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All in the mind.

BBC has a new serie of programs called All in the mind. Exploring the limits and potential of the mind. Link to ‘Medical Matters’ page where you can get the podcast.

2 Nov 10, Battlefield Mental Health, antidepressants and morality and Community Treatment Orders. Download.
The first program; War and ethics. The ethics of forcing psychiatric patients to take treatment in the community and whether antidepressants change our moral decision-making; military mental health, ‘community treatment orders’ or CTOs; the antidepressant research, that has found the SSRIs alter how people respond to moral dillemas like the ‘trolley problem‘, is also an intriguing look into the neurochemistry of ethical choice.
9 Nov 10, Brain injury in young offenders, an unusual case of memory loss, plus how to stop worrying. Download.
16 Nov 10, Forensic science and psychology; Testosterone and City traders; Suicide terrorism. Download.
23 Nov 10, how the senses effect memory, food and design. Download.
30 Nov 10, John O'Donoghue, Digital memories and the Work Capability Assessment. Download.
7 Dec 10, Mapping the brain, online psychological support for cancer. Download.
14 Dec 10, how social networking is changing adoption. Download.
21 Dec 2010, The 1:4 statistic; Falklands Diary & Ancestors and Intelligence. Download.

and on TV.
19 Apr 11: Anorexia and autism
26 Apr 11: Psychopathic brain
03 May 11: Personal space & claustrophobia
10 May 11: Ostracism


17.5.2011. Metin Basoglu,Ted Kaptchuk, and Irene Tracey.

Thousands of people across the world who survive devastating earthquakes are living with the trauma of the disaster compounded by the experiences of aftershocks. Claudia Hammond talks to Metin Basoglu, a psychiatrist who has developed a method of mass psychological treatment for survivors of disasters like these, based on his research with over 10,000 people who lived through the Turkish earthquake of 1999. Could a single session of this kind of therapy really make a difference?

How strong is the placebo effect? Can sugar pills make you feel better even when you know that's exactly what they are? Claudia talks to Ted Kaptchuk from Harvard University about his findings that for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, knowingly taking a placebo pill twice a day improved their symptoms. But is it the placebo or the ritual that surrounds taking it?

Professor Irene Tracey, pain researcher at Oxford University, says the power of placebo is all about manipulating expectation of the person taking it. She believes this research still required deception. Her research on pain and the brain had led her to suggest that rather than using placebo, changing people's expectations of active drugs could be medically beneficial.

Also - why to read someone else's emotion your own face needs to minutely mimic their facial expressions. When the brain gets feedback from the face it gets information on what that person is feeling. And why Botox, which paralyses those muscles reduces the ability to understand emotion.

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  1. Ulla,

    Even in an infant certain sounds can evoke responses in their face in specific area.

    The facial expressions, in Transactional Analysis at least, are tied up with the child inside- gestures with the parent.

    Do two children understand each other? Is there only a problem if there is a conflict between the parent, adult and child?

    An interesting article in Newscientist recently showed that toddlers learn language not by mimicking and repetition but in spurts of moments of insight.

    The data on plecebos keeps finding conflicting data- if they work at all or one third of proscribed medications for depression turn out to be placebos.

    Sartre maintains that the color of a pink cake changes its perception of flavor- as a child I would sense the color of M and M's in the dark of the movie theater then hold them in the light to find it the right guess.

    Some have said that rats given pills that would kill them, half in one group with say white pills- that when in a new test group given harmless but the lethal color pills all died. Who knows?

    Perhaps the expectations do in fact change the drug and some people can will themselves into allergies.

    The PeSla