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Chakras and the colors I

The color frequencies has much in common with the chakras of Eastern Wisdom. How can the chakras be interpreted? Are there any science pointing to their existence? Let us first look at the ancient teachings in short (very short, indeed).

"The Yellow Emperor" is a classicer in acupuncture, dating back to Emperor Fu Shi (2300 BC), who obtained the true Tao. The book has a true historical value, and can well be compared with the holy Bible. A sacred diagram on the body of a dragon horse was "revealed" to him, with fifty-five dots of “Yin” and “Yang” to represent the five elements. He then observed the Heaven and Earth, studied the conditions of the environment, habits and forms of animal and bird. From these observations, he started to formulate the eight trigrams (I Ching) for the purpose of helping people to realize the virtue of Heaven to recover the true nature of mankind. The lines are called lines of change, a process, a stribe to, a possibility, Yin, and its realization Yang, in cosmos.

(In Egypt Kheper and kheperu (plur.) were related to the process of spiritual growth, self-creation, and change. The sacred scarab beetle, Khepri, symbol of the Great mother, transformation, being and becoming. Deities for the Kheperu was Atum, the creation god I, and Isis, the female god over all. Priestess and priests of Isis actually becomes gods for a time in the rites of the House of Isis.)

The beginning, cultivation, reward and perseverance are kind of an evolution. The beginning, Quan, is creation. It represents “Tao” in the cosmos and the True Self in human. Truth, reward, indicates that all things and beings are at proper places and in harmony. The root of all substances and matters is that all beings following the everlasting Tao ("Tao of Heaven" is the endless regeneration of this cycle). Tao is change and movement.

The Monad Te (evolution) is non-reliable and chaotic Tai Chi, which are in between two forces: the Yang, negenthropy or expanding, growing energy that will become matter, and it will be bent backwards into a ball; and the Yin, enthropy or matter that will become energy, a line. Information is inside the monad and the monad will go through the evolutional process, in forming atoms, molecules and cells, organs, organisms, and all the different creatures. Every monad Te comes from the Tao potential and has therefore its own place in the harmony.

Every creature is between the forces of time, Yang, and space, Yin. Also in between heaven, the endless Kiä, and the earth, the bounded one, Kun. Earth is a line, because of the gravitation; the heaven is a ball because of the sun and the planets. So the human is concentrated in between the earth, the human and the heaven, in the focus of a triad, with the essence of Chi, the potential of heaven. Only when the human triad is empty he will experience his existence as a focus of these forces. The human being can rest in an empty house, Tandien, and control every movement and situation by taking energy, Yin, or giving energy, Yang. Yin and Yang is not fixed but relative.

Aura and chakra
We all have an aura surrounding our bodies. This aura is of different colours, different sizes and different qualities. It is as you really was different bodies, but you experience yourself as being one whole individual, a self or singular I. Without that aura nothing can exist. The auras regulate all functions in the body, all potential forces, and all the structures. The aura is a summary of the body itself and its functions and structures, and the outside world and its forces and energies. The chakras will recieve, change and regulate the energy flowing through. The chakras will also radiate out energy from the body into the aura and further out into the space.

With higher frequencies you have higher consciousness-levels. With higher energy amplitudes or pool you have a larger aura. . See the electromagnetic spectrum. (The behavior of EM radiation depends on its wavelength. Higher frequencies have shorter wavelengths, and lower frequencies have longer wavelengths. When EM radiation interacts with single atoms and molecules, its behavior depends on the amount of energy per quantum it carries. Spectroscopy can detect a much wider region of the EM spectrum than the visible range of 400 nm to 700 nm.)

Fig. Aura, an example, from Leadbeater, C.W., 1980: Man visible and invisible, 3rd ed. The Theosophical Publ. House. USA.

The chakras and energy centers in the body are seven (eight) greater and some smaller (out of body there are much more). The scripts mention as many as 88000 and the more meaningful chakras are 40. All the acupuncture points are small chakras. Keeps the different energy bodies in contact with each other. Energy vessels like “nadis” or “meridians”; s many as 350000 nadis is mentioned in historical scripts. Often it is not meaningful to discriminate that many. In Chinese scripts they usually elaborate with 12 primary meridians (organ) and about six other meridians (extraordinary), with other combinations of points. In India they have three prime nadis; sushumna, Ida and Pingala. Sushumna is inside our spine, in the cannel, Pingala is the sun´s energy, which is a glowing, shining force and begins in a petal in the root chakra at the right and stops at the right nose wing, sieraimen. Ida is cooling, calming down, and is energy from the moon. This starts to the left and ends to the left; the opposite to Pingala. They make a spiral movement around the viscerals and around sushumna. Ida and Pingala can take prana/Chi directly from the air and transport it inside, and when we breath out we get rid of poisons.

