torsdag 1 november 2012

When I woke up this morning
from my slumber
I saw it clearly

My heart is like a cave
with the peculiar ability
to open wide up at occasions
and filled with diamonds, so bristling and shining
like Aladdins cave in the story.

Once a woman said to me
Oh, nice to meet you
such a beautiful soul
filled with light and angels around

I had to laugh at her
Me? Beautiful?
She must be kidding
I am just ordinary, common, clumpsy...
Another said, look at the cat!
She sees many light balls around
I just smiled

You must be something special, you said
but not necessarily in a positive tone

Nice, smooth aura, filled with yellow light, said an old woman
You said, there is a light around you
Oh, I wish I could see those things...

You should be writing, said one
so nice words
I know, I am so splitted
thousand things to do
thousand stories to tell
thousand humans to heal
thousand duties

Where do I start?
How would I find the inner peace to do it?
Listen to the heart, it is calling
and has called a long time already.

Some said, you have to follow your heart
or you will be seriously ill
I believe so.
Where your soul wander
there you have to follow.

This is my favourite, you said
look, a heart, from me
Oh, so beautiful
a cave opened up
filled with thousand bristling diamonds
the Aladdin cave?

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