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Fist Fights With Physicists - The Caduceus Coil, Helical Flow and the Ev...

The video talks of the illusion of relativity. About 'zero energy ontology', about helices. Everything is spiralling, and the energylevel in the spiral is different. It is the electrons that are spiralling. Spiral in spiral in spiral in a fractal way, like this picture.

I like Russells periodic tables. He confronts the change, the inertia against the maximal energy. The 'dance' of matter. A message from Searl Magnetics. Pictures about Russell and other things more artistic. Teslas free energy device.

Some key people to look into: Free energy website.
Walter Russell, Ed Leedskaln, Nikola Tesla, Masaru Emoto,

There are also other links it is best to forget.

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  1. Ulla,

    Since the beginning of internet distribution this claim for Sacred Geometry has been a sort of warfare between the ideas of Dan Winter and Stan Tennen (www.meru.org). I have talked with both men. So take this all with a grain of salt- Phi is more important than Tennen gives Winter credit for (after all I explained the importance of phi in four dimensions to Dan when he was here trying to talk to our water department.) Tennen was on Art Bell show too and apparently both men either have their ideas taken or claim those of the other.

    Now there are some facts here but these have to be thought about from a more scientific and experimental sense - as Rowlands said these mystics do not have a monopoly on what is the legitimate sacred in the geometry.

    Of course tornadoes and the eye of hurricanes can be seen as electromagnetic phenomena. Let us not forget the Hirsh tube, a pipe larger on one end and smaller on the other where a spiral of air goes into it- the air coming out through one or the other is hot or cold- Germany used this in the war and firefighters use them for cooling but they are only a third as efficient as other air conditioning methods. How does it work and seem to violate some thermodynamic laws?

    Free and zero point ideas of energy how they may exist certainly not as simple as this presentation that seems to fulfill wishful longings with only vague hints of our intuitions. This is not the way to find it.

    The periodic table as such, or for that matter any such spiral arrangement of numbers do indeed tell us a lot, and a little differently.

    On the other hand I find some rather solid concepts in how you have looked at the geometry and the DNA. (In terms of such helices in fact in your last post) . If we want to find a more scientific way that some phenomena in reality say helps the body heal, or heal others- well that is still in the dolphin world where our healing hands, even at a distance are mere tools to pass the magic on.
    For such science these so called sacred geometries so a disservice in my opinion.

    Peace and Love, keep enquiring.

  2. Hi
    I am very much aware of the dangers with this kind of stuff, but it can also give you insights for further digestion. I have 'cleaned' the links quite a bit. And maybe more would be needed. This video was actually good, and the water chrystals of Emoto are so fascinating. After all tremendous research on water it is still a bit mysteric.

    I am a big fan of Teslas and Russells thinking. Especially his carbon based periodic table. Why did he do such a table? What tells it to us better than our table of today? What did he 'knew' that we don't know today?

  3. ThePeSla said...


    I cannot seem to find the link but a sciencedaily had article saying how much carbon exploding stars spew out in the universe. Tesla is interesting on many counts and has made great contributions. Good question. I am aware you try to be more scientific and less metaphysical, we know more today yes? Perhaps we just reheat the old ideas and mangle them a little spewed out of a black hole Hawkins style. I wonder if Russel's table started with Hydrogen- I think maybe he had a glimpse of how numbers behaved in a periodic way and maybe in that word we like to use now- fractal way.

    What did Roslyn ask about the DNA in her crystal study of it when the backbone was inside in the model- "What about the water?"

    Guess some of these posters are just trying to sell something so I agree, let the buyer beware.

    April 10, 2011 3:55 PM

    These comments are from PeSlas blog http://pesla.blogspot.com/2011/04/windmill-matrices-with-anthropology.html