreted wrong? Jung is also influential with his shadow and anima/animus (parential self?). Both emphazised the surroundings (moral) influence. Jung draw it further by talking of collective consciousness.

    Our collective consciousness tell us women are not as much worth as men. This is true also for their sexuality. Women are 'dirtier'? This make us feel embarrassment?

    Psychotheraphy is also going to the 'quick-fix'. Cognitive theraphy is pop, aiming at fast results, hiding the problems instead of solving them. Depression is also a 'female' sickness - why? Because men project their bad feelings on women. Women feel, men act. Men must take responsibility for their own feelings. Stop run away and hide behind actings, doings, thinkings. Men must face their own dirty baggage themselves. This is of course no pleasant thing to do -it hurts. So bad relations continue.

    Antidepressants are bringing Big Money to Big Pharma too. Today over half of retirements caused by sickness is depression. To get diagnosis 'burn-out' no longer gives human rights. They get nothing, even if nothing function any more.

    Today we think the theory behind SSRIs are simply wrong. Antidepressants doesn't work, the talk-cure is much better. But it may turn out impossible to have a talk to a good psychologist. The money is steered at the treatment of 'bodily' illness only, still most of our 'bodily' illnesses are psychic too, somatic. Not even school-schootings help change this.

    One big factor behind this is Big Pharma.

    People with ADHD as instance say it is a blessing with these pills. They can act as humans. So of course we need them, sometimes, but not for any case, and especially not to treat diseases that do not exist.

    These same pills are suspected to CAUSE the school shootings too. We must be able to discuss it. This is still a taboo. As is the female orgasm. Still there are links to both.

    Also many marriages ends with alcohol-abuse etc. But what cause the abuse? We come again to the same factors.

    Our psychic wellbeing is the most important thing in life, and the sexuality is one of them. Can a Viagra pill really change a bad feeling? And why? What do the sex eg.?


    Strong Link Found Between Victimization, Substance Abuse-

    The correlation is especially prevalent among gays, lesbians and bisexuals - more so than in heterosexuals. Researchers compared victimization experiences of unwanted sexual activity, neglect, physical violence, and assault with a weapon, across four sexual-identity subgroups - heterosexual, gay or lesbian, bisexual, or "not sure." The study used data collected nationally from 34,635 adults.

  7. BrainBlogger wrote about the topic.From the article it is maybe clear that this is no issue that can be treated with drugs?


    Exaggerated dopaminreaction invokes on attention.