fredag 18 juni 2010

A Great Day.

Today is a Great Day.

Finlands prime minister, Matti V. has redrew from his post. The story that began so good ended in misery. 7 years was enough. 7 is the number for completeness.

And the new prime minister is a lady, Mari K. Once I voted for a woman on the prime minister post, but she went into a trap, and was 'out of the game'. Old men couldn't stand the thought of a young woman, and clever, on the post.

Not so many countries in the world have women as both the president and the prime minister.

Matti fell on his affairs with women :) Roses have thorns, they can write books. Another minister, Ilkka, also fell because of his disgusting 'affairs' with women. An ex-minister for whom they have to warn young girls on the radio, not to start talking with. The latest 'affair' was 16 yers old. Sic.

Matti fell on his corruptedness. Finances in the last election isn't what they should be. It was such a long-going story that the police was visiting his house to look at some wood. And everybody wait for more small stories.

Matti fell because his party lost its trust in him. Preliminary counts show a popularity trend spiralling down.

Matti fell because of his lies. He was so unaware of how things were, he had such a bad memory.

Matti fell because of his arrogance. He became an enemy with the female president, when he wanted all power himself. Presidents has nothing to do in EU-top meetings.

Matti fell because of God knows what. But before he fell he had to fulfill a promise? So over-night he gave permission to two new nukes, one of which is german in the end. Today they discuss why we should build so many, when we don't need their electricity. Nobody has done those calculations properly. The situation was saved because someone found out the man who made the protest was disqualified. Matti could breath again. Let the germans come and exploate us. It is guaranteed for over 100 years. Who cares about the grandchildren?

I do care.

Today is a Great Day, because my second grandchild was born, a boy. So I believe in the future.

A very special boy. May God sign his head.

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