When Chi is manifesting itself it manifest through many different frequencies and consciousness-levels. Breathing is one of them. But in no way oxygen is equal to Chi.
Different kind of creatures is receptive for different kinds of energy. So animals have lower frequencies in their aura than human beings. This is seen as different colours.

The Caduceus was originally a healing tool employed in the temples of Atlantis and Egypt. It had been brought into this realm by the Illumined Master, Thoth. The wings on the Caduceus are symbolic of the liberation of consciousness from the warp and weave of dual systems, once it moves up the staff between the serpents and further, beyond their reach. The thyrsus was a device with the same meaning as the caduceus.

If we compare with an aura and chakra wheels. See the yellow spots in the hands and along the spine, together with a yellow head.

Let us compare to the colors.
Where one monochromatic color ends and another begins is a matter of debate as you will see in the table below.

Wavelength Ranges for Monochromatic Light (nm)
color   1 2 3 4
red   647-700 647-760 630-700 620-800
orange   585-647 585-647 590-630 590-620
yellow   575-585 575-585 570-590 560-590
green   491-575 491-575 500-570 480-560
blue   424-491 424-491 450-500 450-480
violet   400-424 380-424 400-450 400-450
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Compare with the chakras, violet is the crown.

"The secret of the golden flower"
In India the theory of the three elements in the Upanishad led to the theory of the three forces, and to the later theory of five elements. Also in Tibetian medicine they uses three humorals and five elements. In China, the theory of five elements coexisted early with the theory of two forces: Yin and Yang. Chi is composed of three immaterial parts.

The chakras are often pictured as lotus-flowers about 10 cm in diameter, with different amounts of petals. The petals are a symbol for nadis, meridians. From the flowers you have stalks going to your channel, sushumna, in your spine, the energy goes down-up. The chakras are always circulating like wheels. This is the force driving the energy into sushumna. If you change the direction of the circulation, energy will run out. The chakras circulate always in a special manner, different for male and female. Also different for different wheels (colors).

Different chakras have also different colours (see auras), different senses, different consciousness-levels. They can be quite different in different persons and in the same person from time to time. The size and colour regulate the quality and amount of energy flowing through.

Kundalini, Shiva and Shakti, Fire and Water, to climb the mountain
Kundalini (Sanskrit kund, “to burn”; kunda, “to coil or to spiral”) is a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy absolutely vital to life; beginning in the base of the spine when a man or woman begins to evolve as wisdom is earned. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light. You may feel it when it pulates. The ultimate outcome of kundalini is the union of Will (shakti- kundalini), Knowledge {prana-kundalini) and Action (para- kundalini). When that light rise it is "the yellow flower". The light (yellow or white) burns inside your head. To get your kundalini to rise (yellow light along your spine) you must have enough input of energy (sexual, conscious, emotional, accidential or psychedelic drugs as mescaline, LSD). And the more easy flowing, the bigger it will grow, and so its consciousness.

Energy can also come in from outer world via nadis, meridians and acupoints. But in general our root chakra and our crown chakra (together with solar plexus) is the source of our energy.

There is also a flow of energy in the opposite direction, from the crown chakra down the spine channel (against lower frequencies). This will help us to see our “wise old man” inside, or “God”. This flow will help us to open up our chakras. This flow is called Shiva, and it will destroy our unconscious pictures, memories, thinking and so on, and give us knowledge and wisdom. This is the strength of our heavenly father. Shiva and Shakti work hand in hand to integrate our being. The result is harmony. The hermaphroditic god/goddess, so common in the different religions in world is a way to express this twofold way, sun/moon, morning/evening, life/death, fire/water and so on.

Fire and water see, that is Taoist justice. The Justice of the Tao is the intercourse of opposites. Or to climb the mountain (in alchemy,in India, in TAO, see Kybalion).

The chakras are our antennas to the outer world. Some kind of sense, perhaps like that famous “gut-feeling”. Our body is just a tool for our inner “self”, the singular I. Through the interpretations of “I” we experience our world and ourselves. A central fact, a cardinal, for the path to the yellow flower is the life stream, the great spiritual current. “God uses etheric vibrations, but he himself moves in and through these vibrations, It is God himself. God is superlatively dynamic. When he speaks, everything in existence vibrates. It is everything he has ever said or done. It is the only way in which the universal spirit can manifest itself to human consciousness. It is like music. The pure white music or white light. It is glorious light. It gives the greatest joy." Johnson 1997: The path of Masters. Punjab, India.

This flow has two aspects; a central flow and a centripetal flow. It moves outward from the central dynamo of all creation, and it flows back to that dynamo. This is life and death and all in between. It is the power of the yogis. It is love, wisdom and power.

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