torsdag 17 mars 2011

Capturing waves of electricity - on epilepsy

Capturing waves of electricity From Mind Hacks blog 1.3.11.

BBC Radio 4′s Case Notes has an excellent edition on epilepsy that covers everything from the changes in consciousness during seizures to the use of brain surgery to treat the condition.

It’s a pretty straightforward discussion but you’ll likely not find a better introduction to the neurological disorder, what it does and how it’s treated. Just well explained, no nonsense and comprehensive.

Great stuff.

Link to epilepsy edition page with streamed audio.
mp3 of podcast.

Dr Mark Porter discusses epilepsy and its treatment. Advances in brain scanning and surgery mean an increasing number of people can be cured with an operation. However, surgery is not an option for the majority. Mark talks to epilepsy specialists about drug treatments, and a special high-fat diet, known as the ketogenic diet, which helps to reduce the severity of the condition in some children.


  1. Tue 22 Feb 2011 BBC Radio 4
  2. Wed 23 Feb 2011 BBC Radio 4

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